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China Train Schedule
China Train Schedule

Beijing Train Schedule and Online Ticket Booking
Beijing Baotou Train Schedule Beijing Changchun Train Schedule
Beijing Changsha Train Schedule Beijing Chengde Train Schedule
Beijing Chengdu Train Schedule Beijing Chongqing Train Schedule
Beijing Dalian Train Schedule Beijing Datong Train Schedule
Beijing Fuzhou Train Schedule Beijing Guangzhou Train Schedule
Beijing Guilin Train Schedule Beijing Guiyang Train Schedule
Beijing Haikou Train Schedule Beijing Hangzhou Train Schedule
Beijing Harbin Train Schedule  Beijing Hefei Train Schedule
Beijing Hohhot Train Schedule Beijing Huangshan Train Schedule
Beijing Hong kong Train Schedule Beijing Jinnan Train Schedule
Beijing Kunming Train Schedule Beijing Lanzhou Train Schedule
Beijing Lhasa Train Schedule  Beijing Luoyang Train Schedule
Beijing Nanchang Train Schedule Beijing Nanjing Train Schedule
Beijing Nanning Train Schedule Beijing Ningbo Schedule
Beijing Pingyao Train Schedule Beijing Qingdao Train Schedule
Beijing Qinhuangdao Train Schedule Beijing Sanya Train Schedule
Beijing Shanghai Train Schedule  Beijing Shenyang Train Schedule
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Shanghai Train Schedule and Online Ticket Booking
Shanghai Baotou Train Schedule Shanghai Beijing Train Schedule
Shanghai Changsha Train Schedule Shanghai Changchun Train Schedule
Shanghai Chengdu Train Schedule Shanghai Chongqing Train Schedule
Shanghai Dalian Train Schedule Shanghai Datong Train Schedule
Shanghai Fuzhou Train Schedule Shanghai Guangzhou Train Schedule
Shanghai Guilin Train Schedule Shanghai Guiyang Train Schedule
Shanghai Haikou Train Schedule Shanghai Huangshan Train Schedule
Shanghai Harbin Train Schedule  Shanghai Hangzhou Train Schedule
Shanghai Hohhot Train Schedule Shanghai Hefei Train Schedule
Shanghai Kunming Train Schedule Shanghai Jinnan Train Schedule
Shanghai Lhasa Train Schedule  Shanghai Lanzhou Train Schedule
Shanghai Nanchang Train Schedule Shanghai Luoyang Train Schedule
Shanghai Nanning Train Schedule Shanghai Nanjing Train Schedule
Shanghai Pingyao Train Schedule Shanghai Ningbo Schedule
Shanghai Qinhuangdao Train Schedule Shanghai Qingdao Train Schedule
Shanghai Shanghai Train Schedule  Shanghai Sanya Train Schedule
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Xian Train Schedule and Online Ticket Booking
Xian Baotou Train Schedule Xian Beijing Train Schedule 
Xian Changsha Train Schedule Xian Changchun Train Schedule
Xian Chengdu Train Schedule Xian Chongqing Train Schedule
Xian Fuzhou Train Schedule Xian Datong Train Schedule
Xian Guilin Train Schedule Xian Guiyang Train Schedule
Xian Hangzhou Train Schedule Xian Guangzhou Train Schedule
Xian Hohhot Train Schedule Xian Hefei Train Schedule
Xian Kunming Train Schedule Xian Jinnan Train Schedule
Xian Lhasa Train Schedule  Xian Lanzhou Train Schedule
Xian Nanchang Train Schedule Xian Luoyang Train Schedule
Xian Nanning Train Schedule Xian Nanjing Train Schedule
Xian Qinhuangdao Train Schedule Xian Ningbo Schedule
Xian Qingdao Train Schedule Xian Pingyao Train Schedule
Xian Shenzhen Train Schedule Xian Shenyang Train Schedule
Xian Suzhou Train Schedule Xian Shijiazhuang Train Schedule
Xian Tianjin Train Schedule Xian Shanghai Train Schedule 
Xian Turpan Train Schedule Xian Taiyuan Train Schedule
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For the train ticket booking above, you Enjoy discounts of up to 80%. Your final discount will be effective when you receive a discount confirmation email from our sales representative.

