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Shopping Places in Lhasa (where to buy in Lhasa)
Lhasa has shopping centers, supermarkets, franchised stores and so on, so shopping in Lhasa is not as hard as you expected. There are also some famous shopping streets in Lhasa such as Barkhor Street, Beijing Lu and Duosenge Lu.

Lhasa Barkhor Street
Barkhor Street is the oldest in Lhasa also called "Ba Jiao Jie" in Chinese. This street was developed with the establishment of the Jokhang Temple early in seventh century, boasting a history of more than 1300 years. It locates in the old city zone. Barkhor Street was in the past a single road encircled the Jokhang Temple. It is now enlarged into an old-type block surrounded the Jokhang Temple. So the barkhor Street is now composed of four streets: Barkhor East Street, Barkhor West Street, Barkhor North Street and Barkhor South Street. As a famous road for transfer lection, it is as well the commercial center and the busiest street in Lhasa. Here in Barkhor Street, it keeps the appearance of the old Lhasa city and people live in the old way. The surface of this street is slated by handwork blocks. In the center of Barkhor Street there is a huge censer which has fires all day and night. Shops and stores stand in great numbers along this street. There are over 120 stores for handcrafts and 200 booths, over 1300 business men who deal with above 8000 goods. Items can be bought there are numerous and in all sorts such as religion products of ghee lamp, rolls for transferring lection, lections, prayer beads, etc; Tibetan general goods such as Tibetan carpets, Tibetan Pulu, Tibetan apron, snuff pot, Tibetan knives and broadswords, Tibetan hats, Tibetan costume, silver and gold ornaments, wooden bowls, milk products, sweet tea, air-dry meats, Thangka and so on; then the rare and treasure items of Dzi beads, saffron, aweto, muskiness, glossy ganoderma (Reshi), horn of chiru and wild Snow Saussurea, etc. Besides, there are also some products from India, Burma, Nepal, and Kashmir for shopping.
Barkhor Street is busy and swinging all over the year except the period of the Tibetan New Year; it even has night markets at nights. Barkhor Street can be regarded as the epitome of human sight for Lhasa or even the whole Tibet. As it is an old-line religion road, it always gathers all kinds of pilgrimages from everywhere and business men. At certain time of in this street, all the believers from ever where of Tibet will walk clockwise along this street strictly like they have received the order. Tourists can watch the people from different areas of Tibet, different clothes, languages... Barkhor Street is a window for realizing the Tibet.
Tips for stroll along the Barkhor Street: About eating in Barkhor Street, you can find special Tibetan tea, yoghourt and coffee as well. People who stroll along Barkhor Street basically walk in clockwise (as same as the direction of transferring the lection). There are miscellaneous goods in Barkhor Street and many mimics too, so when in shopping youy would better check items carefully before payment. Then after 18:00, the Barkhor Street will change into a common flea market and major in commodities.
Lhasa Barkhor Street Lhasa Barkhor Street

Lhasa Beijing Lu
Lhasa is boom because of Beijing Lu. The role that Beijing Lu plays in Lhasa is as equal as the role which acted by Huaihai Lu and Heng Shan Lu in Shanghai. One part of Lhasa Beijing Lu is commercial street and the other part is the street for restaurants and bars. Lhasa Beijing Lu is right in front of the doorway of Potala Palace. Along two sides of Beijing Lu, there are many wandered and flexuous alleyway. Most buildings in Lhasa are about three storeys, but they are very distinct. Especially the windows of the building; all most every window has vivid lattices with all kinds of colors. In Beijing Lu, there are famous hotels, department stores, shops, post office and many franchise stores. So Beijing Lu is now also known as the Department Store Street in Lhasa.
Lhasa Beijing Lu Lhasa Beijing Lu

Lhasa Department Store (General Department Store)
Lhasa department stores are mainly on Yuthok Lu. If you need everyday requirement, you can find them in the department store of Lhasa. Among all the department stores, Lhasa Department Store at the end of Yuthok Lu is the most famous and biggest one there. In the Lhasa Department Store, tourists can find all kinds of products such as toothpaste, handcrafts, cotton clothing, mugs, canned food, towels and so on. Before heading to other remote places of Tibet, many tourists may need to buy some daily requirements from the department store.
Address: 1 Yuthok Lu, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Department Store Lhasa Department Store

Lhasa OZARK Mountaineering and Pedestrianism Franchise Store
Do you need mountaineering and pedestrianism products when you are in Lhasa? Of course you need them, if you decided to do mountaineering or pedestrianism. The most famous store for these items is the OZARL Mountaineering and Pedestrianism Franchise Store. It deals with mountaineering costume, equipments, backpack, shoes, gloves, glasses and so on.
Address: the southern end of the Potala Palace Square, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa OZARK Mountaineering and Pedestrianism Franchise Store Lhasa OZARK Mountaineering and Pedestrianism Franchise Store

Lhasa Barkhor Thangka Art Gallery
Barkhor Thangka Art Gallery is the most popular and famous shop for selling Thangka. And the most beautiful, authentic and abundant Thangka can be found in this store. It is absolutely a wonderful place for art edification and soul depuration. The shop holder is the decent of the famous Pengbo Thangka School. The shop keeper can also speak both Chinese and English. If persons who are interested in learning Thangka, he will teach them for free not matter they are domestic persons of tourists from abroad.
Address: 10 Barkhor East Street, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Barkhor Thangka Art Gallery Lhasa Barkhor Thangka Art Gallery

Lhasa Chong Saikang Bazaar
Chong SaiKang is a age-old bazaar in Lhasa. Chong Saikang Bazaar reposes in the busy Lhasa city areas and it is at present the largest whole sale market for both small commodities. There are almost ten-thousand items selling in this bazaar and 90% are from Yiwu. In Chong Saikang Bazaar, you can buy some souvenirs, electric apparatus, carpets, shoes, hats and some Tibetan local special products. Address: Beijing East Road, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Chong Saikang Bazaar Lhasa Chong Saikang Bazaar

Other Places for Shopping in Lhasa
Except the OZARK Mountaineering and Pedestrianism Franchise Store, there is another store named Tianjie Outdoors Shop selling backpacks, gloves, muffles, hats, tents, water-proof apparel, puttees, sun glasses and so on. The Manual Thangka Specialty Store is major for handmade Thangkas, polishing Buddha Bronzes and other craftworks, etc. Langgang Clothes Shop specializes in Tibetan costumes, shoes, hats and cosmetics. From the Potala Thangkas Gallery, you can not only get Thangkas, but also get Tibetan handmade wool tapestries, silk carpets, jewelry, religious artistic works, paintings and more. Xiamao Gabu Antique Store located in 12, North Barkhor Street, deals with various metal Buddha figures of different ages, craftworks and also Thangkas. Gala Shopping Mall is special for arts and crafts. The Tourist Shopping Mall supplies traveling products and general commodities. Besides there are three Xinhua Book Stores in Lhasa; one is on Yuthok Lu, another is on east Barkhor Street and the third one is on Beijing Zhong Lu.
Other Places for Shopping in Lhasa Other Places for Shopping in Lhasa

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