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Lhasa Restaurants and Cafes (where to eat in Lhasa)
People in Lhasa can choose some famous Tibetan food restaurants to have a try. A lot of nice and comfortable restaurants can be found in Lhasa old district. There is a street in Lhasa which colleted the food all over country and even western food; that is Ji De Lu. Most western-food restaurants fasten on Beijing Lu. Except Tibetan food Sichuan cuisine is another popular cuisine in Lhasa.

Lhasa Alu Cang Restaurant
Alu Cang Restaurant is nearby Jokhong Temple on the western edge of the Jokhong Square. It provides many local and traditional Tibetan dishes for already 20 years there in Lhasa. The holder of Alu Cang Restaurant is a Tibetan too. This restaurant is also a popular place for locals. In Alu Cang Restaurant the Tibetan food and drinks all are available such as Tsampa, Tibetan Sweet Tea, Highland Barley Wine, Butter Tea, Ox Tongue, Air Dried Meats and so on. It is a must-go restaurant if you want a try of Tibetan food.
Address: Duosenge Lu 21-32, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Dunya Restaurant, Bar and Balcony
Dunya is a western restaurant held by Kristin from America and Jannette from Holland. There are several special young Tibetan mean and women run in the restaurants. Dunya provides their guests not only western-style food, but also Tibetan food. It locates on the east side of the Yak Hotel in the old center of Lhasa and as well nearby Potala Palaca and Jokhand Temple. The decor is full of Tibetan style. It is very pleasant to eat inside, as there is a lively atmosphere. There are many long wooden tables which will enable you calm down in front of nature. The menu is western offering pizza, pasta and a range of Asian food too, and the staffs can speak English.
Address: Beijing Dong Lu 100. Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Alu Cang Restaurant Lhasa Alu Cang Restaurant

Lhasa Holy Land Vegetarian Restaurant
Holy Land Vegetarian Restaurant opened by a local monk in year 2005. It is the first pure vegetarian restaurant in Tibet history. In this purity place, there is no meat, no smoke and no wine; but there is elegant ambience, holiness friendship and warmly heart. Simple decor embodies the conception of the Holly Land Vegetarian Restaurant. The combination of wooden tables in dark color, white wall and white porcelain dish wares tells their guests that here is a purity land. The Holly Land Vegetarian Restaurant is not far form the dreaded PSB. It is a good restaurant for those health-conscious persons.
Address: Linkuo Bei Lu Waibanshang Ping Fang 10, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Holy Land Vegetarian Restaurant Lhasa Holy Land Vegetarian Restaurant

Lhasa Mayke Ame
Mayke Ame is one of the most popular restaurants in Lhasa. If you are tired of strolling in Barkhor Street, you can have a rest there. The decor inside is special: wooden bar counter painted by Tibetan style beautiful veins and bordered by turquoise, heavy wooden chairs, Tibetan handmade wools… This restaurant is famous because of the legend of the sixth Lama. It is a three-storey yellow building, in old style and with the third floor in the open air. Most people like to sit beside the window, as those are good places for getting a view of the busy Barkhor Street and sunset in horizon. Just sitting there and doing nothing at all is a very enjoyable behavior too.
Address: southeast corner of the Barkhor Street, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Mayke Ame Lhasa Mayke Ame

Lhasa Outlook Cafe
Outlook Cafe reposes opposite the Kirey Hotel on Beijing Road. There is a long corridor in front of the door with open air seats. Many guests enter there because of the open air corridor. It is just besides the Beijing Road. When sitting there, you will feel so closed to the street and the goers on road. There is also a small gallery inside Outlook Cafe. There are many works of the famous Tibetan camerists including pictures and frescoes. Some times, people do not understand the meanings of the works. At that time the holder will explain to them lively.
Lhasa Outlook Cafe Lhasa Outlook Cafe

Lhasa Naga Restaurant and Bar
Naga is a restaurant and bar serving France and Nepal food. It located at the crossing of Zang Yi Lu about four minutes far away from Jokhang Temple. In Naga Restaurant and Bar, people can easygoing have a cup of tea and watch the persons passed by. It is a nice place for backpackers. The decor is distinct and there is a fat and lovely Nepal cat. It is very fun to feed that cute cat. There are special low tables where dinners can sit cross-legged on the floor. Selections of international magazines are available in Naga Restaurant and Bar.
Address: Zang Yiyuan Dong Lu, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Naga Restaurant and Bar Lhasa Naga Restaurant and Bar

