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Special Local Dishes in Guilin (what to have in Guilin)
Guilin dishes are not as famous as its snacks but still boasting particular flavor and worthy a tasting. Some classical foods are also medicine food. In Guilin dishes, great attention is paid to aesthetic appreciation of the food because the food should be good not only in flavor and smell, but also in color and appearance.

Lingchuan Gou Rou
Gourou also called Diyang in Chinese is a famous special local food in Guilin and it is always prevailed there. The best Gourou (dog meat) is brown dog. Eating methods are varied: stewing, braised in brown sauce, cold and dressed with sauce in summer, cooking as chaffy dish in winter. Lingcuan Gou Rou is the most famous on in Guilin. Lingchuan Gourou is haven by self cooking in restaurant. The restaurant will provide their clients a small pan, some bean curds preserved vegetable and seasonings. Clients then followed the right process to stir fir Gou Rou. If you add some fermented bean curd, you will find it is more delicious. Lingchuan Gou Rou is a widely known dish in the north part of Guilin. With abundant nutrition and high contented protein, Linghchuan Gou Rou also has medicinal function.
Lingchuan Gou Rou Lingchuan Gou Rou

Duck Stewed with Ginkgo Seeds
This is a traditional nourishing food in Guilin. With tonic effect Duck Stewed with Ginkgo Seeds is a heading dish in restaurants. Main materials are old ducks and ginkgo seeds from counties of XingAn and Lingchuan. Ginkgo (maidenhair) is a deciduous, dioecious tree native to China and having fan shaped leaves. Its seeds are freshly yellowish olive shaped balls with a disagreeable ordor. As old duck and ginkgo seeds have the function relieving inflammation, it is not a flavorful menu but also a tonic dish.
Duck Stewed with Ginkgo Seeds Duck Stewed with Ginkgo Seeds

Whole Chicken Stewed with Gecko
This course is created by a superfine chef of Ronghu Restaurant. And he has been awarded the “Golden Awarding” in Chinese cooking contest. Chicken are adopted of spring chook. The whole chook (Sanhuang Ji in Chinese) is stewed in earthen bowel with a pair of geckoes. There are condiments of cassia pulp, sliced dams and others. When in cooking the earthen bowel is covered by sandpaper. It needs to strew by high temperature fire for two hours.
Whole Chicken Stewed with Gecko Whole Chicken Stewed with Gecko

Luohan Steamed Chicken
A large number of Guilin dishes are nourishing food. Luohan Steamed Chicken is another tonic dish. It is cooked by Snahuang chicken or black bone chicken. There are other materials of Engelhardtia roxburghiana (Huangqi) and Fllase AsiabelI Root Tangshen (Dang Cen). Both of Huangqi and Dancen are trasitioanl Chinese medicine. Besides black boned chicken is a nourishing food for lady. Special chicken, Chinese medicine and specialized steaming pot all are important parts to create the edible value of this dish.
Luohan Steamed Chicken Luohan Steamed Chicken

Stir Fried Diced Chicken with Chufa
Stir Fried Diced Chicken with Chufa is a famous traditional dish in Guilin. Main materials are diced chicken, Chinese mushroom and Guilin chufa. All sorts of seasonings will be added. Chufa is white and in round shape, chicken is tender and refreshing.
Stir Fried Diced Chicken with Chufa Stir Fried Diced Chicken with Chufa

Stir Fried Beef with Winter Bamboo Root
It is a nice dish for those beef fans. It is a frequent familiar food in Guilin. First is to chop beef into slices and pickled with saleratus, salt, source and farina. It need prepare a kind of thick soup which is mixed by salt, gourmet powder, pepper powder, sauce and farina. Winter bamboo root is also chopped into slices, and then quickly boiled in water. Before frying beef and bamboo root, some ingredients such as ginger, garlic and shallot should be firstly deep fried by vegetable oil. It is good to spleen and stomach.
Stir Fried Beef with Winter Bamboo Root Stir Fried Beef with Winter Bamboo Root

Duck Wrap Cooked by Lotus Leaf
The duck is wrapped by lotus leaf from Guilin suburb area. Materials are an entire duck, dried lotus leaf, diced pork muscle, cooked winter bamboo root, diced sweet taro, diced mushroom, string bean, and small shrimp. First step is to deep fry this whole duck which need to fry into goldern color. Duck should be fat and delicate, and lotus leaves are in green. It is tasty, smooth and tender. When eating, people can fell the fragrance from lotus leaves. Cooking is easy and fillings are in all sorts. It also has the effect of defend and contradict cancer.
Duck Wrap Cooked by Lotus Leaf Duck Wrap Cooked by Lotus Leaf

