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Tea and Coffee Houses in Shanghai
Shanghai this city keep the traditional Chinese custom and also catch his steps up with the world swim; so tea and coffee houses like mushrooms grows up. In this city you can taste the most authentic traditional tea and the most decent coffee. Exploring and experiencing Chinese 5 thousands history from tea rooms and reviewing the homeland feelings from the coffee houses. From this page you can make out where is the best place to have a cup of coffee; and which house boasts the best ambience to have a rest and a private whisper; which coffee house can save money and will not getting your burse lose weight… Make your self like a local to enter into these coffee houses.
Tea houses are different to coffee houses, most of them are in traditional Chinese style. Tea house is the combination of modern and tradition. It is a popular place for both young and old Chinese people. From tea houses you can experience the authentic Chinese ambience and culture.

Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks is now has more than 80 outlets in Shanghai. The widely spreading of it brings much convenience to those coffee people. Starbucks is not the house to provide best coffee, but is one of the most popular coffee houses in Shanghai for some reasons. Cappuccino in Starbucks is the best in Shanghai. It provides breakfast (muffin, bread, etc), lunch (pie, sandwich, salad, etc), and tea time food (Tiramisu and varied other cakes). This is a self-help coffee room, and clients even can bring their own cups there. Coffee in Starbucks is just a carrier; it spreads the culture, ambience and unique pattern from Starbucks. It is a life and people there are to enjoy its leisure life.
Starbucks Coffee Starbucks Coffee

Zhen Guo Ka Fei Guan (Manabe)
A cup of coffee brewed of soul. That is the pursuing of the Manabe. Manabe coffee was created in 1970 by a Japanese man. It is famous for charcoal fire coffee-coffee beans are dried by charcoal fire. Through this way they can keep the original taste of the coffee beans. Manabe work hard to create a quiet ambience for its clients. Manabe was brought in by a Taiwan people and it is now the most famous and the largest coffee chain store in Taiwan. Manabe started its first store in 1998 in Shanghai. From 1998 until now there are almost 30 branches in Shanghai. In Manabe you will be firstly be served a cup of ice water to purify the taste. The entire process of cooking coffee is eyeable. You can look at the waiters take pains to boil the coffee by a Mellita filter paper. The degustation of coffee in Manabe is an art, a life art. To experience the natural flavor of coffee is the aim of Manabe.
Zhen Guo Ka Fei Guan (Manabe) Zhen Guo Ka Fei Guan (Manabe)

Coffee Lox
A coffee house from Italy major deals in brand of CoffeeLox. With the smiling sign in three colors the ambience in Coffee Lox is full of Italian flavor. Boasting a history of 130 years it brings the Barbera Caffe to Shanghai. Coffee Lox in Shanghai create a fashionable style, energetic and colorful coffee culture for young people.
Braches Address:
CoffeeLox Zhongxing Branch: 1F Sunrise Plaza, 718 Caoxi Road North, Xuhui District, Shanghai
CoffeeLox Jinling Branch: B Building, 40 Jinling Road West, Luwan District, Shanghai
CoffeeLox Hongqiao Branch: 1F, 75 Lou Shan Guan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
CoffeeLox Huashan Branch: 1F, 1988 Huashan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
CoffeeLox Zhongshan Park Branch: 1F Mayfair Hotel, 1525 Dingxi Road, Changning District, Shanghai Website:
Coffee Lox Coffee Lox

UBC Coffee
UBC Coffee started from Taiwan in 1968. It is now become a style, elegant coffee culture. It is popular all over the whole Taiwan island but also spreads every cities in mainland. From its thick coffee savory, people as if can smell the hope in spring. They can bring clients some simple western food.
Here is a part of addresses for UBC in famous roads:
UBC Coffee: 6F, 198 Nanjing Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
UBC Coffee: 889 Xizang Road South, Huangpu District, Shanghai
UBC Coffee: 4F Lansheng Building, 2-8 Huaihai Road (M), Luwan District, Shanghai
UBC Coffee: 720 Nanjing Road East, Huangpu District, Shanghai
UBC Coffee: 2F, 555 Jinling Road East, Huangpu District, Shanghai
UBC Coffee UBC Coffee

