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Top Ten Dishes in Legend in Xian
Xian is a cradle land for Chinese culture and cuisine so Xian food is very famous all over China. Top ten dishes created by the reputed chefs Cao Bingjun, Le Xuanmin, Zhou Youtang etc is the representation of Xian/Shaanxi cuisine. Those skilled well known cooks are from Lantian County in Xian. It was said that Lantian County is the home town of Chinese Kitchener.

Roasted Whole Chicken
Roasted Whole Chicken is gourd-shaped and was noted as “No.1 Tasty in Chang An (today”s Xian)” It was said this dish was from a functionary family in Tang dynasty. Cooking methods including simmering, steaming and deep-frying enable the chicken has crisp skin, tender meat, maize color and amazing fragrance. Roasted Whole Chicken made by Xian Hotel was awarded “Jin Ding Jiang” in 1998(a kind of award for best food product).
Roasted whole chicken Roasted whole chicken

Simmered Soup with Medlar and White Fungus
It is a thick soup with major material of medlar, white fungus and rock candy. This thick soup also was said from a legend of Tang dynasty which has the meaning of pure and energetic. The white fungus alternated with the red medlar soup having a function of prolong life is very popular in banquet and even every common family table.
Simmered Soup with Medlar and White Fungus Simmered Soup with Medlar and White Fungus

Saute Sea Cucumber with Diced Chicken
Sea Cucumber with Diced Chicken was created and based from another dish “the sauté sea cucumber with scallions”. It is a unique cuisine often used as the first dish for the high-level banquet. This time black beche-de-mer matched by white chicken forms a quite pleased view.
Saute Sea Cucumber with Diced Chicken Saute Sea Cucumber with Diced Chicken

Quick-boiled Two Crisp Ingredients
Two crisp ingredients generally are pig stomach and chicken gizzard. People will know more about the quick-fried two crisp ingredients. Quick-boiled one it is a special dish in Xian and it is the improvement of quick-fried technique. It was from a story of the first female emperor Wuzetian in Tang period. Main materials except the pig stomach and chicken gizzard, there are also Tricholomagambosum and walnut kernel. Walnut kernel is not only palatable but also can nourish brain.
Quick-boiled Two Crisp Ingredients Quick-boiled Two Crisp Ingredients

Chaffy Dish of Fish with White Soup
This fish is a kind of traditional Tang palace eatable having a long history of nearly 1300 years. The fish are carp from Huanghe River and the white soup is simmered by chicken, duck, pig bone, ham, dried shrimp and dried scallop. White soup will take the most important role in this dish. Medicine function is relieving a cough and detumescence.
Chaffy Dish of Fish with White Soup Chaffy Dish of Fish with White Soup

Coin-like Long Thread Moss Roll
Long thread moss is a kind of hair-like seaweed in dark green, and usually grows in the northwest area of China. In the past, long thread moss was offered to emperors as a tribute. This food named “Liang Jinqian Facai” in Chinese was one of the specialties from Xian Hotel. About Xian Hotel and “Liang Jinqian Facai” there is a tale: It was said there was also actually a hotel in Tang dynasty which is located on the Silk Road. Feudal officials, business men, envoy from all over the world had been to there to repast. The former Xian Hotel was also in there, so it might be the ancient hotel in Tang. Before that legend old hotel there was a silk pedlery and became very rich later. That pedlery named Wangyuanbao was found of long thread loss. That why this dish comes out and get the name. With flexible, daintily flavor and wealth representation Coin-like Long Thread Moss Roll is welcomed by both local and abroad people.
Coin-like Long Thread Moss Roll Coin-like Long Thread Moss Roll

Shredded Three-Skin
Shredded tree-skin is a traditional palatable summer cold dish. It was mentioned on the ancient famous banquet-<< 烧尾宴>> in Tang dynasty. Shredded tri-skin of today is the evolvement of the age-old food. It was said there were three treacherous court official in Chang”an city and they are was very bad to country and husbandman. Therefore people created this course to express their resentment towards evil. Three skins are pig, chook and jellyfish. When it is cooked they will be put like three turrets standing for the justice winning over the evil.
Shredded Three-Skin Shredded Three-Skin

Lotus Root Cake with Crystal-like Fillings
People in Shaanxi call lotus root as “Liancai” so this cake is named called “Liancai Bing” in Chinese. From the name we know that the major material is lotus root, of course, flour is also a necessary. What about other ingredients? These are its attractive auxiliary materials: rose syrup, Qinghonglu (a Chinese food additive), cherry, walnut kernel and so on. This well done cake is in golden and shining color and taste soft sweet.
Lotus Root Cake with Crystal-like Fillings Lotus Root Cake with Crystal-like Fillings

Simmered Sleeve-fish Thread
It was created in year 1912 by a restaurant in a small county. This food is most take time! People need to order it ahead two days as it should be simmered by a whole day and night.
Simmered Sleeve-fish Thread Simmered Sleeve-fish Thread

Warm Shredded Pig Kidney Salad
Warm mixed method is the particular cooking skill in Shaanxi Cuisine. It changed the cold dish history and brought a brand new technique. Shredded Pig Kidney is also the cate from Xian Hotel and created by the deceased great chef Cao Binjun.
Warm Shredded Pig Kidney Salad Warm Shredded Pig Kidney Salad

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