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Jiuzhaigou Yummy Food (what to eat in Jiuzhaigou)
There are two most important things to do when traveling to Jiuzhaigou. The first one of course is sightseeing as the wonderful and supernatural sceneries are so famous. Then the second thing to do is to enjoy flavorful and savory Jiuzhaigou local food. Jiuzhaigou is famous for Tibetan food, Sichun spicy and hot snacks and milk products.

Stewed Whole Duck with Aweto in Jiuzhaigou
Early from Ming Dynasty, Sichuan people had created medicinal food. The medicinal food is not as bitter as the medicine. But, it has the same function as the medicine. In this way, the medicinal food becomes acceptable food and medicine popular in both palace and civil tables. The Stewed Whole Duck with Aweto is one of the medicinal dishes. Stewed Whole Duch with Aweto is made of costly Chinese traditional medicine-aweto and old whole duck. After getting rid of duck harslet and clean it, using a nibbed chopstick to prick many apertures in length of 3 to 5 centimeters. Then foist the awetos with the worm part into apertures. At last stew the duck together with walnut kernel and medlar, and also together with other ingredients for one to two hours. Stewed Whole Duck with Aweto is not only palatable but also the choice cordial.
Stewed Whole Duck with Aweto in Jiuzhaigou Stewed Whole Duck with Aweto in Jiuzhaigou

Steamed Pullet with Chuan Fritillaria in Jiuzhaigou
Fritillaria is an expensive medicinal plant out of the top drawer. Pullet is a good food for those persons who are scraggy. There are two categories of fritillaries in Jiuzhaigou named Chuanbei and Zibeimu. The fritillaries have functions of eliminating heat from the lungs and treating emptysis and other diseases. When cooking the Steamed Pullet with Chuan Fritillary, we need firstly to clean the pullet and put it into boiled water to get rid of blood. Then, steam the pullet together with fritillaria and some yellow wine for two hours. In fact, the best chook material for cooking this medicinal dish is: Chinese monal pheasant. The Chinese monal pheasant inhabit in mountainous areas (altitude from 3000-4900 meters) in western part of Sichuan. Chinese monal pheasants are especially fond of the rare Chinese traditional medicine material-the fritillaria.
Steamed Pullet with Chuan Fritillaria in Jiuzhaigou Steamed Pullet with Chuan Fritillaria in Jiuzhaigou

Soup of Cattle Harslet of Jiuzhaigou
On the way to Jiuzhaigou, out tourists will pass through a county named Songpan. Songpan is also the gateway to Jiuzhaigou Valley at the north. Major resident of Songpan are Tibetan, Qiang, Han and Hui. Cattle-harslet soup is the local famous food in Songpan. All the way in Songpan, you will find all most all eateries are writing "fresh cattle-harslet soup" (of course in Chinese). This soup is decocted by slow fire in white color. Soup of battle harslet taste savory and full of aroma. The beef and harslet are tender and toothsome too.
Soup of Cattle Harslet of Jiuzhaigou Soup of Cattle Harslet of Jiuzhaigou

Pickled Vegetables with Sliced Noodles in Jiuzhaigou
Pickled Vegetables with Sliced Noodles (Suan Cai Mian Kuai in Chinese) is a dish full of strong Tibetan flavor. It is also the traditional supper for Tibetan people. People who have been a guest in a Tibetan family will tell us that he/she is served the picked vegetables with sliced noodles. Yes, Suan Cai Mina Kuai in Tibetan families is often served for guests. Pickled Vegetables with Sliced Noodles is not only popular among Tibetan race of Jiuzhaigou, but also is very delicious and appetitive. It also has the function of improving digesting. Apart from all these advantages, the Pickled Vegetables with Sliced Noodles in Jiuzhaigou can accelerate perspiration, and prevent and cure cold. The main material of Jiuzhaigou Pickled Vegetables with Sliced Noodles is pickled vegetables. Then other materials are bacon or fresh yak meat together with sliced noodles, white potato, salt, chive and other seasonings. Pickled Vegetables with Sliced Noodles as one of the representatives of Jiuzhaigou dining, you should not miss it.
Pickled Vegetables with Sliced Noodles in Jiuzhaigou Pickled Vegetables with Sliced Noodles in Jiuzhaigou

Young Leaves of Bracken in Jiuzhaigou
Bracken is a genus of wild plant growing in mountains. This dish is rare to find in big cities. In Jiuzhaigou, you can find it on tables. What they have are the young leaves of the bracken. And the bracken young leaves can be stir-fried and made into cold dish. Both of these two cooking methods are okay. For example, the young leave of bracken can be stir-fried with bacon, chilli, shredded pork and so on. Bracken dishes boast not only fresh and slithery taste, but also high nutrition value. It contains multi-vitamins and minerals which are several even over ten times of usual vegetables. Young leaves of bracken from mountains have been taken as a kind of local special dish in Jiuzhaigou. It is popular among tourist of Jiuzhaigou. Apart from being made into both stir-fried dish and cold dishes, the young leaves of bracken have as well been pulverized into powder. Tourists can bring the bracken powder home too!
Young Leaves of Bracken in Jiuzhaigou Young Leaves of Bracken in Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou Ginseng Fruit Rice
Ginsengfuit Rice is regarded as a lucky food by Tibetan Minority of China. The Tibetans will have this rice first of all other food during festivals especially the Spring New Year Festival. Main materials of Jinseng Fuit Rice are rice, ginseng fruit, white sugar and butter tea. Ginseng fruit is rich of sugar, protein, aminophenol, and multivitamin The Ginseng Fruit Rice made by Tibetans of Jiuzhaigou is cooed by ways as: boil ginseng fruits till they are cooked; put the cooked ginseng fruits on rice (also cooked); then sprinkle some refined sugar on rice; at last water tome scalding butter tea on rice. As the Tibetan name of ginseng fruit means "boundless longevity", Ginseng Fruit Rice in Jiuzhaigou also called "Longevity Rice".
Jiuzhaigou Ginseng Fruit Rice Jiuzhaigou Ginseng Fruit Rice