Dark green is the major color for Dio Coffee. This specialized style is the symbol of the DIO coffee express. In the afternoon there are free fruits and biscuits. They can serve western cuisine, business food, soup & noodles, and porridge as well. DIO COFFEE is the top ten restaurants in China. There are above 300 outlets in China including 40 branches in Shanghai.
Address for a part of the branches in Shanghai:
DIO COFFEE: 577-581 Changshou Road, Putuo District
DIO COFFEE: 1165 Shaanxi Road North, Jing"an District
DIO COFFEE: 290 Xuanhua Road, Changning District (near Zhongshan Park)
DIO COFFEE: 2889 Qizi Road, Minhang District (Qibao Branch)

Hecto Coffee Foods
People love its verve. The French style ambience is romantic. Having a cup of coffee there as if having a dream, you are now in a quiet place to escape from the noisy world.
Songjiang Head Office: 1 Beimen Street, Ledu Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Wuzhonglu Branch: 618 Wuzhong Lu, Minhang District, Shanghai
Minhang Branch: 1238 Qinyuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Longming Branch: 1713 Longming Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Gongkang Branch: 66 Gongkang Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Dongchuan Branch: 455 Shiping Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Wanyuan Branch: 1099 Wuzhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Zhenghua Branch: 959 Zhenhua Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Hecto Coffee Foods Hecto Coffee Foods

Bonomi Cafe
Bonomi is an enterprise specialized in coffee established from 1886. It is a coffee house from Milan, and also has chain stores in Florence. Bonomi is famous in Italy for the refined grinding of coffee beans and careful steaming. In order to keep the original taste, 80% materials of Bonomi Coffee are from Italy.
Ma Le Branch: 30 Shaanxi Road South, Xuhui District, Shanghai
The Bund Branch: Room 226, 12 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road, the Bund, Shanghai
Air Port Branch: inside the Pudong Air Port
Super Grand Mall Branch: 5-6F Super Grand Mall, 168 Lujiazui Road West, Pudong Area
Bonomi Cafe Bonomi Cafe

Coffee Tea Bar
Shanghai 1930 Street is a reminiscence leisure street concentrating the stone gate architectures in styles of the French, Britain, Japan and Spain. Old tea houses, coffee houses and other buildings along street bring people back to the old Shanghai. Coffee Tea Bar is one of the coffee houses in 1930 Street. Looking from outface, it is a country side villa in England. It interior is in elegant, comfortable and peaceful design. Coffee Tea Bar is one of the oldest public houses in Shanghai. It is small but lasting and witness the past of Shanghai. The fun in coffee houses not only because of the coffee itself, but of the ambience. This house provide people a warmly and homely atmosphere. Sitting on the big soft sofa there, you can not help to think of the past of Shanghai.
Address: 100 Renmin Da Dao (inside the Urban Planning Center)
Coffee Tea Bar Coffee Tea Bar

Style Cafe
Major color in Style Café is coffee which makes people in a coffee element world. It is a powerful brand from south East Asia and as well brings in passional tropic wind. Leisurely decorations (simple and in good taste), bright & spacious room and soft lighting all embody the tropic zone flavor. Price there is reasonable. There are about 200 categories of magazines and books. Consumers can drink coffee and reading books there.
Hongsong Branch: 387 Hongsong Road, Huangpu Area, Shanghai
Xianxia Branch: 1885 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Style Cafe Style Cafe

Tima Harbour
Tima Harbour is fleet for spirit recreation. Clean and bright hall (in the warmly colors red, yellow and white) gives people comfortable feelings. There are loose seats in the big hall. Besides the popular cakes it provides all kings of simple western food too. Tea, cakes, drinks and biscuits are available in the afternoon. Its French cheese cake without gorgeous surface but it is with striking taste. If you want delicious cheese cake in good price, you should go to Tima Harhour. Teatime in Tima is from 14:00 to 17:00.
Zhenning Branch: 11 Zhenning Road, Jing"an District, Shanghai
Hongqiao Branch: 134-147 Shanghai Cheng Meishi Jie, 100 Xunyi Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Nanjing Xi Lu Branch: Room 107, 1515 Nanjing Road West, Jing"an District, Shanghai
Tima Harbour Tima Harbour

