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Tibetan Lhasa Famous Dishes (what to eat in Lhasa)
Tibetan food is generally divided into three sorts: stable foods, dishes and soups. The basically subsidiary ingredient for cooking dishes (except sweet food) in Tibet is salt. Besides, other ingredients are ginger, pepper, caraway, curry, garlic, shallot, wild garlic, caladium, cayenne, Tibetan fennel and so on.

Lhasa Deep-fried Tibetan Sausage
Tibetan People love to eat meats, except the pork and dog meat. They not only eat the animal meat, they also have the animal harslet. They can cook many dishes by these products. The deep-fried sausage is one of these. The deep-fried sausage is mostly found in Lhasa. The main materials are sheep lungs. This food is similar to haggis: boil the sheep lungs together with ghee and flour, and then deep-fried them. Deep-fried Tibetan sausage features light brown surface, crisp outside and soft inside and with sweet-smelling.
Lhasa Deep-fried Tibetan Sausage Lhasa Deep-fried Tibetan Sausage

Lhasa Quick Boiled Tibetan Sausages
Quick Boiled Tibetan Sausages can be divided into five sorts. The sausage filling with sheep blood called quick boiled blood sausage; and the one that stuffed with dogmeat named quick boiled meat aausage; sausage which is filled with flour paste and edible oil is called quick boiled four sausage; the one mainly filled with sheep fat together with some chopped meat named quick boiled oil sausage; sausage stuffed with chopped animal liver called quick boiled liver sausage. These quick boiled Tibetan sausages are tender and savory in taste.
Lhasa Quick Boiled Tibetan Sausages Lhasa Quick Boiled Tibetan Sausages

Lhasa Steamed Oxtongue
Steamed oxtongue is famous Tibetan dish and mostly found in Lhasa too. This dish adopts the oxtongue as the main material. Cooling ways are steaming and boiling. The steamed oxtongue can be made into other dishes as well such as smoked oxtongue eaten in pan. The oxtongue after steaming is soft and tender. While it is fried in the pan, it is more savory.
Lhasa Steamed Oxtongue Lhasa Steamed Oxtongue

Lhasa Roast Highland Pig
The highland pig refers to a kind of pig only growing in a certain area of Tibetan Plateau. So this dish can only be found in Tibetan. The pigs take ginseng fruits, aweto, or caladium as their food, so local people also call these pigs "ginseng pig", "Tibetan pig" etc. These pigs are not enclosed in hogpens, but are totally growing in wildness. The highland pigs are rare pigs in the world. The eating method is the product of the living habit of Tibetan who always live in the grassland. Local people remove the pig harslets and then spread flavorings inside and wrap earth outside. After the preparations are already, they will embed the whole pig into fire-stack to bake the pig. Until the earth color turns into testaceous, people take the pig out and shell off the earth. At that time the fur of the pig will fall off together with the earth. At last, assistant with ingredients people can eat the meat with knives. The roast highland pig boasting tender meat and crisp skin is quite fresh and goluptious.
Lhasa Roast Highland Pig Lhasa Roast Highland Pig

Lhasa Xiahe Hoof Tendon
It is said, Xiahe hoof tendon was famous early in Ming Dynasty. This Tibetan dish take the sheep hoof tendons as the maim material and agarics, day lily and so on as the assistant materials. After boiling and steaming, this dish is finished. Cooked tendon is colored as amber and as similar as gold. Xiahe hoof tendon is always a nice dish in banquet.
Lhasa Xiahe Hoof Tendon Lhasa Xiahe Hoof Tendon

Lhasa Raw Beef Paste
In Lhasa, there is a necessary dish for entertaining honored guests-raw beef paste. The raw beef taste is a mixture of mashed raw beef and several edible Tibetan herbs. After eating the paste, people will feel warm all over.
Lhasa Raw Beef Paste Lhasa Raw Beef Paste

Lhasa Sesame Mutton Chop
The main materials for cooking sesame mutton chop are the excellent mutton chop from Qiangtang Grassland in Nagqu of Tibet and sesame from India. Cooking methods are as follows:
1. put the mutton in a pan with cold water, add ginger and garlic, then boil it by fast fire, and then boil mutton chops by slow fire; at last get the chops out and pick out the meat
2. pat some starch on the picked meat, and spread the egg, then dip with the sesame
3. put some salad oil in to the pan and fire the oil, then put the prepared mutton meat into the pan and deep fry until it is gold colored, and then put them into the plate
4. at last, sprinkle the cumin, pepper and salt on the meat and stir until well mixed
Lhasa Sesame Mutton Chop Lhasa Sesame Mutton Chop

Lhasa Yak Meat Stewed with Radish
Yak meat stewed with radish is a characteristic dish in Tibet. The cooking way is very simple: stew the sliced yak chops together with the circles radish. There is one thing which need pay attention to; firstly we only put them in cold water and add some salt into them. When the dish is cooked, we only need to put some special flavors into the soup. Then this dish is well done.
Lhasa Yak Meat Stewed with Radish Lhasa Yak Meat Stewed with Radish

Lhasa Cold Dishes
Tibetan people are found of meats especially mutton and beef. They can make the mutton and beef into all kinds of hot dishes; they can also make them into many cold dishes. Famous Tibetan cold dishes are cold sheephead and cold ox belly. Both of them are with unique taste and make people have endless aftertaste.
Lhasa Cold Dishes Lhasa Cold Dishes

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