Jiuzhaigou Yak Meat
The meat of yak after pickled can be made into dishes and snacks. The pickled yak meat is often made into nice cold dishes. Yaks live in tableland of Jiuzhaigou in Songpan, Sichuan. The yak meat with wonderful aroma has taste from nature. The fresh yak meat can also been cooked into delicious dishes. The stir-fried yak meat is a popular dish in Jiuzhaigou. Yak meat in this dish looks like hard, but the taste in fact is tender and yummy.
Jiuzhaigou Yak Meat Jiuzhaigou Yak Meat

(Pig or Sheep) Blood Sausage of Jiuzhaigou
Many people like to make the pig or sheep blood into soup. But Tibetan of Jiuzhaigou does not have the pig or sheep blood by just boiling them. What they do is to fill them in small intestines to make into sausage. In Jiuzhaigou, the blood sausage is not only filled with blood but also other materials such as yak meat, spices and seasonings. The blood sausage belongs to top grade recipes among Tibetan cookbook. And the Tibetan often use it to entertain VIP guests. Blood sausage boasts high status in Tibetan food. Blood sausages are full of nutrition and tender in taste with faint scent.
Blood Sausage of Jiuzhaigou Blood Sausage of Jiuzhaigou

Tsampa and White Potato Tsampa of Jiuzhaigou
Tsampa is the stable and the most important diet of the Tibetans. It is a kind of flour made from roasted barley, pea or oat. Tsampa is a kind of cooked food, so it is convenient to take along with. Tsampa is the ideal food for Tibetans with low price and high quality in back country areas. White potato tsampa is one of the most special foods of Jiuzhaigou. It is difficult to find the white potato tsampa from hotels, but you can find them from street booths. White potato tsampa is the stable diet with major material of white potato. The white potatoes are firstly steamed and then pounded into paste. It can be boiled with pickled vegetables or deep-fried with salt, chilli sauce, honey or other seasonings.
Tsampa and White Potato Tsampa of Jiuzhaigou Tsampa and White Potato Tsampa of Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou Chuanchuanxiang
Chuanchuanxiang in fact is another form of hotpot (chaffy dish or steamboat). It is a popular street food in Sichuan. Everywhere of Jiuzhaigou, you can also find them. The materials of Chuanchuanxiang are sliced on skewers. When having Chuanchuanxiang, you need to cook the sticks which are full of food in a simmering pot. Typical Chuanchuanxiang ingredients include thinly sliced meat, leafy vegetables, sausages, hams, mushrooms, tofu, noodles and seafood, etc. Nowadays almost everything edible can be made into Chuanchuanxiang. Major differences between Chuanchuanxiang and hot pot is Chuanchuanxiang is in sliced-links and usually eaten by sticks. You can walk at the same time have Chuanchuanxiang, while the real hot pot need to have on tables.
Jiuzhaigou Chuanchuanxiang Jiuzhaigou Chuanchuanxiang

Jiuzhaigou Milk Products
People of Jiuzhaigou are found of breeding milch cows. So there is plenty of milk in Jiuzhaigou. There is an unfailing supply of milk in Jiuzhaigou. People of jiuzhaigou also like to make the fresh milk into all kinds of milk products. Therefore, there are many milk products in market of Jiuzhaigou. Their major edible milk products in daily life are cheese, Naizha (milk sediments), creme, ghee and acidophilus milk. These milk products are popular snacks in Jiuzhaigou and even the whole Sichuan province.
Jiuzhaigou Milk Products Jiuzhaigou Milk Products

Jiuzhaigou Mineral Water
Fountains are continuous for over 50 km in Jiuzhaigou. Every where of lake side or forests, there are fountains with welling up water all four seasons. Jiuzhaigou is rich in high quality mineral water. Jiuzhaigou table water is pure natural and rich in minerals.
Jiuzhaigou Mineral Water Jiuzhaigou Mineral Water

Ghee Tea (Butter Tea)
Tibetan can not live without tea. Tea can be processed into many different styles. The most popular tea in Tibet is butter tea, sweet tea and pure tea. There was no tea in Tibet Plateau originally. According to historical materials, Tibetan tea prevailed from the trade between Songtsan Gampo and Tang Dynasty. Butter tea is a beverage in Tibet with abundant nourishment. At the fastigium of the world, no matter you are sharp-set or foredone, as soon as you drink a cup of the Tibetan butter tea, you will get back power all over and become energetic in the turn of a hand. In winter, after you dinked the butter tea, you will feel warm from heat to foot. Some people even said, the Tibetan butter tea can cure the ill body. Though it is exaggerate, it embodies the wonderful function of the tea. The Tibetan butter tea can lighten highland feedback. No matter guests from faraway or familiar friends, the hosts will send you a cup of butter as soon as you enter the house. The guest needs to dip some tea with the ring finger of the right hand and lift the finger in the air to flip for three times before drinking.
Ghee Tea (Butter Tea) Ghee Tea (Butter Tea)

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