Lhasa Snowland Restaurant
Snowland Restaurant is next to Snowland Hotel on Mentsikhang Road. There are wide selections of western food, Tibetan food, Japanese food, Indian cuisine and Nepalese food. Food in this restaurant is delicious especially Nepalese food. Their menus are written in three languages-Chinese, Tibetan and English. Warmly ambience and friendly service are the best regulators to reduce your tiredness. Address:4 Mentsikhang Road, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Snowland Restaurant Lhasa Snowland Restaurant

Lhasa Tashi Restaurant
There are two Tashi Restaurant in Lhasa- Tashi 1 and Tashi 2. Tashi 1 reposes at the corner of Beijing Donglu and Mentsikhang Lu. Tashi 2 is in the courtyard of Kirey Hotel opposite the Shangrila Hotel which is also on Beijing Dong Lu. Some of the staffs can speak good English. The furniture inside major are benches together with low table in Tibetan style. The restaurant serve Tibetan bobi (pancakes), momos (some thing like ravioli), tsamba, thuckp (noodles with meat), fired yak meat, butter tea and as well as ethnic food such as spaghetti, mashed potatoes and fires. Both Tashi One and Tashi 2 are clean and with low price.
Lhasa Tashi Restaurant Lhasa Tashi Restaurant

Lhasa Hard Yak Cafe
Hard Yak Caf is the main restaurant in Lhasa Hotel (Lhasa Hotel has three restaurant). It provides western food in good ambience. If you are an eater not stay in the Lhasa Hotel, you will have to pay the fare. In fact, if you live in this hotel, it is included in the price you paid to stay and eat at the hotel. In Hard Yak Cafe you can choose from hamburgers, fired tomatoes, local vegetables, Yak fillet, pizza, yak steak and so on.
Address: Lhasa Hotel, 1 Mingzu Road, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Hard Yak Cafe Lhasa Hard Yak Cafe

Lhasa Gangki Restaurant
Gangki Restaurant is a two-storey restaurant beside the Tibetan Hospital. Its price is reasonable which is fit for backpackers. The best seats there are on the second floor in the open air veranda. Gangki Restaurant is right located in front of the Jokhang Temple. From there, people can get a nice view of the busy Barkhor Street and the Jokhang Temple Square. Interior of this restaurant is authentic Tibetan styles, which will enable you seem like having entered a Tibetan family. The Gangki Restaurant of course serves nice Tibetan food, drinks and snacks; and as well western-style food, Chinese food, etc.
Lhasa Gangki Restaurant Lhasa Gangki Restaurant

Lhasa Shangrila Restaurant and Bar (Mad Yak)
Shangrila Restaurant and Bar is a two-storey building in the courtyard of the Kirey Hotel. It has unique Tibetan decor and furnishings. This restaurant was once named Mad Yak, but now it has changed its name. There are still Tibetan singings and dances in restaurant. Shangrila Restaurant and Bar mainly serves Tibetan food and western food and it also provides buffet dinner in Tibetan styles. This restaurant major serves foreign guests as the Kirey Hotel is popular among foreign tourists from all over the world. In the second floor is a bar and a internet bar. After supper, it will be a ideal place for nightlife.
Address: Kirey Hotel, 122 Beijing Dong Lu, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Shangrila Restaurant and Bar Lhasa Shangrila Restaurant and Bar

Lhasa Barkhor Cafe
Barkhor Cafe is in the southwest side of Jokhang Temple in the corner of the Jokhang Square. It is a quiet and nice cafe for enjoy the street view. Barkhor Cafe is famous for its rooftop terrace, where guests can enjoy a cup of drink to enjoy the sunset over the Jokhang Temple. Barkhor Cafe provides internet service too which is attractable in Tibet. In this cafe you can have a taste of the western style Tibetan food.
Address: 20 Barkhor Street, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Barkhor Cafe Lhasa Barkhor Cafe

Lhasa Ta Gol Ka Ling Restaurant
Ta Go Ka Ling Restaurant is at the west side of Potala Palace. There are several Tibetan restaurants at the food of Potala Palace and the most attractive one is the Ta Gol Ka Ling Restaurant. It has fancy decor in Tibetan styles and authentic Tibetan food. It is also a nice place to enjoy the Potala Palace night face. The Chang is produced by this restaurant it self. Other Tibetan teas and drinks are worth a try in Ta Gol Ka Ling Restaurant.
Lhasa Ta Gol Ka Ling Restaurant Lhasa Ta Gol Ka Ling Restaurant

