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Dali Food
Dali is famous for marine lives, because there is an Erhai lake there. Rice noodles, preserved fruits, and dairy products are popular food in Dali too. Most nice restaurants are collected along Hu Guo Road (Foreigners Street), Dali Old Town. From there you can taste Chinese favorites, Bai and Tibetan specialties, and also western food.

Yunnan Dali Popular Dishes and Snacks
# Fish Hotpot or Casserole Dish
Among all these delicacies of Dali, the most flavorful is fish hotpot. Fish is cooked in an earthenware pot accompany with tofu, vegetables, meat balls, and ingredients. Bai people are very good at cooking fish and the fish hotpot is the soul of Bai fish dish. It is a kind of regale for entertaining guests in Bai families. Fish is caught from Erhai Lake. Almost all tourists to Dali are delighted of having Dali fish hotpot.
# Dali Dairy Products
Dali dairy industry is hot. The most famous dairy product is Deng Chuan Ru Shan. Deng Chuan dairy products are widely known in Dali Prefecture, Yunnan. Almost every family of Deng Chuan, Dali Autonomous Prefecture breeds milk cows, so Deng Chuan gets the praise of "town of milk cows.
Every person who has been to Dali is familiar to Ru Shan. Ru Shan is a kind of fan-shaped diary with much fat and high nutrition value. It is savory too. Ru Shan including milk white color and milk yellow color is the traditional food for Bai people. There are many cooking methods for Ru Shan like dry-frying, baking, boiling, stir-frying, and deep-frying, etc. Ru Shan is easily to be found such as street vendors, local families or restaurants.
# Dali Snacks
Dali plums are very delicious. The breeds are varied. The plums can cooked with dishes such as steamed with meat. There are also carved plums, which are not only tasty in taste, but also nice in appearance.
Da Li Erkuai or Ersi is a type rice cake particular to Dali, Yunnan. Erkuai is a rice based food literally means "ear piece". Erkuai or Ersi refers to the different shapes. Erkuai is ear-piece shaped, while, Ersi is thread shaped. They often served stir-fried with vegetables, spicy ingredients, fiery sauce of dried red chili, peppercorn, and salt, etc. You will find them grilled and rolled around fried bread stick liked local breakfast from street booths. They look like rolled-up snacks.
Yunnan Dali Popular Dishes and Snacks Yunnan Dali Popular Dishes and Snacks

Yunnan Dali Beverages
Yunnan tea culture is famous all around country. Dali tea culture is famous too. San Dao Cha is a type of tea popular for Yunnan Bai minority. It is the beverage of Bai people for entertaining guests in weddings and at the same time it is a style of amenity. San Dao Cha is divided into three cups. The fist cup of tea is bitter. The second cup of tea sweet and the third cup is aftertaste tea. Bitter tea is firstly baked in earthenware by slow fire. When the tea leaves become a bit yellow and give off faint scent, people will pour boiled water into the earthenware and then the bitter tea is coming into being. The second tea is sweet as it has been added with walnut kernel, brown sugar and diary product (Ru Shan). The second cup of tea is sweet, fragrant and nourishing. The third tea is the aftertaste of the former tea. This tea is made of honey, Sichuan peppercorn, ginger pieces and Chinese cinnamon.
Tinny flowery cups are the containers of tea. If the host pours you a full cup of tea, it is a sigh of disrespect; on the contrary, a full cup of wine suggests the host like you very much.
Yunnan Dali Beverages Yunnan Dali Beverages

Find the Restaurants or Chophouses from Dali (where to have meals in Dali)
# Ren Min Lu and Foreigners Street
There are two famous streets for meals in Dali Old Town, especially Hu Guo Lu (Foreigners Street). All along Foreigners Street, there are dozens upon dozens of bars, cafes, Bai food restaurants, Tibetan restaurants. eateries, western-style-food houses and so on. It is said best restaurants of Dali mostly are centralized in Dali Old Town, and if you want to go to these restaurants, you can go ahead to Hu Guo Lu-the Foreigners Street.
Ren Min Lu though not as famous as Hu Guo Lu, it is still an ideal street for you to find restaurants. Ren Min Lu is not busy, but it truly reflects the real local life. Snack booths, shops, hair dressing salons, flower shops and pubs, etc. of all kinds are ranging along the streets and lanes.
# Sakura
Sakura in Dali is as same as the Sakura Restaurant and Bar in Lijiang. It is one of the most famous bars in Dali. Sakura serves western style food.
Address: Foreigners Street, Dali Old Town, Dali, Yunnan, China
# Mei Zi Jing
Mei Zi Jing restaurant is very special and full of Bai minority flavors. Some seats are in beautiful and quiet courtyard! Mei Zi Jing is a typical house of Dali resident. Half house of the backyard is the home of the residents. Mei Zi Jing is famous for Bai delicacies.
Address: 130 Ren Min Lu (Road), Dali Old Town, Dali, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0872-2671578
# Yi Heng Restaurant
Yi Heng Restaurant takes high reputation in Dali. It is praised by local residents. In Yi Heng Restaurants, you will find most eaters are the local people. It serves local snacks and dishes.
Address: 117 Renmin Lu, Dali Old Town, Dali, Yunnan, China
# A Da Yin
If you love Bai food, you can choose this restaurant. A Da Yin food is featuring salty and hot!
Address: Erhe Road South, Xia Guan, Dali, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0872-2194188
# Xin Hua Cun Restaurant
Yunnan snacks and dishes are here.
Address: 165 Yu Er Lu, Dali, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0872-2670087
# La Stellas"s Pizzeria
It is said the pizzas, pastas, salads and Chinese dishes are cooked by firewood. There is a wide selection of beverages especially alcoholic beverages. English speaking staff there may bring you much more convenience.
Address: 21 Hu Guo Road (Foreigners Street), Dali Old Town, Dali, Yunnan, China
# Bad Monkey
Bad Monkey is a bar run by an English couple. Beer, music and arty, kung fu and Taiji are what you want.
Address: 74 Ren Min Lu, Dali Old Town, Dali, Yunnan, China
# Lazy Lizard
Design of this bar is the lizard and this bar indeed breeds two lovely lizards. Owner of Lazy Lizard is a coy Germany young guy - Chris. The selections of pizzas are small, but all are wonderful. Lazy Lizard has Dali"s largest selection of beers – 20 varietties.
Address: 223 Ren Min Lu, Dali Old Town, Dali, Yunnan, China
# Sun Island Cafe
Sun Island Cafe is a couple of steps away from the main tourist avenues. It serves both genuine Chinese and Japanese food. And if the night creeps up on you after too many drinks then there is a dormitory for a night.
Address: 324 Ren Min Lu, Dali Old Town, Dali, Yunnan, China
Phone: 0872-2676075
# Dining Room
Dining Room with the Chinese name of "Shi Tang" means of an eatery. Dinning Room provides real Indian food like vegetarian curries, tandoori chicken, lamb vindaloo, lassies and so on. The holder Karl from Indian is very warmhearted and knows little Chinese. Address: 137 Ren Min Lu, Dali Old Town, Dali, Yunnan, China
# Jim"s Peace Cafe and Guest House
Ten years ago, Jim was just a vendor of bicycle hiring service. Nowadays, he has become an owner of a western-style food restaurant. Address: 57 Bo Ai Lu, Dali Old Town, Dali, Yunnan, China
Find the Restaurants or Chophouses from Dali Find the Restaurants or Chophouses from Dali

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