1.Train ticket booking
The ticket selling starts 10 days in advance of the departure date. So you are supposed to book your train tickets at least 12 working days in advance. Your booking will be made only after BETS have got your full prepayment 12 days up front. If your prepayment has not been made within 12 days, your reservation will be cancelled automatically.
2. Ticket Confirmation
No contract between you and BETS will come into effect until BETS give you a formal email or fax confirmation stating you that they have secured the tickets you have asked for on the 10th day before departure date you prefer.
3. Failure to Get the Tickets You ask for
If BETS cannot secure the train tickets you ask for, they are obliged to advice you of the tickets status within 9 days and reimburse all the prepayment to you. If necessary, BETS will book air-tickets for you, you just need to pay the balance between train tickets and air-tickets.
4. Cancellation Policy
If you choose to change or cancel your booking 10 days in advance, BETS will not charge you any change or cancellation fees. If within 10 days, extra cost - 20% of total price of your train ticket booking will be charged. At the same time, we cannot ensure to get the new tickets.
5. International Train Ticket Reservation
Same booking procedure as the domestic train ticket booking stated above. In addition, more personal information is wanted, such as your full names, nationalities and passport numbers.
6. Train Ticket Delivery
Basically the train tickets will be delivered to the reception desk of your lodging hotel in Beijing unless stated otherwise.
7. The Train Ticket Prices
The train ticket fares listed above are not face value prices. Instead, they cover ticket price, handling cost & delivery service (within downtown Beijing). For credit card payment or paypal payment, there will be an extra 3-4% bank fee charged to the total cost.
8. Payment
A. For credit card payment, please offer the information below:
1) Name of the card holder
2) Type of the credit card
3) Credit card expiration date
4) Fill the authorization form attached and email the scanned copy or fax to us the copy.
Remark: We have set up the way of payment by credit card through the third party (Bank of China). It's safe and convenient since we can't get access to any of your private information. You can rely on us. After your payment is done, you will get our scanned receipt via email. If you feel the credit card fee is too high, you may use wire transfer ( telegraphic transfer ). There is no additional charge from us if your payment is made by T/T(Telegraphic Transfer, Wire transfer).
B.Payment via PayPal
If you don't want to pay us directly by credti car, PayPal is the preferred way to send secure payments on Tour-Beijing Travel Service. You can use Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances to checkout your payment easy and fast. . Detailed information on how to use Paypal.

1. The train schedule and prices listed are open to change. Please consult our staffers for the latest train timtable and prices.
2. BETS have the right to adjust for a similar train with your permission if your original train tickets are sold out.
3. The train tickets are very difficult to get during the following Chinese festivals and we kindly suggest you buy air-tickets on these special day:
New Year'Day ( 1st Jan, three-day )
Tomb Sweeping Day ( Early April, 3-day )
Mid-Autumn festival ( Aug-Sept, 3-day )
May Day ( 1st May, three-day )
National Day (1st Oct, a week )
Chinese New Year ( later Jan and early Feb, a week )
4.There are four main train stations in Bejing, please reconfirm with our staffers from which train station you are going to depart
5.Be mindful of the ticket vendors outside the railway stations who may come to you with much sought-after train tickets. Beware that some of them are counterfeit and others are stolen.
6. You are kindly requested to reach the train station at least one hour before your train departure time.
7. You are also requested to go through the security check (luggage check) when you come into the main hall of the train station.
8. Passengers will be permitted on board the train 30 minutes before departure time. The train will be closed 5 minutes before departure.
9. If you miss the train or lose your tickets, you cannot have your tickets reimburseed and you have to buy new one.
10. If you lose your tickets on the train, you are supposed to buy another one when pass the arrival station. So do not lose your tickets on the train.

Hard seat (YZ): This is the cheapest way for rail travel, usually for a 4-5 hour short trip.
Soft seat (RZ): This class is the comfortable way for rail travel, normally for a 4-5 short trip.
Hard sleeper (YW): This is a sleeping car, for both day and overnight travel. 6 beds in one cabin. The cabins are open to the passageway.
Soft sleeper (RW): 4 beds per compartment, with each compartment being separate, the luxury way of rail travel in China.

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