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Jiuzhaigou Weather
Jiuzahigou is a county located in west part of China and north of Sichuan province. It belongs to warm, semiarid and cold monsoon climate. Jiuzhaigou Nature Park with altitude from 1980 meters to 3100 meters gets humid altiplano climate. The peaks of mountains in Jiuzhaigou are covered by snow all the year round. Jiuzhaigou climate features short summer, long winter and great differences in temperature during day and night. There are distinct differences between upper land and low land. The annual average temperature is about 13℃ and annual sunlight is 1636 hours, and the annual rainfall is around 600 mm. There is no broiling weather of summer in Jiuzhaigou, so it is a good summer resort. There is as well no freezing winter in Jiuzhaigou. There coldest month is January with average temperature of 2.5℃. The hottest month of Jiuzhaigou is July with average temperature of 17℃.
Temperature in fall is low and changeable between 9℃-18℃, and there will be frozen earth and melting snow in April; temperature of summer rises quickly and is stable, but the it is cool at night because of rainy season; the air temperature pelters in fall and the difference in temperature between day and night can reach to 10-15℃; there is snow in winter, but there is also much sunlight and the temperature is only about 0℃, not so cold.
The ecosystem inside Jiuzhaigou Nature Park is integrated. There are plenty life-form resources and abundant peculiar nature sights. Besides, there are different sceneries of every kind about Jiuzhaigou for four seasons.
The most spectacular scenery of Jiuzhiagou is in fall!
Jiuzhaigou Location: 32°54' -33°19' North Latitude, 103°46' -104°04' East Longitude

Jiuzhaigou Travel Tips by Seasons
Spring Tips of Jiuzhaigou Tour:
The snow of winter starts melting during the middle ten days of March. During the snow melting period, the roads become slippery. Tourists should wear slip-proofing shoes. Every thing comes to at that time and Jiuzhaigou begins to show up some green of spring. Jiuzhaigou spring is from Mark till the end of May. There is strong sunlight in Jiuzhaigou because of the plateau landscape there. It is not cold in Jiuzhaigou spring, but the ultraviolet radiation is strong. Our tourists should take thin coats and sweaters along with them. Then, girls should better bring with their sun blocks (lotions).
Summer Tips of Jiuzhaigou Tour:
Jiuzhaigou summer time starts from June and ends in August. At that time every where of Jiuzhaigou is green. Summer is also the rainy season of Jiuzhaigou. There will be suddenly rain there. The rain will not last very a long time. So, if you are traveling there in summer and come across the rain, you need not worry about it. The scenery of Jiuzhaigou becomes clearer after the rain, so it will be the best time for taking photos. Jiuzhaigou is not hot in summer except those places blazed down by sun. The wearing tips are T-shirts, dusts coat and jeans. It is nice and cool during early morning and evening, so a dust coat is a wise decision too. At last, you should not miss your sunglasses, sunbonnet, sun lotion and umbrella.
Fall Tips of Jiuzhaigou Tour:
Jiuzhaigou enjoys its most beautiful appearance in fall. Most people regard the fall of Jiuzhaigou as the most spectacular scenery among all four seasons. Yes, it is true! The maple leaves have changed their color. The read maple leaves reflect with the green and blue water. You will be surprising of the masterpiece by nature! The difference in temperature between day and night is bigger. In fall, you should bring with thin sweater and thick coat to Jiuzhaigou.
Winter Tips of Jiuzhaigou Tour:
Generally, Jiuzhaigou Nature Park enters into winter at the end of October. And winter is long there lasted until March of next year. In winter, Jiuzhaigou Nature Park is snowy from time to time. Jiuzhaigou is covered by snow and turns into a pure white world. White is the theme color in winter of Jiuzhaigou. When you make your itinerary to Jiuzhaigou in winter, you should wear down coat or thick coat, trousers, shoes and do not forget to wear a hat.

Here are the details of rainfall, max temperature and min temperature in each month.
Monthly Weather Summery (Monthly Average Data)




Rain  in (mm)

Rainy Days

Sunlight (h) 


49.1 (9.5)

36.32 (2.4)

0.29 (7.3)




51.98 (11.1)

39.56 (4.2)

0.41 (10.3)




61.16 (16.2)

46.58 (8.1)





70.88 (21.6)

54.86 (12.7)

1.83 (46.6)




78.8 (26.0)

75.02 (62.96)

3.43 (87.1)




82.04 (27.8)

68.36 (20.2)

4.05 (102.8)




85.28 (29.6)

71.6 (22.0)

9.07 (230.5)




85.46 (29.7)

70.88 (21.6)

8.81 (223.7)




77.18 (25.1)

65.12 (18.4)

5.18 (131.5)




69.08 (20.6)

58.1 (14.5)

1.55 (39.4)




60.08 (15.6)

48.56 (9.2)

0.65 (16.5)




51.44 (10.8)

39.56 (4.2)

0.20 (5.0)



Jiuzhaigou Weather Forecast

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