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Kunming Food
There are three must-taste menus when in Kunming, and they are Guo Qiao Mi Xian (a kind of unique and well known rice noodles), edible wildness fungus (usually used in hot pot) and Qi Guo Ji (steamed chicken).

Yunnan Kunming Local Specialties (what to eat in Kunming)
# Over-the-Bridge Rice Noodles (Guo Qiao Rice Noodles)
Guo Qiao Rice Noodles is above 100 years old. It is a typical Yunnan local flavor which is fashionable all over country. The Guo Qiao Rice Noodles is composed of several materials and a big bowl of thick Chicken soup. The chicken soup with very thick oil on top to keep the heat for cooking other materials like raw pork, cooked chicken slices, pork livers, squid slices or carp slices and vegetables and rice noodles.
# Wild Mushrooms (Wild Edible Fungus)
Because of the particular geography and climate, Yunnan is very suitable for the growing of wild edible fungus and it is one of the places in the world with most abundant wild mushrooms. The wild edible fungus recourse in Yunnan is two thirds of that in China and over half of that in world.
There are many wild mushrooms can be found on Kunming tables and representative one are Bai Yi Gu (Ji Zhong), Zhu Sun, Song Kou Gu (Tricholoma matsutake), Gan Ba Jun, Niu Gan Jun, Qin Tou Jun, Hu Zhang Jun, Yang Du Jun, Hou Tou Jun and Lao Ren Tou.
# Steamed Potted Chicken (Qi Guo Ji)
Steamed Chicken is the traditional dish in Yunnan. The chicken is steamed in pottery boiler. This a special boiler in Yunnan, especially used for cooking dishes. The boiler looks like a earthen bowl with a cover. The pottery boiler can keep the original chicken taste perfectly. So chicken steamed by earthen boiler is more fresh and delicious. Usually, the steamed chicken is added with noble Chinese medicinal materials such as panax notoginseng, Chinese caterpillar fungus, rhizome gastrodiae and so on. These Chinese medicinal materials not only add the nutrition, but also add medicinal function.
# Lao Nai Yang Yu
Lao Nai Yang Yu is very similar to mashed potato. Making method is very simple and popular for people of all ages. In fact we can think of it as a kind of mashed potato stir-fried with vegetable oil, chopped shallot and onion, and sliced green pepper and hams and so on. Assistant materials are added according to individual taste.
# Xuan Wei Hams
The history of Xuan Wei Hams dates back to the Yong Zheng period in Qing Dynasty (AD 1727). Xuan Wei Hams won a prize at the Panama Fair in 1925. They also have been selling well to Southeastern Asia and European countries.
# Dou Men Fan
Dou Men Fan is a kind of widely known food in Yunnan. The materials of Dou Men Fan are stir fried green peas, sliced hams and flexible rice which has been pickled in water for half an hour. Then add some water to boil the mixtures and then stew them by slow fire. At last, add ingredients to stir fry them until well mixed.
# Yi Liang Roasted Duck
Yi Liang Roasted Duck was originated from Goujie Street of Yiliang. It is extraordinarily delicious with the crispy and yellowish skin, soft and tender duck meat. Yi Liang Roasted Duck also has a special slight flavor of pine needles.
# Street Snacks
Many snacks from the roadside stalls are very yummy! If you see the golden yellow potato pieces, you will be mouth watered. They are deep-fried and seared with some sauce, a mixture of fermented bean curd or fermented bean sauce. Sticky Tofu (Pleasantly Pungent Deep-fried Tofu) is a kind of a famous snack scene in Kunming streets and back lanes.
Yunnan Kunming Local Specialties (what to eat in Kunming) Yunnan Kunming Local Specialties (what to eat in Kunming)

