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Lijiang Food
As Lijiang located in the key traffic site of Sichuan, Tibet and Yunnan, and also as the residence of multi-minorities, the largest feature of Lijiang dining is varied and abundant. The tourists of every swarming into Lijiang make it is possible to have even some specialties from abroad. The most famous area of Lijiang for dinning is Sifang Square and its surrounding areas.

Yunnan Lijiang Baba/ Flour Cakes

The oldest and most traditional with most folk featuring product of Yunnan is Heqing Wine. And Lijiang Baba is now as famous as Heqing Wine. It is a round flour pan cake made of flour, ham scallions or sugar. Lijiang Baba can be described as a kind of deep-fried flour pan-cake stuffed with meat or vegetables.
Lijiang Baba as a sort of the most popular snack in Lijiang is divided into two categories: the sweet and salty. Both of them are featuring golden color and crispy exterior.
Yunnan Lijiang Baba Flour Cakes Yunnan Lijiang Baba Flour Cakes

Yunnan Lijiang Yangyu Baba /White Potato Pan-cakes
From the name we know this snack is made of the white potato. This kind of pan-cake is a sort of must food during harvest seasons in mountainous areas. Making White Potato Pan-cakes is to express a good harvest and skills. Lijiang Yangyu Baba is the mixture of mashed potato, slightly salt and pepper sauce. After deep-frying, it is a bit hot, fragrant and tasty.
Yunnan Lijiang Yangyu Baba White Potato Pan cakes Yunnan Lijiang Yangyu Baba White Potato Pan cakes

Chui Gan
Chui Gan is a method of having pig livers for Bai Minority, Yi and Naxi People. Chui Gan is a special food of He Qing, a county next to Liajiang. This food in fact both belongs to cold dish and preserved food.
Chui Gan Chui Gan

Guo Qiao Mi Xian / Crossingr Bridge Rice Noodles
Guo Qiao Mi Xian is a traditional and famous flavor of Yunnan. It is a must try when you are traveling in Yunnan. Crossing Bridge Rice Noodle or Guo Qiao Mi Xian is a hot soup (chicken, duck, ham and beef soup) with a layer of oil and topped with different kinds of meat and vegetables go with rice noodles in the soup.
Guo Qiao Mi Xian Guo Qiao Mi Xian

Ji Dou Liang Fen / Soybean Noodles
This is another kind of famous cold dish or snack in Lijiang. This food can be found from the booths or restaurants in all streets and lanes of Lijiang. Ji Dou Liang Fen is made of local soybean. This jelly-like bean noodles is an ideal food in summer for getting rid of hotness. The street booths usually prepare two sorts of bean rice noodles for customers: the hot and the cold. The Soybean Noodles are very popular during summertime and the hot noodles are popular in winter.
Ji Dou Liang Fen Ji Dou Liang Fen

Mi Guan Chang / Rice Sausage
Mi Guan Chang is a unique flavor of Lijiang. It is cooked with pig blood, rice and many ingredients. Making and having rice sausage is a traditional custom for Naxi people, especially in Spring Festival. At that time almost every family will make rice sausages. The rice sausages are cut into slices and deep-fried or steamed before being taken on table.
Mi Guan Chang Mi Guan Chang

Naxi Kaoyu Naxi Grilled Fish
Naxi Kaoyu is a very famous grilled fish in Lijiang. The fish is coated with peanuts, dry peppers and deep-fried. It is not as oily as you would think, though it is packed with spicy punch. As the fish is from local lakes and rivers, the grilled fish is extremely fresh and delicious.
Naxi Kaoyu Naxi Grilled Fish Naxi Kaoyu Naxi Grilled Fish

Pipa Rou / Salted Pork Slices
Pipa Rou is also one of the specialties of Naxi cuisine. It is a course of dish getting materials from a whole salted pig. A whole pig after being cleaned is added with many ingredients. Pipa refers to Chinese lute (a plucked string instrument with a fretted fingerboard). As the slated whole pig is shaped like the Chinese lute, it is also called Pipa Rou in Chinese. The salted pork slices is fat but not greasy.
Pipa Rou Pipa Rou

Tuotuo Rou / Pork Chunks
Tuotuo Rou means meat chunks, which is a must-eat for Yi people in festivals especially important festivals. Tuo means chunks. It is named Tuotuo Rou because of the shape. The pork is baked lightly before being cut into big chunks that are boiled and seasoned with salt, pepper and chili.
Tuotuo Rou Tuotuo Rou

Prague Cafe
Seems like all people of Lijiang have gotten into endless daydreams under the sunshine. If you have strolled among Lijiang streets for a long day, you should choose this warm cafe to have a rest. There are daisies on tables of both down floor and upper floor. Just enjoy a lazy afternoon in Prague Cafe!
Address: 80 Mishi Lane, Xinyi Street, Lijiang, Yunnan, China
Prague Cafe Prague Cafe