Lhasa Snow God Palace
Snow God Palace is next to Potala Palace by the west side wall. It is one of the top-grade restaurants in Lhasa. Specialties in this restaurant are Yak Tongue, Steamed Yak Pith with aweto, Snowland Jemmy, Stir-fried Sheep Lungs and so on. It is very convenient to the Snow God Palace. Here tourist can appreciate another appearance of Tibet. All the waiters are Tibetan girls. There are varied and real Tibetan dishes for choice.
Lhasa Snow God Palace Lhasa Snow God Palace

Lhasa Kitchen in Lhasa  
Lhasa Kitchen is opposite the Snowland Hotel on the second floor led by cockle stairs. There is a shopping counter in this restaurant where there are lots of chocolates of western brand names. It gives priority to Tibetan flavors, but it also serves nice Indian, Nepalese, Chinese and Italian flavors. There are many snacks too. As Lhasa Kitchen is very popular, if you unwilling to wait for a long time, you would better order in advance.
Address: 3 Zangyiyuan Dong Lu, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Kitchen in Lhasa Lhasa Kitchen in Lhasa

Lhasa Namaste Restaurant in Lhasa
Lhasa Namaste Restaurant serves Tibetan, Nepalese, Indian, Chinese and Western food. It is on the second floor, near the theater hall and at the opposite of the Jokhang Temple in Barkhor Market. Taking seats by the window can enjoy a wonder full of the Barkhor Market. The range and quality of the food is outstanding as well as the service. The waiters can speak English and are friendly. The owner of Lhasa Namaste Restaurant is a charming sir- Mr. Jampa. This restaurant gives travelers a feeling of at home.
Address: 30 Yutuo Lu, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Namaste Restaurant in Lhasa Lhasa Namaste Restaurant in Lhasa

Lhasa Selfhome Tibetan Specialties Restaurant
Selfhome Tibetan Specialties Restaurant is opposite the China Netcom Business Hall on Baer Ku Lu. This restaurant with elegant ambience is divided into two layers. The first floor is totally decorated in Tibetan flavor. Its upper floor sets up Tibetan style loge and open air terrace. The open air terrace in the second floor is often a popular place. This restaurant mainly deals in all kinds of Tibetan cuisine.
Lhasa Selfhome Tibetan Specialties Restaurant Lhasa Selfhome Tibetan Specialties Restaurant

Lhasa Anand Restaurant
Lhasa Anand Restaurant located in Lhasa Mintai Hotel on Yu Tuo Lu is a Tibetan decor restaurant. The holder of this restaurant is a Nepalese. Lhasa Anand Restaurant serves Tibetan cuisine, Chinese dishes, Western food and Nepalese food.
Lhasa Anand Restaurant Lhasa Anand Restaurant

Lhasa Highland Restaurant and Bar
Highland Restaurant and Bar is small, but it is nicely decorated in traditional Tibetan styles. All the table cloth is in strip patterns. Their chairs are dark-red wooden ones with delicate carves. The walls are most special, drawn with unique mystery designs. The Highland Restaurant and Bar serves both Tibetan food, snacks and Western-style food. The food there is tasty.
Lhasa Highland Restaurant and Bar Lhasa Highland Restaurant and Bar

Lhasa Kyichu Restaurant
Kyichu Restaurant is the restaurant of Kyichu Hotel. Kyichu Hotel is a two-star hotel in Lhasa. There open air Kyichu Garden Restaurant has umbrella tables in green courtyard lawn. It serves a wide range of continental, Tibetan, western, Indian food and so on. There is a small library of books and rare Lhasa commodities.
Address: Jiqu Fandian, Barkhor, Lhasa, Tibet, China
Lhasa Kyichu Restaurant Lhasa Kyichu Restaurant

Lhasa Traveler Bar
Traveler Bar is on the Tibetan Hospital Road next to a hotel. This bar has two rooms. Its entrance is a three-layer sidestep with wooden armrest by two sides. Waiters in this bar almost all are local Tibetan girls. As soon as people enter the bar, they will see the ox-head specimen hanging on the wall. And there are two red T-shirt on the wall. The benches and wooden tables is simple but attractive. There is a shelf in the wall where there are many books about the Tibet.
Lhasa Traveler Bar Lhasa Traveler Bar

Lhasa Backpacker Bar
Backpacker Bar often is packed with Indian and Nepalese music. This bar located on Beijing Road Middle just as lots of other bars. Backpacker Bar provides varied Tibetan food and drinks. The wall is full of pictures. If guests has portable computer, they can enjoy the internet of this restaurant for free. In Backpacker Bar, there are many useful types of equipment such as CD-R, CD writer, scanner and printer. Famous foods in this restaurant are Tibetan Beef Pancake, Yak Yoghourt, and many other dishes.
Lhasa Backpacker Bar Lhasa Backpacker Bar

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