Yunnan Kuming Restaurants (Where to eat in Kunming)
There are many restaurants on streets provides Yunnan cuisine or flavors from all over China. Tourists in Kunming can taste food of all styles. But, the most popular restaurants are those ones serve local Yunnan specialties.
Tips of finding local menus and street snacks: Almost every representative snack or dish has a remarkable site for tasting, if you want the local Yunnan cuisine, you can find the restaurants in Back Lane, besides, Bei Da Men Restaurant offers authentic Yunnan specialties and Dai ethnic minority food; Kunming popular snacks can be found from Shun Cheng Jie (Street), Jing Xin Jie, and places around Xin Ying Block.
# De Yi Ju
De Yi Ju Restaurant is an old-world architecture composed of three stories. There are no public tables, but private rooms. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Kunming. Both ambience and menus (Yunnan cuisine) gain high reputation. There is a nice court yard, and a lady plays a Chinese zither (Chinese Guzheng). Guzheng is a traditional instrument in China, which can send out pretty tune.
Address: Jin Ma Bi Ji Pedestrian Street, Wu Hua District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0871-3633555
# City Garden Coffee Shop
City Garden Coffee Shop is a cafe and restaurant. Recommended menus there are their coffee and hot pot. It is a ideal place to have meals and also a nice place to spend a cozy afternoon.
Address: 138 Wu Jing Lu (Road), Guan Du District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0871-3005999
# Fu Zhao Lou (Steamed Potted Chicken) Restaurant
Restaurants in Kunming are featuring varied flowers inside and outside as the decorations of the house and Fu Zhao Lou Steamed Potted Chicken Restaurant is not out of the example. The outstanding menu of this restaurant obviously is one of the most famous and popular food in Yunnan, that is Steamed Potted Chicken. Besides, it has menus that you expect to find including varied traditional Yunnan food and Chinese cuisine.
Address: near Hai Hua Hotel, Xi Yuan Nan Lu (Xi Yuan Road South), Wu Hua District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0871-4186858
# Dian Jun Wang
Yunnan wild mushrooms are absolutely worthy a taste. Dian Jun Wang Restaurant serves exactly the famous wild mushrooms. This restaurant is in modern Chinese classic deco, with bamboo curtains. There is a gar stove in the middle of each table, because guests are expected to used it cook the mushrooms. It is very similar to a hot pot. Please go there a bit earlier, as it is often overwhelmed during high meal times.
Address: next to Jin Kang Garden main gate, Pan Long District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0871-5733949
# Ming Zhi Wu
Timber and glazed stone tiles are the features of deco of Ming Zhi Wu. It is a cozy Japanese food restaurant. Ming Zhi Wu serves Chinese dishes and Japanese menus.
Address: 56, Hong Hua Qiao (Bridge), Kunming, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0871-5322294
# Hua Xi Wang Ji Beef Stew Rice Noodles
Beef Stew Rice Noodles is a chain restaurant providing beef noodle. Hua Xi Wang Ji has chain stores in many cities. Toppings are much and varied like chopped coriander, chopped spring onion and so on.
Address: Tuo Dong Lu, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0871-3164019
# Cafe of Harbour Plaza Hotel (Jun Le Jiu Dian)
This is a beautiful modern hotel with a coffeehouse on the ground floor. Western desserts are worthy a try like the custard puff, cookies, black coffee and so on.
Address: 20 Hong Hua Qiao (near Cui Hu), Kunming, Yunnan, China
# Golden Bay Bar
It is a romantic restaurant with tasteful western food. As a bar at the theme of restaurant, Golden Bay Bar is in European style and Italian food style.
Address: 60 Cui Hu Beil Lu, Wu Hua District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0871-5379584
# Aged Bar
Aged Bar in Chinese pronunciation is "Nian Lun". The Aged Bar is near Kunming bird and flower market above the Chinese Medicine shop. Because of the wonderful location and popular markets and buildings near by, Nian Lun is a high place for people to hang out, drink tea, and play cards.
Address: 65 Guang Hua Street, Wu Hua District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
# Mama Fu"s
Fumama Noodles is a good restaurant for vegetarians. It is a bar-liked restaurant serving traditional Dian (Yunnan) noodles, rice noodles and even delicacy west pastries. In Fumama, your taste bud will satisfied greatly.
# Shi Ping Hui Guan
People who have been to this restaurant all are surprised at the environment. Shi Ping Hui Guan is a pure antique-liked courtyard. It is such an old architecture like an antique. The house is composed of two layers. Walking into this courtyard, it is an experience of having walking through the time-channel and you have been entered the ancient times from the modern times. Having a meal in the historical site is so a enjoyable thing!
Address: 24 Zhong He Xiang, Cui Hu Nan Lu, Wu Hua District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0871-3627444 3627222
# Qiao Xiang Yuan Cross Bridge Rice Noodles
When having the famous Yunnan Cross Bridge Rice Noodles in Kunming, every person is likely to think of "Qiao Xiang Yuan". Qiao Xiang Yuan is a chain store for Cross Bridge Rice Noodles established in 1988. If you want to try the Yunnan Cross-Bridge Rice Noodle, your first choice should be Qiao Xiang Yuan.
Address: 2 Shu Lin Jie, Xi Shan District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
# Weis Restaurant and Bar
It is a unique restaurant with excellent ambience. It is built around an open courtyard boasting very pleasure relaxed atmosphere. This restaurant and bar in Chinese name is "Ha Ha". There is such a wide range of menus that it is hard to make a choice. Dishes are varied from Italian, western and Mexican food to Chinese and Indian cuisine.
# Yi Ke Yin Kunming Lao Fang Zi
This restaurant is an old residence with a history of over 100 years. It is also the classical Yunnan traditional architecture. Having meals inside the age-old building is a fantastic experience. It is a double-story house with a beautiful courtyard. Taking seats in the courtyard accompanied by trees and flowers around also is a good idea.
Address: 18-19 Ji Xiang Xiang (Lane), Dong Feng Lu (W), Wu Hua District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0871-3644555 / 3644689
# Dai Jia Zhu Lou
Dai is an ethnic minority in China and Zhu Lou is the traditional residence for Dai people. This restaurant serves special Dai cuisine like grilled fish, pineapple rice, and grilled streaky pork and Pao Lu Da, etc. The waitresses are Dai girls. Address: 66 San He Ying Lu, Wu Hua District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Yunnan Kuming Restaurants (Where to eat in Kunming) Yunnan Kuming Restaurants (Where to eat in Kunming)

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