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Hong Kong City Guide
Once described as a "barren rock" over 150 years ago, Hong Kong has become a world-class financial, trading and business centre and, indeed, a great world city. Hong Kong has no natural resources, except one of the finest deep-water ports in the world. A hardworking, adaptable and well-educated workforce of about 3.5 million, coupled with entrepreneurial flair, is the bedrock of Hong Kong"s productivity and creativity. Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People"s Republic of China on July 1.

The famous mountain Hengshan is in Hong Kong, it is one of the five holy mountains of Taoism. Hong Kong has been listed one of the hottest tourist cities in China, and the best time to visit Hong Kong is July and August.

Hong Kong Shopping
Hong Kong Shopping

Hong Kong always has the good name of "Shopping Paradise". No matter from aspect of price, variety or service, shopping in Hong Kong ranks at the top of the world at all times. Hong Kong is a free port, the goods are from everywhere of the world. Many products are free of duty, so the price is nice in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is the best place for gathering fashion in Asia. It always walks shoulder to shoulder with the world trend. What should be bought in Hong Kong? These things such as clothing, cosmetic, perfume, jewelry, diamond and watches can be added stars on the shopping list.

Hong Kong Dining
Hong Kong Dining

Hong Kong wins the great reputation of "The Culinary Capital of Asia" at all the time. Cuisine of Hong Kong is the combination of Western style and Chinese style. It is one of the great centers for international cooking. Here is a place gathering cate of every where. It is a bridge between East and West.

Exotic food and local traditional cuisine both struts their stuff. Food styles from Thai Land, Viet Nam, Indian and Singapore to France and Italian; and from Cantonese food, Si Chuan Cuisine to Peking food and Chiu Cow dishes, etc.

Hong Kong Weather
Hong Kong Weather

Hong Kong has a monsoon influenced humid subtropical climate. Just shoted of being a tropical wet-and-dry climate Hong Kong experiences distinct four seasons.

Hong Kong influenced by the subtropical cyclone has much typhoon and rain in summer. The annual average temperature is 22.8 °C, and the max temperature can reach 33 °C; the min temperature is 3 °C, and the mountain top is -3 °C. The annual rain fall of Hong Kong is 2224.7 mm.

Hong Kong Nightlife
Hong Kong Nightlife

Hong Kong as an internationalized metropolis, its nightlife is multicolored and pavonine. Hong Kong nightlife is distinctive and well known. Many tourists in Hong Kong can not only enjoy the wonderful night face of Hong Kong, but can also experience the nightlife styles. In Hong Kong nightlife, there are performances, bars, discos, KTV parties, clubs, teahouses and so on.

Life of Hong Kong actually belongs to night. During the daytime, this city is too busy to pay any attentions to its really life, nevertheless, at night Hong Kong comes around and turns up the charming face to welcome those lifeful persons.

Hong Kong Pictures
Hong Kong Pictures

Hong Kong  attractions photos taken in popular sights of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Attractions

HongKong Travel Guide

Victoria Peak
It is regarded as Hong Kong"s most featuring landmark. The Peak is also the residential place expected by most Hong Kong people. Situated on Hong Kong Island, It was only in 1888 that it became popular when the Peak Tramway was completed.

Repulse Bay
The Repulse Bay is the shallow sandy beach featuring Hong Kong. It is a long and broad beach with clean water, fresh sand, calm tide and gentle wave.

Stanley Market is the site to look for some silk garments, sportswear, art, Chinese costume jewellery etc with lots of interesting bargains. When you finish the shopping, you can take a rest at one of nice beaches nearby.

Ocean Park
If you are looking for a place to take the kids, or to unleash the kid in you, Ocean Park is a must.

Victoria Harbor
Victoria Harbour, one of the most popular travel tourist attractions in Hong Kong, is the harbour between the Kowloon Peninsula and the Hong Kong Island of Hong Kong, China.

Central District
It is the central area of Hong Kong Island. Every tourist to Hong Kong will like to visit or pass through Central District. Central is the center of all commercial activities in Hong Kong and most banks and multi-national companies have their offices here.

HongKong Travel Guide

Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront
It is situated at the southern tip of Kowloon Peninsula, it is divided from the Hong Kong Island by the Victoria Harbor. Hence there are many harbor front hotels facing the beautiful, world-renowned Hong Kong Island.

Mong Kok is a big shopping area especially for the youth market,where you can buy electronics. In Monh Kok, you will have the thrill of bargains.

Hong Kong Disneyland, the fifth Disneyland in the world was first open visitors on September 12, 2005. Disney Theme Park Hong Kong is located on a 310-acre Disney theme park on Lantau Island

In the past Aberdeen was only a fishing village. Now there are some commercial buildings and factories which have been constructed in this district in recent years.

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