Baked Meat Steamed with Chufa
Baked Meat Steamed with Chufa is a sort of baked meat. Main materials are chufa, fresh meat and seasonings. The pork need to be pickled for 30 minutes. Backed Meat Steamed with chufa is “Mati Xheng Roubing” in Chinese. With refreshing crisp taste, it is the food suitable all over seasons.
Baked Meat Steamed with Chufa Baked Meat Steamed with Chufa

Pork Floss Stir Fry with Sweet Osmanthus Flower
Sweet osmanthus flower is very useful; it can be made into tea and can be also made into a dish. Pork floss is very delicious and very popular in China. We can find them in supermarket or eat them with bread. In Guilin pork floss is stir fried with sweet osmanthus flower, and it is much more tasty. Seeing those small and aroma flowers strewed in pork floss, you will let your self go to put them into mouth. Materials are osmanthus flower, lean meat, eggs and many ingredients. It is a regaling to go with wine.
Pork Floss Stir Fry with Sweet Osmanthus Flower Pork Floss Stir Fry with Sweet Osmanthus Flower

Roast Sucking Pig of Guilin
These sucking pigs are bred with general rice or sticky. That is the knack of enabling the sucking pig growing with tender and thin skin. Post Sucking Pig is a famous cuisine in restaurants of Guilin. Sucking pig is firstly baked by unique skills and suitable temperature, which is to make it done to a turn. Sucking pig will be toasted until the skin is bright and yellowish. Then chef chops them into slices and puts into plate. People can eat them with shallot, sauce or sugar. It has useful effect of improving the complexion! Girls do not hesitate any more to enjoy them when you are in Gulin.
Roast Sucking Pig of Guilin Roast Sucking Pig of Guilin

Boiled Beef with Polygonatum
Beef is from the cattle leg lean meat. Polygonatum (Yuzhu) is a Chinese medicine. Boiled Beef with Polygonatum is a medicine food. It is also a thick soup. Cooking methods are as follows: Firstly boiled the polygonatum in earthen pot. Then put beef and ginger into pot letting them boiled together. This soup is tonic and is beneficial to stomach.
Boiled Beef with Polygonatum Boiled Beef with Polygonatum

Candied Taro Fritters
Taro fritters in hot toffee is called candied taro. Taro is the famous local product: Lipu Taro. Taro after paring is rolled with egg white and fecula. Then by deep fried till in golden tint, the taro should be watered with liquid sugar (it is concocted by sugar candy, vinegar and water). Candied Taro Fritters should be enjoy before it is cold, and when in hot it is savory inside and crisp outside.
Candied Taro Fritters Candied Taro Fritters

Stir Fried Shredded Pork with Grapefruit Pericarp
This is a kind of organic food and healthy to body. Grapefruit is very famous in Yangshuo of Guilin, and its pericarp dish is also popular there. As the cooking way is easy, so it is frequent food. Families can cook at home. Grapefruit pericarp must be processed such as getting rid of the outside yellow skin, insolating to dry up, quick boiling in water and cleaning in eau douce. Stir fried with shredded pork is the last step.
Stir Fried Shredded Pork with Grapefruit Pericarp Stir Fried Shredded Pork with Grapefruit Pericarp

Suan Chao Gan Yu Zai
Dried small river fish stir fried with pickled vegetables such as vinegary bamboo root and pickled capsicum. Gan Yu Zai refers to those dried small fishes which live in river. The make of dried fish is firstly fumed and then drying by charcoal fire and sunshine. After quick frying dried fish pickled bamboo root and capsicum, people should put some Sanhua Wine (a famous local wine of Guilin) and braise them till the fish swelled.
Suan Chao Gan Yu Zai Suan Chao Gan Yu Zai

Li River Fish Cooked with Beer
The rising of the Li River Cooked with Beer was started from 80es of last century from Yangshuo. With the perfect uniting of Chinese and western culture, the diet style of Yangshuo also has shaped into new flavors. Li River Fish Cooked with Beer is the most representative. It adopts the fresh cyprinoid and grass carp from Li River. While the beer used for cooking is western famous drinking. The most famous place for this fish dish is “Da Pai Dang Restaurant” of Yanghsuo in Guilin.
Li River Fish Cooked with Beer Li River Fish Cooked with Beer

Quick Fried Shrimps of Li River
The clear Li River breeds shrimps with fresh and tender meat. Quick Fried Shrimps is another Li River dish compared to Li River fish and it is also a typical Guilin diet which can only find materials in Guilin. Main material is Li River shrimps and one of the important ingredients is Sanhua Wine. After tasting the shrimps you can feel out the sweet and liquid Li River water.
Quick Fried Shrimps of Li River Quick Fried Shrimps of Li River

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