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Hangzhou Popular Restaurants (where to eat in Hangzhou)
After the developing of tourism for many years, Hangzhou restaurants have absorbed culinary styles of various places, from other domestic cities to places abroad. Apart from the popular traditional dishes, many restaurants provide Shanghai food, Beijing flavors, Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese dishes, etc. There are widely selections of western-food too.

Lou Wai Lou Restaurant (Gushan)
Lou Wai Lou is an age-old restaurant since from 1848. As one of the most famous restaurant not only in Hangzhou but also in China, it locates at the southern foot of Gushan Mountain (Solitary Mountain) and is right at the heart of West Lake. It also boasts a history of over 150 years and many leaders and famous people all have given presences to Lou Wai Lou Restaurant.
In this restaurant you can enjoy the those most famous dishes of Hangzhou: West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy, the Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea Leaves, Dongpo Pork, and Beggar’s Chicken. Dining in Lou Wai Lou Restaurant you can enjoy delicacies and beautiful West Lake scenes at the same time.
Address: 30 Gu Shan Lu (Road), Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Phone: 0571-87969023 87969682
Lou Wai Lou Restaurant (Gushan) Lou Wai Lou Restaurant (Gushan)

Zhi Wei Guan
Zhi Wei Guan is a time-honored restaurant, as same as Lou Wai Lou and is one of the most famous restaurants of Hangzhou too. Logo of Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant was found in 1913 in Hangzhou. It is also a restaurant specializing in Hangzhou cuisine and all things doughy. Zhi Wei Guan is the most famous restaurant for Hanghzou snacks.
There are many Zhi Wei Guan in Hangzhou. The most popular branch is Wei Zhuang-Zhi Wei Guan on Yang Gong Di (West Lake bank). You can get excellent environment and wonderful view when you dine outside near the lake. Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant still keeps the tradition of order food by ticket.
Address: 10-12 Yang Gong Di (outside West Door of Hua Xiang Guan Yu), Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Phone: 0571-87970568 87971913
Zhi Wei Guan Zhi Wei Guan

Kui Yuan Guan Noodles Restaurant
If you want to taste the delicious noodles in south China, Hangzhou Kui Yuan Guan is an ideal choice. Kui Yuan Guan found in 1867, is a classic Hangzhou noodle shack and it claims as the "Noodles King of South China". Two most famous noodles Pain Er Chuan and Xia Bao Shan Mian both are from Kui Yuan Guan.
Address 1: 346 Wen Hui Lu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Phone: 0571-85303537
Address 2: 154 Jie Fang Lu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Phone: 0571-87028626
Kui Yuan Guan Noodles Restaurant Kui Yuan Guan Noodles Restaurant

Xi Hu Chun Tian / West Lake Spring
Xi Hu Chun Tian locates in a famous road full of restaurant and hotels with enjoyable environment. Xi Hu Chun Tian literally means West Lake Spring and backs on the famous West Lake. It is major famous for the Hong Kong style dim sum. Refined work, delicate taste and also quiet and beautiful surroundings enable Xi Hu Chun Tian gain high reputation in Hangzhou.
Address: 101-17, Nan Shan Lu, Shang Cheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Phone: 0571-87035551 87085551
Xi Hu Chun Tian West Lake Spring Xi Hu Chun Tian West Lake Spring

Longjing Manor
Longjing (Dragon Well Manor) has a very nice and poetic Chinese name "Long Jing Cao Tang". It seems like a residential house in a Garden. This restaurant covers over 12000 square meters, but it only sets only 7 separated and private rooms (balconies). All the furnishings inside are antiques from farmhouses.
It is said, materials of the dishes are purchased from farmhouses too. Local farmers are some-scale suppliers of vegetables or wild dish materials. The most particular thing is the customers do not get to order their food, and the catch or pick of the day is the only dish available. Monosodium glutamate is useless here and the chefs use soup instead of it. The food is superb-simple yet elegant and all natural. For each course, there will be a person giving explanations.
Longjing Manor is a Xanadu in modern world, and some people even driving from Shanghai to this restaurant. It takes about 2 -3 hours driving from Shanghai. Top-ranking service and top environment and high class food can be as the description of Longjing Manor.
Longjing Manor Longjing Manor

Wai Po Jia / The Grandma"s
Wai Po Jia is a famous restaurant-chain of Zhejiang, and now holds over 20 outlets. It is a very special restaurant with totally different decors in all these outlets. It has at lest five locations in Hangzhou, so it is easily to find. Wai Po Jia (the Grandma"s) mainly serves Hangzhou food and is now very famous in Hangzhou, even Zhejiang. The comprehensive picture menu is convenient for order food.
Wai Po Jia The Grandma s Wai Po Jia The Grandma s

900 Bowls Noodle Soup
900 Bowls Noodle Soup in Chinese is Jiu Bai Wan Lao Tang Mian. This is a chain store specialized in noodles of Hangzhou. 900 Bowls Noodle Soup is a local fast food chain restaurant. It is famous for noodles cooking, but this restaurant also serves delicious dim sum and other dishes. Many locals take noodles as the breakfast. You can also have a taste of the rice liquor.
900 Bowls Noodle Soup 900 Bowls Noodle Soup

Banana Leaf
Banana Leaf is a chain restaurant offering South-east Asian fare especially Thai food. Thai style gate is very striking. The decor inside is full of South-east Asian flavors. The menu of Banana Leaf is an experience of that. Its menu is in fact very interesting. It looks like a magazine with dishes, pictures of dishes and interlude pictures and information of Thailand culture, food, and architecture, etc. The menu is starkly a "Thailand Discovery" book.
What are fantastic in this restaurant? There are music performances, singers, dancers and the ambience is happy and active. Waiters are full of passion and the stuffs will be more than happy to drag you up for a swing around the floor.
Address: 1-2F Hua Qiao Fan Dian (Hotel), 39 Hubin Lu, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Phone: 0571-87072345
Banana Leaf Banana Leaf

A to Z C-afe
A cozy cabin with wooden chairs and tables and random but unique ornaments, all are the elements will attract you! There is a small bookshelf and you can kill the time by reading books and drinking coffee or eating cakes.
Address: 66 Huan Cheng Lu (W), Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Phone: 0571-85178182
A to Z C afe A to Z C afe

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