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Huangshan Nightlife
Several years ago, Huangshan nightlife is flat, even can be described as there is no nightlife in Huangshan. But, Huangshan is totally different nowadays. The nightlife of Huangshan becomes more and more colorful. You can watch shows in Huizhou Theater, hit bars in Tunxi Old Street or other places, and row a boat on Xinanjiang River. After the day time itinerary, you can go to Foot Massage to have a fully relax. If you are still full of energy, you can go to the disco, dance hall or try the hot activity in China- that is karaoke.

Huangshan Huizhou Theater
Huizhou Theater is a theater gathering Huizhou ancient architecture and modern building styles. Huizhou Theater is the largest establishment for conference which can serve exhibition or congress for over 1000 persons at one time. Huizhou Theater is an ideal place for experiencing Huizhou culture. Shows of Huizhou Theater are all-around from Huizhou Architecture, Huizhou Women, to Huizhou Culture and Huizhou Custom.
Address: 1 Qianyuan Road North, Huangshan, Anhui, China
Phone: 0559-2513072
Huangshan Huizhou Theater Huangshan Huizhou Theater

Huangshan Night Cruise on Xinanjiang River
Xinanjiang River, is the mother river of the ancient Huizhou, and is the cradle of Huizhou culture. Xinanjiang River made up of Lushui River, Hengjiang River and Jianjiang River is the watercourse leading to Hangzhou of Zhejiang. Xianjiang River so is reputed as the Silk Road on Water. If there is anything that you can enjoy, it is a night cruise on the Xianjiang River. You can stand on the yacht and feel the fleshing breeze blowing gently on your face. At the moment, you will be so relaxed and happy! Even if you have walking along the Xinanjiang River, it is also a nice choice to cruise on it at night as the lighting along the Xinanjiang River is charming. The cruise line is about 5 kilometers long on which you can not only enjoy the beautiful and quiet night view along or on river, but also can inebriate yourself in melodious zither music. What the tourists rides are varied such as archaized gaily-painted pleasure-boat, luxurious double deck yacht in Huizhou style, yacht, dragon-boat and canoe of ancient Huizhou…
Huangshan Night Cruise on Xinanjiang River Huangshan Night Cruise on Xinanjiang River

The Bar of Old Street Youth Hostel (Koala Bar)
This bar is one the second floor of Old Street Youth Hostel. The coffee of this bar is grinded immediately. The wines are imported from abroad. The tea is the authentic Chinese tea. As the Old Street is a living panorama of "Along the River during Qing Ming Festival" and in the bar there is a rank of lounge face the Old Street, it will make you be personally on the scene of ancient times. Address: 266 Tunxi Old Street, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui, China
Phone: 0559-2540388 2540399
The Bar of Old Street Youth Hostel The Bar of Old Street Youth Hostel

Huangshan Harbour Bar
Harbour is the stage of Huangshan at night. Huangshan is a city in fairy land and the Harbour Bar here is quite in harmony with this exquisite city and scenic. Harbour is a pure bar and it is really a good harbor for you when you are out all day. You can keep your soul and heart in Harbour of a short duration. If you are willing you can play your favorite disc and then you can lost in admiration of your own music to the top of your bent.
Phone: 0559-2522179
Address: 29 Tunxi Old Street Mid, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui, China
Huangshan Harbour Bar Huangshan Harbour Bar

Tianzhu Teahouse
Tianzhu Teahouse is a reputable teahouse of Huangshan. Tianzhu Teahouse gathers tea-making skill-show, food, guesthouse, and sauna, karaoke and so on. Tianzhu Teahouse with large scale is special in style. Vivid garden pattern will enable you comfortable. There are cloister, zigzag bridge, rockery, fountain in side. Tianzhu Teahouse is full of strong Huizhou traditional culture: couplet, calligraphy and painting, carved girder. Tianzhu Teahouse so is regarded as the preacher of Huizhou culture. It is a good place for chatting with several friends.
Phone: 0599-231787
Address: 3 Nanyuan Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui, China
Tianzhu Teahouse Tianzhu Teahouse

Karaoke Massage and Nightclub in Huangshan
Chinese people love to go to karaoke with some friends at night. Karaoke is very interesting as you can show your voice. Chinese people also like to invite their guests to KTV house. The biggest and best karaoke house is named Jinbihuihuang.
If you are tired, you should go to enjoy a wonderful massage, no matter it is foot massage or whole body massage. Both of them will make you refreshing.
There are many night clubs, dance halls and cafes in Huangshan too. What ever you choose, you will get surprise.
Karaoke Massage and Nightclub in Huangshan Karaoke Massage and Nightclub in Huangshan

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