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Bar Life of Xian
Public House of Xian: After your trip, where is the place to set yourself free? Xian just like other cities has its saloon circle. The style of each bar is outstanding, no matter it is whist or busy, straightforward or meticulous, tousle or elegant, popular or classical, active or lazy, bardian or traitorous, you can accept the loyalty and fire from them.

Famous Bar Streets
There are two street full of bars and clubs. One is called Defu Xiang. It is a small alley way and no more than one kilometer. As Defu Xiang is the most well know saloon gathering area, it is often very busy. This is an ancient style street but rich in modern breath. Enter the South Gate of Xian city, turn left, you can find this special place. Shuyuan Men Road (Antique Street) is at the right of the South Gate.
If you want to find a quiet place to enjoy the public house time, you can choose Waiyuan Street. Waiyuan Bar Street is also a thick saloon area and the parking queue can last to 400 meters long, while this street is just about 200 meters in length. This is one is very popular for students abroad with different skin color and languages.
Famous Bar Streets Famous Bar Streets

Featured Public Houses in Xian
LaoHenli (The Old Henry Bar)
Brief Impression: Assistant singers are nice in this bar and the drum player is very good. Address: Defu Xiang
Tel: 029-83742989

New Human Beings
Brief Impression: a durability one in the attic structure. Every corner is flow with the Chinese minority flavor.
Address: No.14 Nanxin Street (at the west south corner of the Cross Road by Nanxin Jie and Xiyi Road)
Tel: 029-87253392

Eggshell House
Brief Impression: Later modern decoration, this house is full the elements of eggshell. It is a bar at the theme of music and pulls in many philharmonics
Address: Forth Floor, Golden World Emporia, East end of the Jiefang Road
Tel: 029- 82301833

Old Gun
Brief Impression: It is a great place to relax your body. The elegant atmosphere there is a highlight of that bar.
Address: No.217 Dong Dajie, Xian
Tel: 029-7448163

Castle Bar
Brief Impression: Very different from others, it is peaceful, elegant, and idle. Castle is a nice corner for lovers and business men.
Address: West Side, Hepinli,City Wall
Tel: 029-87410183

Triumphal Arch Club
Brief Impression: with a large proportion and as an art salon, it is suit for guesting friends.
Address: No.20 South Laodong Road
Tel: 029-84206667

The Fifth Season
Brief Impression: Just its name will arouse your attention. You can experience the mystery fifth season.
Address: No.-9 North Jinhua Road
Tel: 029-8522725

Brief Impression: Blue and white is the major color here. The cocktail of 12 constellations is ready for you!
Address: No.11, 25 Building of Baojie Xiang, Zhuque Gate
Tel: 029-87616000

1+1 Club
Brief Impression: Located at the most popular area, very close to European club scene, this is really amusing. It plays house music plus Chinese rock/disco songs and will be a nice change of pace from historical touring.
Address: No.285 Dong Da Jie
Tel: 029 – 87280008

Koo La La
Brief Impression: Koo La La is more updated than the 1+1, having a mix of Western and Chinese dance music.
Address: No.36 South Street (Nan Da Jie)
Tel: 029-87263152

Brief Impression: It is a new face in Xian, but she will bring you the felling of back home.
Address: No.21 Dong Liu Dao Xiang, Heping Road
Tel: 029-87445455

Xi Yangyang Musical Club
Brief Impression: Xi Yangyang means jubilance, and the atmosphere there is just like its name full of happy. Besides, there are lots of famous domestic star and bands performance.
Address: No.118 Dong Da Jie (East Street Xi”an)
Tel: 029-87432943

98 Public House
Brief Impression: It is a warmness and romantic house and welcomed by students and white collars. Address: No.179 Taibai Road
Tel: 029-88484687
98 Public House 98 Public House

Goal Bar
Brief Impression: This bar support “the Ball Flock” for every, an ideal place for enthusiasts.
Address: No.26 East Feng Gao Road
Tel: 029-84616567

Come and Go
Brief Impression: In this bar you can not only taste the wonderful wines but also can enjoy the paintings.
Address: No.2 Yu Cai Road, South Suburb of Xian
Tel: 029-85225085

Pure Bar
Brief Impression: Here is a pure land without urban nosy. It will remind you of those high school times. The drink there is amusing.
Address: Mid-Guanghua Road, New Developed Area.
Tel: 029-8201895

The Flying Piano
Brief Impression: This bar is a piano house; there will be performances by the piano master.
Address: No.79 He Pin Road
Tel: 029-87432003

Wang Pub
Brief Impression: An exotic bar, providing sterling western-style food, fruit dish, pick-me-up, aquavit, Whisky, beer, coffee etc.
Address: No.104 You Yi Dong LU, Xian
Tel: 029-13002920981

Free Space Self-Help Bar
Brief Impression: It ranks as the top hundred saloons in China.
Address: Seventh Floor, Wild Rose Computer City, West Jianshe Road
Tel: 029-85531965

Vienna Music Club
Brief Impression: It is renowned for the music and tea. One more thing, the tea comes from Taiwan.
Address: No.5 West Xiaozhai Road
Tel: 029-85254251

Brief Impression: very famous in Xian
Address: Nest to the Bell Restaurant

My Bar
Brief Impression: a straightforward saloon; wooden settings full of wildness
Address: Waiyuan Bar Street
Tel: 029-88102885

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