Yunnan Lijiang Jin Sheng Li Shui Restaurant
Jin Sheng Li Shui Restaurant locates on left opposite the back door of Black Dragon Pool Park. Jin Sheng Li Shui Restaurant can be counted as one of the best top-grade restaurants in Lijiang. The appearance of Jin Sheng Li Shui is in ancient architecture style. Inside of this restaurant, there are French windows, through which, you can view the water, rockery, tree, flower and grass of the courtyard. This restaurant major serves Yunnan flavors. It gets a good public praise.
Phone: 0888-3111333/3111999
Yunnan Lijiang Jin Sheng Li Shui Restaurant Yunnan Lijiang Jin Sheng Li Shui Restaurant

Yunnan Lijiang Sakura Cafe
Sakura Cafe is a must go place of Lijiang. It is a restaurant, a coffee house, a bar? Though its name is Sakura Cafe, it has more functions combined a bar, a cafe and a restaurant. There are many wonderful and interesting "Sakura Anas" written in Chinese on cloth hanging on the walls and other places. One of the ana is: All beautiful ladies are paper tigers.
Sakura cafe locates in an eye-captured place of Xinhua Street. There are bonsais on the roof, several wheels in the front of the house. All in one word, Sakura Cafe is full of art. Anas, performance and beautiful ladies are the features of Sakura Cafe.
Address: 123 Cuiwen Section, Xinhua Street, Lijiang, Yunnan, China
Yunnan Lijiang Don Papa Pizza
Yunnan Lijiang Sakura Cafe Yunnan Lijiang Sakura Cafe

Don Papa Pizza
The best seats of this house are seats on the roof. The holder of Don Papa Pizza is a Frenchman and his name is Don Papa. This man can speak Chinese. He is especially friendly to beautiful ladies. It is said he is a crazier of motorcycles. The first floor of this house is full of vegetables. The open air seats are on the second floor. Pizza and desserts are exquisite and tasty.
Address: 3 Jishan Lane, Xinyi Street, Lijiang Old City, Lijiang, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0888-5483967
Don Papa Pizza Don Papa Pizza

Yunnan Lijiang Yi Can Ting
Yi Can Ting sits in the northwestern corner of Suhe Old Town. It is a chophouse built along a stream. There are seats by the steam, and if you sit there, you can enjoy the purl. Not far away in front of this eatery, there are many green vegetable plots. The views around Yi Can Ting are very enjoyable. Yi Can Ting means Yi restaurant. It is more a bar than a restaurant. By the way, the owner is a beautiful Chinese lady named Jenny.
Address: Suhe Old Town, Lijiang, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0888-5136681
Yunnan Lijiang Yi Can Ting Yunnan Lijiang Yi Can Ting

Yunnan Lijiang 37°2 Restaurant and Bar
A stone road is in front of 37°2 Restaurant and Bar. There is a mountain in front of it too in the not far away distance. Inside of this house, the wall is full of pictures and placards. By the doorway, a huge cactus is standing there. 37°2 Restaurant and Bar was once been a site for film shooting.
Address: Lao Sifang Street, Suhe Old Town, Lijiang, Yunnan, China
Yunnan Lijiang 37 2 Restaurant and Bar Yunnan Lijiang 37 2 Restaurant and Bar

Yunnan Lijiang Yi Mi Yang Guang•Neighbor of the Sun
Yi Mi Yang Guang is the spelling of Chinese, which means "Neighbor of the Sun". Yi Mi Yang Guang is the place for screening modern love story sitcom- Yi Mi Yang Guang. Yi Ming Yang Guang is famous in Lijiang Old City. All kinds of snacks and Naxi food can be found there, but it is very noisy on the first floor.
Address: Bar Street, Da Yan Old City, Lijiang, Yunnan, China
Yunnan Lijiang Yi Mi Yang Guang•Neighbor of the Sun Yunnan Lijiang Yi Mi Yang Guang•Neighbor of the Sun

Yunnan Lijiang Shi Mo Fang Traditional Mill Food Restaurant
A big woodcarving pillar in the doorway is very remarkable. There is really a traditional stone mill in the courtyard, which seems like is very old. Shi Mo Fang Traditional Mill Food Restaurant serves local Naxi food. Grilled meat is famous here.
Address: 23 Xinyuan Lane, Guangyi Street, Dayan Old City, Lijiang, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0888-5112722
Yunnan Lijiang Yi Mi Yang Guang•Neighbor of the Sun Yunnan Lijiang Yi Mi Yang Guang•Neighbor of the Sun

Yunnan Yongsheng Rehe Wild Yam Chicken
Though you may not have the experience of distinguish the wild yam chicken from the human planted yam, but you can distinguish them by taste. Yongsheng Rehe Wild Yam Chicken restaurant mainly serves chicken simmered with yam. The chicken soup is really worthy a try, because of the starching yams.
Address: 12 Qixing Street, Lijiang Yunnan, China
Phone: 0888-5176239
Yunnan Yongsheng Rehe Wild Yam Chicken Yunnan Yongsheng Rehe Wild Yam Chicken

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