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Jiuzhaigou City Guide
Jiuzhaigou is a narrow strip of lowland, four hundred kilometers long, in the Minshan Mountain Range in Nanping County, northeast Sichuan. It took its name because there are nine Tibetan villages in the valley. As it is a remote place with unusually charming scenery and few inhabitants, it is often called the "wonderland on earth." The valley, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, is covered with luxuriant primitive forests and dotted by more than a hundred lakes and ponds of various sizes. At the bottom of the clear blue lakes, stones and waterweeds twinkle in the sun, producing a rainbow of colors. As the valley is of a terraced topography, waterfalls are created between lakes on different levels, the biggest drop being over twenty meters. The roaring sound of the falls echoes through the valley.

The valley is home to a great variety of plants and rare animals, such as the giant panda, lesser panda, golden monkey, and antelope.

To develop tourism here, China plans to build a hotel with 50 beds, a restaurant, and other facilities. The valley will be divided into five scenic areas along a 54-kilometer route with five tourist service centers. The highway will be widened, and an airport will be built.

Jiuzhaigou Shopping
Jiuzhaigou Shopping

Jiuzhaigou is a county belonging to Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province of China. It is a Xanadu in world. In Jiuzhaigou such a beautiful area, tourists always want to buy some souvenirs or some special local products home. Places for shopping as many as those in big cities. But, from Jiuzhaigou you can buy the items which can not be found from large cities or other areas. In Jiuzhaigou, products for shopping are many rare medicinal materials and Chinese herbs. Except the medicinal materials and herbs, you can also buy some shading apples and handicrafts by minorities.

Jiuzhaigou Dining
Jiuzhaigou Dining

Restaurants in Jiuzhaigou scenery area are not as many as those in cities. With the development of tourism, you can enjoy all kinds of food from Jiuzhaigou as well. There are many local snacks and dishes (folk flavors) and food of the Han nationality. You can taste the famous Sichuan cuisine in Jiuzhaigou and then the Tibetan food and Qiang flavors. The best method of having the most authentic local tastes is to go to the home of indigene and eating with them. There are many cookshops and eateries in Jiuzhaigou entrance and Shuzhengzhai, Pengfengcun and Bian Bian Jie.

Jiuzhaigou Weather
Jiuzhaigou Weather

Jiuzahigou is a county located in west part of China and north of Sichuan province. It belongs to warm, semiarid and cold monsoon climate. Jiuzhaigou Nature Park with altitude from 1980 meters to 3100 meters gets humid altiplano climate. The peaks of mountains in Jiuzhaigou are covered by snow all the year round. Jiuzhaigou climate features short summer, long winter and great differences in temperature during day and night. There are distinct differences between upper land and low land. The annual average temperature is about 13℃ and annual sunlight is 1636 hours, and the annual rainfall is around 600 mm.

Jiuzhaigou Nightlife
Jiuzhaigou Nightlife

Jiuzhaigou is now belonging to its guests (tourists) no matter on daytime or at night. There are many activities at night in Jiuzhaigou. Nightlife of Jiuzhaigou is no longer lonely at all. You can watch unique performance in Jiuzhaigou Folk Art Center. You can take part in Guozhuang Dance and until enjoy youself to the full. You can also enjoy your time in bars, eateries, cafes and shops of Bianbianjie.

Jiuzhaigou Pictures
Jiuzhaigou Pictures

Jiuzhaigou attractions photos taken in popular sights of Jiuzhaigou.

Jiuzhaigou Attractions

Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

Jiuzhaigou Valley
The Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area is situated in the Minshan Mountains, 400 kilometers from downtown Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Jiuzhaigou is famous for its rolling mountains, dense forests, colorful lakes, steep waterfalls, and wide variety of birds and animals.

It is located at Songpan Ccounty of Aba Qiang Autonomous Region in Sichuan Province. In 1992, Huanglong was listed in the Wold Natural Heritage Directory by UNESCO. It was named after the ancient Huanglong Temple within the area. The most amazing view in the area is the Huanglong Valley known for its featuring open karst landscape.

Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

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