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Suzhou Travel Guide
Suzhou reposes on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and middle part of the Yangtze River Delta in southeast part of Jiangsu Province. Suzhou is adjacent to Shanghai in the east, leaning the Yangtze River in north and close to Taihu Lake in west. It is conveniently linked to Shanghai and Nanjing by Jinghu Railway.

Suzhou has existed for over 4000 years since it had been recorded by character. Suzhou started to become a city in BC 514. And as a city, it is over 2500-year-old now. Suzhou in ancient times was named "Wu" and nowadays it is called "Su" for short. This city also holds many old names and other names such as Gusu, Wudu, Wuzhong, Dongwu, Wumen and Pingjiang, etc..
Suzhou is a prefecture-level city in China, so it is provided with part of legislative. It has jurisdiction over eight districts and five county-level cities. Eight districts are Canglang Distrct, Jinchang District, Pingjiang District, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou High and New Technology Development Zone, Xiangcheng District, Huqiu District and Wuzhong District. Five county-level cities are Changshu, Taicang, Kunshan, Wujiang and Zhangjiagang.

Suzhou is one the important historical and cultural city. It is renowned for its beautiful stone bridges, pagodas, and meticulously designed and classical gardens. The classical gardens of Suzhou are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The famous classical gardens in Suzhou are Humble Administrator"s Garden (Zhuozheng Yuan), Lingering Garden (Liu Yuan), Master of the Nets Garden (Wangshi Yuan), Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty (Huanxiu Shanzhuang), Blue Wave Pavilion (Canglang Ting ), Lion Grove Garden (Shizi Lin), Garden of Cultivation (Yi Pu), Retreat and Reflection Garden (Tuisi Yuan), and the Couple Garden Retreat (Ou Yuan).

Suzhou Shopping
Suzhou Shopping

Suzhou is a land full of abundant products since from old times. Many handicrafts are good graces for shoppers like Suxiu (embroideries), Sushan (fans), Suzhou silk, national musical instruments, scroll mounting, lanterns, jade carving, and the New Year"s wood-block prints of Taohuawu Studio. Besides, there are also There are all kinds of fruits, Huqiu flower tea, Dongting Lake Bi Luo Chun, whitebait of Taicang and Yangcheng Lake huge crabs.

Suzhou Dining
Suzhou Dining

Chinese cuisine is divided into Great Eight categories (by province) – Lu (Shandong), Yue (Guangdong / Canton), Chuan (Sichuan), Su (Jiangsu), Min (Fujian), Zhe (Zhejiang), Xiang (Hunan), and Hui (Anhui).
Suzhou food belonging to Jiangshu branch features lite and slightly sweet taste. Varies and delicious dishes of Suzhou are greatly effected by abundant products and Suzhou people seeking altitude towards delicious food.
Suzhou snack-history is long, early from Tang Dynasty (618-907). After thousands years of development, its snacks are more and more yummy and colorful.

Suzhou Weather
Suzhou Weather

Suzhou located in eastern mainland of China to the sea is in the Subtropical Humid Monsoon Climate Zone. Suzhou experiences distinct four seasons. The summer there is hot and humid. Winter of Suzhou is cold and dry. The spring and autumn are much more pleasant. Suzhou has an average temperature of a year is about 15 to 17 degrees centigrade. The annual average rainfall is round about 1076 millimeters. Suzhou annual average snowy days are 5 days, but it has no snow for 8 years at present. Annual average non-frost days are about 233 days.

Suzhou Nightlife
Suzhou Nightlife

How about the Suzhou nightlife? It depends on the way you choose to spend the charming night time. Suzhou nightlife includes bars, riding on canals, shopping in streets, strolling around those old lanes, eating, drinking and watching shows or opera. Suzhou is an old city and also is a modernized new city. It has elegant night view and as well the bustling modern nightlife.

Suzhou Attraction
Suzhou Attraction

About an hour"s away from Shanghai by train, Suzhou is a well-known historical and cultural city, as well as a key scenic tourist one, and a coastal economic opening area. Suzhou has been praised as “a paradise on earth" since ancient times. Streets and alleys in Suzhou extend side by side with canals, small bridges and flowing waters. The humble administrator"s Garden in the city is the largest of its kind in the region. Suzhou is one of the Chinese four major gardens and a master piece of the private classic garden. Suzhou is included in the UDFSCO world heritage list in 1997.

Suzhou Transportation
Suzhou Transportation

Because of the advantaged location, Suzhou gets convenient transportation. The Grand Canal runs through city from north to south. The Jing (Beijing) – Hu (Shanghai) Rail Way and Hu – Ning (Nanjing) Speedway go through city from west to east. Many national highways pass through Suzhou too. Suzhou is now constructing light rails and will be making use of in about year 2012. There is no airport in Suzhou at present, but there are some airports not far away from Suzhou like Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Wuxi Airport and so on.
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