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Urumqi Attraction
"Urumqi" means "exquisite pasture" in Mongolian. Urumqi, which played an important role during the ancient Silk Road, is considered as an excellent tourism city in China now.

The real highlights in Urumqi are the wonderful scenery in the nearby countryside. Urumqi is endowed with an abundance of tourist attractions, such as Red Hill, People"s park, Xinjiang Regional Museum, Heavenly Lake, Southern Pasture and so on.

Red Hill
As the symbol of Urumqi, Red Hill is located at the city center on the eastern bank of Urumqi River. Since it is made up of aubergine rock, people call it "Red Hill". The Red Hill is 910 meters above sea level. The Red Hill is in Red Hill Park which is one of the major attractions in Urumqi.
A legend says that in the ancient times, a red dragon that escaped from the Heavenly Lake was caught by the Heavenly Empress who split it in half. Each part formed a hill. The western hill is Yamalike Hill and the eastern one is Red Hill.
After many years of development, the Red Hill has been developed into the beautiful Red Hill Park now. On the peak of Red Hill, you will have the whole city of Urumqi before your eyes. The Red Hill is really mysterious and sacred. Local people regard it as a holy place and worship it regularly.
Admission Fee: 10Yuan
Opening Hours: 10:00 —21:00
Bus Routes: Buses of No. 1, 7, 17, 101
Red Hill Red Hill

Heavenly Lake
Located at among hills of West Bogda Peak southwest of Fukang County, Heavenly Lake is a famous scenic spot in Urumqi. With a length of 3,400 meters and a width of 1,500 meters, the Heavenly Lake is 1980 meters above the sea level.
The Heavenly Lake is one of the few unspoiled places in China. With melted snow as its source, Heavenly Lake enjoys crystal water. The crystal water reflecting the snow-topped peaks and blue sky create a breath-taking view. The banks of the lake are covered with lush spruce forest.
The beauty of heavenly Lake has attracted a lot of visitors from all over the world. Many celebrities and scholars also made trips to the Heavenly Lake. Overwhelmed with the unique, charming and wonderful sight, some people felt a strong urge to write poems and draw pictures to the Heavenly Lake.
Entrance Charge: CNY 100 (Apr. to Oct.); CNY 40 (Nov. to Mar.)
Cable Car: CNY 35
Barge Tour: CNY 30
Electric Bus: CNY 10
Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake

Southern Pasture
South Pasture, which is located to the south of Urumqi City, is 60 kilometers away from Urumqi. The South Pasture is a vast natural pasture with fascinating scenery. The South Pasture is also a good place for preventing sunstroke.
That is a free place. You can see horses, cattle and sheep everywhere. There is also a small waterfall with the length of 20 meters. It is really very beautiful.
The South Pasture is the home of nomadic Kazak herders who live in yurts. You can have a visit at the yurts which are made of animal skins. The host will provide you some snacks and milk tea. Sometimes you can also enjoy colorful activities such as horse-racing, singing and dancing presented by the local Kazak people.
Tips: remember to take a thick coat with you, it is cold at night there; what"s more, the time difference between Urumqi and Beijing is two hours, people usually eat breakfast at 10 a.m. and lunch at 14:00 p.m. there; most of the minorities in Xinjiang believe in Islam, don"t mention something related to "pig".
Opening Hours: 7:00—18:00
Southern Pasture Southern Pasture

Xinjiang Regional Museum
Located at Xibei Road of Urumqi, Xinjiang Regional Museum is a large comprehensive museum and center for collecting and studying the cultural relics. The Xinjiang Regional Museum was built in 1953.
The building is in Uygur style with the strong ethnical decor within. The building has a 7,800 square meter exhibition hall. More than 50,000 items of treasure are displayed in the exhibition hall. The items are from the local area and other areas on the ancient Silk Road, including microliths, stone steles, silver works of art, ancient coins, potteries, wooden articles, etc.
Generally speaking, Xinjiang Regional Museum is worth a visit.
Add: No. 132, Xibei Road, Urumqi
Admission Fee: 25 Yuan
Xinjiang Regional Museum Xinjiang Regional Museum

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