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Lanzhou Travel Guide
Geographical Position
Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province. Lanzhou is situated on the upper course of the Yellow River, where the river emerges from the mountains. Lanzhou is also a major stop on the Silk Road.

There are 5 Districts and 3 Counties in Lanzhou. The total area of Lanzhou is 13,271 square kilometers.

Lanzhou is home to a population of 3.14 million, in which ethnic minorities occupy 3.6 percent of the total population.

There are 36 ethnic minorities in Lanzhou, including Han, Hui, Dongxiang, Tibetan, Sala, Bao”an, etc.

Lanzhou City was an important town on the Silk Road in ancient times. Human beings have been lived here since 5, 000 years ago. The city used to be called the Golden City.
The Silk Road has left many historical interests and splendid cultures in Lanzhou which attract many tourists both home and abroad to come here. Now Lanzhou are making its effect to connect the West with the East, the North with the South of China.

Located inland, Lanzhou is in the temperate zone and enjoys a semi-dry climate. It is dry with sufficient sunshine. The best season of Lanzhou is from May to October when the temperature is most suitable.

Major Attractions
Yellow River, Maiji Caves, Five Spring Mountain Park, Gansu Province Museum, White Pagoda Park, Waterwheel Garden

Lanzhou Shopping
Lanzhou Shopping

Lanzhou used to be a booming commercial town along the Silk Road in ancient times. Nowadays, Lanzhou is still a good shopping center in Gansu Province with a large amount of handicrafts and local specialties.
There are numerous department stores throughout Lanzhou, such as Gansu Antique Shop, Gansu Art Service Store, Overseas Tourist Department Store, Lanzhou Minbai Department Store, Guofang Baisheng Shopping Center, etc. You will find something that interests you from these department stores.

Lanzhou Dining
Lanzhou Dining

Influenced by the customs of Hui Nationality and the Tibetan Ethnic Minorit, food in Lanzhou is different from that of central China and eastern China. Lanzhou enjoys a high prestige for its wide variety of snacks. What”s more, various Chinese cuisines and delicious western food are also available in Lanzhou. You can not miss them.

Lanzhou Weather
Lanzhou Weather

Situated in the middle of the Gansu Province, Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province, has a history of more than 2,000 years. Lanzhou is an inland city of Northwest China which belongs to a typical temperate, semi-arid continental monsoon climate.
Lanzhou is dry with sufficient sunshine. Lanzhou has an average annual temperature of 8.9 Celsius degree, and an average annual precipitation of 331mm.

Lanzhou Nightlife
Lanzhou Nightlife

Despite the outlying location of Lanzhou situates, Visitors may find various entertainments at night in Lanzhou. Lanzhou is one of the better places to view traditional Chinese opera except Beijing, including the local Gansu Opera (Long Ju), Henan Opera (Yu Ju), Shanxi Opera (Qin Ju), and Peking Opera.

Lanzhou Attraction
Lanzhou Attraction

Situated on the upper Yellow River, Lanzhou used to be a vital city on the Silk Road. As the only provincial city the Yellow River flowing through, Lanzhou is abundant with tourist attractions.
Most of the attractions in Lanzhou are along the Yellow River, such as Yellow River Mother Sculpture, Waterwheel Garden, Shifogou National Forest Park, White Pagoda Park, Gansu Provincial Museum, and so on.

Lanzhou Transportation
Lanzhou Transportation

Situated in northwestern China, Lanzhou is the geographic center of China. As the capital of Gansu Province, Lanzhou enjoys an advanced transport network and is generally thought of as one of the most important railway and airport center. Lanzhou is also an important transit point for travelers going Xinjiang, Ningxia, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia.

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