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Kashgar Attraction
It is said that you haven"t been to Xinjiang unless you have been to Kashgar. Kashgar is quite different from other cities of China. If you go to Kashgar for natural beauty, you will be disappointed. Kashgar is a place that is frequently visited for its historical interest ranther than natural beauty.

As one of the oldest but richest oasis at the west end of China. Kashgar is well known as a tourist destination. There are many tumuli and ancient buildings of Islam and Buddhism in and around Kashgar.

Abakh Khoja Tomb
Abakh Khoja Tomb, which is located at five kilometers northeast of Kashgar, is an important the protection site of cultural relic of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Abakh Khoja Tomb was first built in 1640 or so. As the tomb of descendants in Islam, Abakh Khoja Tomb is an ancient Islamic building nestles. It is said that 72 persons of five generations in one family were buried in the tomb, among whom is Abakh Khoja.
Abakh Khoja Tomb consists of five parts: a gate tower, a chapel, a large worship temple, a hall for learning scripture and a tomb chamber. The tomb chamber is mighty and splendid. The walls of this chamber are decorated by green marble bricks with yellow and blue tiles enchased among them. The gate of the tomb is located to the south of the chamber.
In China, Abakh Khoja Tomb has a more popular name "Tomb of Xiang Fei." Legend has it that Iparhan, a descendant of Abakh Khoja, exuded an enchanting fragrance without using any perfume, hence the name Xiang Fei.
Admission Fee: 30 Yuan
Opening Hours: 08:50— 20:00
Abakh Khoja Tomb Abakh Khoja Tomb

Karakul Lake
Karakuri Lake, which is situated at the foot of Mount Muztagata, is 191 kilometers from Kashgar city.
With 3,600 meters above the sea level, Karakuri Lake is 30 meters deep and 10 square kilometers. People like Karakuri Lake because of the unreal scenery and the clarity of its reflection in the water, whose color ranges from a dark green to azure and light blue.
Karakuri Lake is an unspoiled natural paradise with breath-taking natural scenery. The crystal water reflecting the surrounding mountains, peaks and blue sky and clouds is stunningly beautiful. Karakuri Lake is surrounded by mountains with snow and ice.
There are yurts and frame houses of Tajik ethnic group providing rooms and board for visitors at the lakeside. You can also go out on the small rafts and enjoy yourselves on the lake. Local people there are friendly and hospitable. August and September are the best months to go to Karakuri Lake.
Admission Fee: 50 Yuan
Opening Hours: 08:00 –17:00
Karakul Lake Karakul Lake

Id Kah Mosque
"Id Kah" means "a place of praying and celebrating in festivals". Id Kah Mosque, which is located at the west side of Id Kah Square of Kashgar, is one of the largest mosques in China. Id Kah Mosque is in an Islamic style with strong religious features. Id Kah Mosque was built in 1442. Id Kah Mosque consists of a gate tower, a courtyard, a doctrine-teaching hall and a big Hall of Prayer. The gate of the mosque is built by yellow bricks. The Hall of Prayer, which contains three parts, is built on a high platform. Id Kah Mosque houses nearly 10,000 worshippers every Friday. It is a sacred religious place as well as a place for celebrating important festivals.
Admission Fee: 15 Yuan
Opening Hours: 08:50 –10:00
Id Kah Mosque Id Kah Mosque

Stone City
Xinjiang Stone City, which is located in the north of Tashkurgan County, is the junction of middle road and south road of ancient Silk Road. The Stone City was abandoned by the government in the late Qing Dynasty. With the wall more than 20 meters, the sea level of the Stone City is 3,700 meters.
You can go there and enjoy the view of the ruined city, the surrounding grasslands, mountains, rivers and even the flavor of national traits of the Tajik people. The Tajik people are very friendly, and you can find a family to live and pay some money before you leave. Then will entertain you warmly.
Tips: You need a frontier pass to go to the Stone City, so you had better prepare a letter of introduction written by your company before your journey.
Stone City Stone City

Kashgar Old Town
With a history of more than 2,000 years, Kashgar Old Town is situated in the center of Kashgar city. With the square kilometers of 4.25, the population of the old town is 126,800, all of whom are Muslims. Kashgar Old Town is the only town with Islamic character and in maze-design.
Inside the town, are those hundreds-year-old, most of which are two or three-storyed simple architecture. Each house is equipped with a courtyard, some are big while some are small. For the sake of safety, do not be away from your group and tour guides and climb those staircases alone when traveling there.
Nowadays, people in the old town still scrupulously abide by the traditional custom and the old houses. You could never find a place like this at anywhere of the world.
Kashgar Old Town Kashgar Old Town

Kashgar Grand Bazaar
Bazaar is Uygur language, meaning market and trade place. Kashgar Grand Bazaar, whose full name is "the large international trade market of Central and Middle Asia", is located at the east bank of Tuman River.
Taking up an area of 41 acres, composed of 21 specialized markets including over 4,000 fixed booths and a food street. Kashgar Grand Bazaar is the largest garden aggregate market of Kashgar. You can enjoy and buy various things such as handicrafts, livestock, local specialties, vegetables, coat, and many other kinds of things from Kashgar Grand Bazaar.
By the way, Sunday is the best time for a visit.
Bus Routes: buses of No. 17 and No. 20
Kashgar Grand Bazaar Kashgar Grand Bazaar

Three Immortals Buddhist Caves
Ten kilometers away north to Kashgar City, the Three-Immortal Caves are situated on a cliff of the south shore of the Bo Shi Ke Ran River. The three caves, which were carved at the end of Han Dynasty, are 20 meters down to the bottom of the cliff and 8 meters from the cliff top.
The three caves are west cave, middle cave and east cave. Every cave has its own rectangular entrance, with the middle of 2.25-meter height and 2-meter width, while the other two of 2-meter height and 1-meter width. Every cave is composed of a big front chamber and a small rear chamber, the rear chamber being half the size of the front one. There is a seated statue of Sakyamuni in the rare chamber of the middle cave. There are various kinds of josses on the wall of the front chamber of the east cave.
Three Immortals Caves have attracted tourists from all round the world. But it is a dangerous place for people to reach. You had better not go there.
Three Immortals Buddhist Caves Three Immortals Buddhist Caves

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