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Snacks in Xian
Local specialties in Xian absorbs and integrates various styles and flavors giving you endless tastes and boundless recalling.

Yangrou Paomo
“Yangrou Paomo” (bread crumbs with noodles in lamb soup) made of mutton and bread, is the most influential food in Xian. In Chinese "Pao" means "soak" and "Mo" means”flour cake." So Paomo means put soak the flour cake into yummy soup. High grade hotpot is steamed to sodden pieces together with scallion, ginger, wild pepper, aniseed, fennel, cinnamon and some of the other seasonings. It is a thick soup prepare for “Paomo”. Then tears the bread in pieces and soak into the soup, after that, a bowel of delicious “Yangrou Paomo” comes into being. It tastes flexible and smooth, and every season is available, but the best time for it is in winter.
Yangrou Paomo Yangrou Paomo

Hulutou Paomo
“Hulutou Paomo” another popular “Paomo” in Xian, the soup is cooked by chitterlings and pig stomach. Of course the cleanness of chitterlings and stomach is the most important thing for it is the key to keep fragrance in the soup. “Chunfasheng” is most famous restaurant for “Hulutou Paomo”. Nobody can resist having a tasting of and enjoy recalling it.
Hulutou Paomo Hulutou Paomo

Qishan Saozi Noodle
Qishan is a county name, while the noodle means hand roll noodles. Qishan Saozi Noodles also called Qishan noodle originated from “Changshou Noodle” in Tang dynasty. Hence it is a noodle represents longevity and widely used in holidays and entertaining guests. The major ingredients are from refined flour, pork, day lily, egg, tree mushroom, bean curd and garlic stem. It can be described as thin, pliable, smooth, hot, sour, pungent, watery, savory, and greasy. When enjoy the spicy and sour, you can add a cup of ice drink; the bright feeling will impress you the whole life.
Qishan Saozi Noodle Qishan Saozi Noodle

Cold Noodle
Called “Laingpi” (cold noodle in peanut sauce) in Chinese, it is a kind of cold dish welcomed by people for all ages. As a famous summer snack, it is famous for the white color, thin shape, smooth surface and flexible texture, the flavor of pleasantly cold and spicy.
Cold Noodle Cold Noodle

Jujube Pastry
Jujube Pastry has two exquisite names:”Zhen Gao” and “ Shuijing Longfeng Gao”; both these two names are appetitive. This cake is made up by sticky rice alternated with red jujube formed for 3-4 layers. The red color alternated with the white color make a fresh view. It is loved by local people and often taken as the breakfast for its taste of soft, sticky and sweet.
Jujube Pastry Jujube Pastry

Fengmi Liangzongzi
It is a kind of rice cake poured with honey. Be similar in the shape of water caltrop, with the white jade color and boasting a clear and cold taste Fengmi Liangzongzi is very popular in summertime. The eating method is very interesting; you need first cut them into thin pieces by silk thread or bamboo knife and put them on the dish. When go ahead the eating you should drench the honey or sugar slurry of laurel flower and rose. It will be wonderful choice for you during the hot weather.
Fengmi Liangzongzi Fengmi Liangzongzi

Persimmon Cake
Your eyes will directly focus on the golden color! Together with the temptation of its aroma you can not help yourself to go straight towards them. That is right the charming Persimmon Cake. It is also renowned as the name of “Crystal Persimmon Cake” for its golden color.
Persimmon Cake Persimmon Cake

Demaogong Crystal Cake
It is the most famous cake among all the dim sum in Xian that you can not miss them. It is usually as a gift for its famous repute, of course including the crystal and brilliant crisp surface. “Demaogong” is the name of a deli store which was started from Qing dynasty, and is the oldest nosh store in Xian.
Demaogong Crystal Cake Demaogong Crystal Cake

Shizi Cake
Shizi Cake also named Stone Cake, of course it is not made by stone, but it baked on hot stone. That is why it is so called stone cake. Stone Cake is the heritage from ancient stone cooking techniques. If you like crisp, salty and sweet smelling food and have interests in the stone baking method you can have a taste of them. Besides, Shizi Cake is affluent in nourishment and easy for assimilation.
Shizi Cake Shizi Cake

Babaojing Rice Cake
When roaming near the Drum Tower, you will find many dollies usually at the entrance of a street; those are the mini shops for Babaojing Rice Cake. The booth owners are very ebullient and quick and neat. You need not wait a long time to get the delicious rice cake though a group of people are also waiting there. There is a kind of rice cake called Rose cake, also belong to the family of Babaojing Rice Cake. It is the traditional reveille for Muslims in Shaanxi Province for its function of smoothing nerves and enriching blood. One of its amazing characteristics is the wooden tool for steaming them. As it is made of sticky rice, jujube and jam, so the sticky rice was firstly stuffed into a timber box (very interesting in shape). When cooked, it can be get out from the box and stick with jam. Enjoy its beautiful shape and taste the unique flavor, you can not express the wonderful felling by words.
Babaojing Rice Cake Babaojing Rice Cake

Snack Street (Beiyuanmen Islamic Street)
Street snacks is a widely see phenomenon in China. It is a kind of food obtainable from a street side vendor, often from a makeshift or portable stall. Different areas have different flavor of street food. It would be regret if you passed it for fear of getting sick. The most famous street food area is located in the Muslim quarter named Huimin Street. It is a block for Muslims maintained the original religion tradition and living habit. This hustling street features a mix of Chinese and Islamic cultures and is basically a street for food and souvenir. You can find all the snacks introduced above, and also including other special types. On many places you'll see lines of folks queuing for snacks and this is generally a very good sign that the stall has a good reputation. Snacks in this street can be described as rich, gummy and amazing cheap.
Snack Street (Beiyuanmen Islamic Street) Snack Street (Beiyuanmen Islamic Street)

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