La Casbah
La Casbah is a lovely house in exotic style. The storefront is small but providing good coffee. Many clients are foreigners. The holder is also from abroad and is very warmhearted. Sandwich, pizza, biscuits and so on are provided there.
Pudong Branch: 172 Pucheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Huaihai Branch: 1554 Huaihai Road Middle, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Renmin Branch: 885 Renmin Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Lishuilu Branch: A7, 1 Lishui Road, Chenghuang Temple, Huangpu District, Shanghai
La Casbah La Casbah

The Coffee Beanery
Coffee Beanery began its first cup in 1976 in American by JoAnne Shaw and Julius Shaw. It serves special kinds of coffee such as Café Carmel, Hot Spiced Viennese, Iced Fudge Ripple and other drinks put up in particular. In summer time there are open air seats foe people. It is not crowed and every thing inside is easy, people there even more easy.
Coffee Beanery: 9 Qinghai Road, Jing"an District, (not far away to Nangjing West Road)
Coffee Beanery: Room 101, 20 Lane 777, Biyun Road, Pudong New Area
Coffee Beanery: 190 Huangpi Road, Shanghai Grand Theater, Huangpu District,
Coffee Beanery: 88F Jinmao Tower, 88 Shiji Da Dao Road, Pudong New Area
Coffee Beanery: E2 International Exhibition Center, 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area
Coffee Beanery: Room 101, 1181 Xiuyan Road, Pudong New Area
Coffee Beanery: 2F, 738 Lane 366, Minghua Road, Songjiang District
The Coffee Beanery The Coffee Beanery

Old Shanghai Tea House
Old Shanghai Tea House is absolutely a must go place if you have spare time. This is the coolest tea house in Shanghai. As a history brand it is not famous for tea but also well known for the treasures kept by the holder. In this house you can watch the curios which even can not find in the museum such as Gramophone, coal oil lamp, old calendar, age- old style fire fighting tools and others. You will be surprised to find the old map of Shanghai published in 1938; the phone number book published in 1947; both of them are in English! At the tea time you can enjoy the Chinese guzheng performance. Guzheng is a traditional Chinese instrument, which belongs to the zither family of string instruments. The Guzheng is the parent instrument of the Japanese koto, the Korean gavageum. It is a place to pay a visit to the old Shanghai. Old Shanghai Tea House will satisfy your curiosity. And you will find much more fun there.
Address: 385 Fangbang Road (M); right in the Shanghai Old Street
Old Shanghai Tea House Old Shanghai Tea House

Mid-lake Tea House
This tea house is on the lake center inside Yuyuan Garden and right in the centre of the 9-cornered zigzag bridge above lake. As a lake pavilion, it is a great sightseeing place as well. This tea house has a history of more than 150 years, was reputed as “Chinese No.1 Tea House". It is the most famous Chinese tea house in the world. Tea art there is a very important part. People go there can have tea, watch tea art show and taste famous snacks. Service languages there are Chinese, English and Japanese.
Address: 257 Yuyuan Road, Yuyun Garden, Huangpu District
Mid-lake Tea House Mid-lake Tea House

Che Ma Pao Tea House
Che Ma Pao Tea House is also an old brand tea house in Shanghai. There is a bowling room next to it. After playing bowling, turn to this tea house is a nice choice. Inside house there are man made mini “bridges and streams", “pavilions". The whole house is in the lay out of a southern China garden. Address: 127 Kongjiang Road, Yangpu Distrct, Shanghai
Che Ma Pao Tea House Che Ma Pao Tea House

Tun Run Tea House
It is a good place to get together with friends to play card, as there are balconies in varied styles for clients. Tun Run is a typically self-help tea house in Shanghai. It serves tea, coffee, fruits, and some snacks. Fruits and some snacks are free. Its Hengshan Road branch is located in a quiet site surrounded by bamboo trees. The melodious music and ancient layout seems like a Xanadu. Tan Run is divided into two parts by an atrium: balcony area (including Chinese styles and Japanese styles) and self-help zone. Finding a seat at the window, sitting into the smart soft sofa, reading a book in a sunshine afternoon; how cozy and agreeable it is!
Tun Run Tea House: 199 Hengshan Road, Shanghai
Tun Run Tea House: 3F, 479 Nanjing Road East, Shanghai
Tun Run Tea House: 986 Longming Road, Shanghai
Tun Run Tea House Tun Run Tea House

