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Special Local Products in Guangzhou (what to buy in Guangzhou)
What to buy from Guangzhou?Of course people are interested in the local special products and the famous ones. As Guangzhou is located in subtropics, it is rich in all kinds of fruits. There are more than 500 categories of fruits in Guangzhou. Besides, its litchi, banana, pawpaw and pineapple are the most famous fruits there. Carvings and potted plants (bonsai) of Guangzhou are also the famous local special products.

Bonsai of Guangzhou
When in Guangzhou you can find bonsai everywhere. Guangzhou is a city who loves Lingnan Bonsai. Lingnan Bonsai art is one of the five art genres in China. It takes trees, stones, etc as materials. After art processing and careful cultivation, the bonsai are reproducing natural scenic for people. The facture of Lingna bonsai often choose subtropical and tropical evergreen trees as bonsai. Stone materials in bonsai are corallites, calcite and others. Almost every family has bonsai. No matter how poor they are, they will put some bonsai home. Many families even export bonsai from other countries at high cost. There are bonsai in veranda, hall, garden, two sides of roads,,, There are many professional bonsai market too. A place named Guangzhou Xi Yuan is regarded as "Home of Bonsai". There converge all kinds of Lingnan bonsai. Tourists can have a visit or buy from there. In many scenic areas, there are bonsai exhibition and selling too.
Bonsai of Guangzhou Bonsai of Guangzhou

Woodcarvings of Guangzhou
Woodcarving is just one of the carvings in Guangzhou. It is famous for refinement and careful technics. Woodcarving can be divided into architecture decoration and furniture carving. Materials for architecture carvings are wood sticks. Doors, windows, folding screen and so on are all architecture carvings. The folding screens, girders, doors and windows of Guangdong Folk Art Museum embody the characteristics of Guangzhou woodcarving. