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Hangzhou Attraction
There is a popular saying: "Up above there is heaven, down below there are Hangzhou and Suzhou." That is to say, Hangzhou and Suzhou are the most beautiful places in the world.
Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province. It is also one of the most important industrial centers in China. Hangzhou is among the six oldest cities in China. Hangzhou is a world famous garden city, now a big tourist attraction in China. Hangzhou has many historical sites and scenic spots, including West Lake, and the scenic area around West Lake. It boasts of lots of local products, like silk, Xihu silk umbrellas, color-glazed porcelain, Longjing tea, and white chrysanthemum.

Hangzhou West Lake
West Lake is also called Xihu in Chinese. There are 36 lakes called Xihu in the ancient time of China, in which the most famous Xihu is Hangzhou Xihu.
Hangzhou West Lake is located to the west of Hangzhou, hence called "West Lake". The total water area of West Lake is 4.37 square kilometers. The average depth of West Lake is about 1.5 meters, with a maximum depth of 2.8 meters. The West Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces downtown Hangzhou on the fourth side. The scene of Hangzhou West Lake is different in different seasons.
Hangzhou West Lake is supposed to be the most beautiful place in Hangzhou, anyone who came to Hangzhou shouldn"t miss it.
Hangzhou West Lake Hangzhou West Lake

Ling Yin Temple
Lingyin (Souls Retreat) Temple is one of the most famous Buddhist Temples in China. It was constructed in 326 at the foot of Lingyin Mountain. The main hall is 33.6 meters in height. The main hall is one of China"s highest one-story buildings.
Ling Yin Temple has a long history. More than 1,600 years ago, Hui Li who was an Indian shaman came to Hangzhou and saw the rare and beautiful scenes. He considered the mountains retreated by souls. So a temple was built here, and gave the name "Ling Yin Temple" to it. The main sights in Ling Yin Temple are three Palaces, Fei Lai Feng and Yu Rong Dong. The three Palaces are: Palace of Tianwang Palace, Palace of Great Hero and Pharmaceutical Master Hall.
Admission Fee: 30 Yuan (Ling Yin Temple); 35 Yuan (Fei Lai Feng)
Opening Hours: 7:30—17:00
Ling Yin Temple Ling Yin Temple

Temple of General Yue Fei
The Temple of General Yue Fei was nestled in Yue Fei"s temple at the south foot of Xixia Mountain of Hangzhou City. The Temple of General Yue Fei is one of Hangzhou"s most popular site. Yuefei(1103—1142) was a well-known general in the war against the Jin invasion during the Southern Song Dynasty. But he was framed by Qin Hui who is the minister. In 1221, a memorial temple of Yue Fei was built here. The memorial temple has been destroyed and rebuilt for several times. The present structure contains a statue of Yue Fei which bears the phrase "endless loyalty and devotion to one"s country". In the yard, there are the tombs of Yue Fei and his son. In front of the Yue Fei tomb, there are four iron sculptures, including Qin Hui and other three plotters. All of them are in kneeing position, people wanted them to atone for their crime forever.
Admission Fee: 25 Yuan
Temple of General Yue Fei Temple of General Yue Fei

China National Silk Museum
Located at the southern bank of the West Lake, China National Silk Museum was first constructed and opened in February 1992. It covers a total area of over 10,000 square meters. The aim of the building such nationwide silk specialized museum is to show the world about the 5,000 years of silk development history in China. China National Silk Museum is the largest silk museum in the world.
There are seven exhibition halls in the China National Silk Museum: the Preface Hall, Silk Hall, the Silk Road Hall, Clothing Hall, Silkworm and Mulberry Hall, Dyeing Hall, and Weaving Hall.
¬¬China National Silk Museum is a good combination of culture, trade and tourism. It is also an educational base for people. Entrance Fee: Free
Opening Hours: 8:30—16:30
Bus Routes: No. 12, 809 and Tourism Bus No. 3
Tel: 0571-87062129
China National Silk Museum China National Silk Museum

Running -Tiger Spring

Running –Tiger Spring is also called Hupao Spring in Chinese. Since ancient times, the Dragon-Well Tea and the Hupao Spring water have been regarded as the "two wonders of the West Lake." The Running –Tiger Spring is nestled at the foot of the Baihe Peak (White Crane Peak) of Daci Mountain, 5 kilometers from the city of Hangzhou.
The rate of flow of Running –Tiger Spring is 43.2 to 86.4 cubic meters per day according to measurement. The water in Running –Tiger Spring is sweet and cool. Through the ages, visitors who came to Hangzhou all took the opportunity to have a taste at the Dragon-Well Tea with Hupao Spring water. Hupao Spring is open all year around.
Entrance Fee: 20 Yuan
Bus Routes : K4, K504 and Tourism Bus No. 5
Running Tiger Spring Running Tiger Spring

Qiantang River Tide
Qiantang River is the lagest river in Hanzgzhou, Zhejiang Province. Qiantang River Tidal Waves is the greatest tidal bore in the world. The Qiantang River Tidal Bore is caused by the mixed attraction of the moon and the sun for the sea and the special Hangzhou Bay. When the tide comes, The Qiantang River looks to be shaped like a trumpet at its mouth while flowing to Hangzhou bay. The tide rolls in as high as a huge wall, with its crest reaching 3.5 metres and dropping 8.9 metres. The best place to enjoy the wonder are Haining County and other places nearby, Xiaoshan and Haiyan, for instance. But you should be very careful when watching the tide. It may be very dangerous sometimes.
The best time to see the Qiantang River Tide is around August 18th in lunar calendar.
Qiantang River Tide Qiantang River Tide

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