Chun Feng De Yi Lou
Chun Feng De Yi Lou started from the end of Ming Dynasty. It is one the oldest and most famous tea houses in Shanghai as important as Mid-lake tea house. Waving flags out side seem like to wave hands to passerby. It is famous for the “Yuan Bao Cha", a kind of tea cooked by traditional Chinese kitchen range. With reminiscence style furnishings, Chun Feng De Yi Lou is popular among both Chinese and foreign friends.
Address: 337 Fangbang Road (M); right in the Shanghai Old Street
Tun Run Tea House Tun Run Tea House

CHA Mate(Yi Cha Yi Zuo)
Chamate is from Taiwan with its kindly ambience. It is not decorated as distinct as other houses, but in simple fitment. Homely like ambience bring people the feeling of leisure at home. Chamate is now holding 27 branches in Shanghai. Here is the address for a part of the outlets.
CHAMATE: 6-7 Lane 123 Xingye Road, Xintiandi, Shanghai
CHAMATE: 3F New World, 2-88 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai
CHAMATE: 151-153 Basement, Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Road, Xuhui District
CHAMATE: 1-3 Metro City, 1111 Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai
CHAMATE: 5F, 168 Lujiazui Road West, Pudong New Area
CHAMATE: 999 Changning Road, Shanghai; near Zhongshan Park
CHAMATE: 3F, 180 Xizang Road (M), Shanghai; near People Park
CHAMATE: 1F-B-03 Bailian Zhonghuan Commerce Plaza, 1326 Zhenguang Road, Shanghai
CHA Mate(Yi Cha Yi Zuo) CHA Mate(Yi Cha Yi Zuo)

Xin Yue Hong Cha Fang
Xin Yue Hong Cha Fang has advantaged locations with its head office in Yandang Road. This is a multi-functional tea house. Many recreations such as chess and card are provided. Beside, it has a complete set of food establishments. Tea is the major service especially its “Taiwan Kongfu Tea". They also provide fresh products of fruit and vegetable juice.
Xin Yue Hong Cha Fang: 16 Yandang Road, Luwan District
Xin Yue Hong Cha Fang: 2F, 227 Huangpi Road North, Huangpu District
Xin Yue Hong Cha Fang: 150 Jinling Road East, Huangpu District
Xin Yue Hong Cha Fang Xin Yue Hong Cha Fang

RBT (Xian Zong Lin)
RBT start its first step in Hongkong of year 1996. It is now spreading outlets in Hongkong, Taiwan, China mainland, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and Philippines. RBT refers to “real brewed tea". It creates a free fancy space for clients and provides novelty drinks. RBT is the combination of modern techniques and traditional tea skill.
RBT: 671 Huaihai Road (M), Shanghai
RBT: L204-05 Raffles City, 268 Xizang Road (M), Shanghai
RBT: A Beibingjiang, 2967 Lujiazui Road, Shanghai
RBT: 123 Tianshiqiao Road, Shanghai
RBT: 581 Handan Road, Shanghai
RBT: 3F, 8 Songhu Road, Shanghai
RBT (Xian Zong Lin) RBT (Xian Zong Lin)

Yuan3 (Yuan Yuan Yuan)
Yuans can be described as a restaurant, a match and a bar. Dinks there are most well known. You can find Chinese tea, coffee, ice cream, milk tea and all kinds of popular drinks there. It is also a food world; Chinese cuisine and western food are available. After a busy travel, then enjoy your dinner at Yuan Yuan Yuan. It is an ideal place to have a cup of drink, listen to the music and relax the whole body.
Yuan3: 80 Hengshan Road
Yuan3: 1 Ruijin Road South
Yuan3: 6F Meilihua Building, 180 Xizang Road (M)
Yuan3: 919-923 Jiangchun Road East
Yuan3: 1183 Shijidadao Road
Yuan3: 140 Changshou Road
Yuan3 (Yuan Yuan Yuan) Yuan3 (Yuan Yuan Yuan)

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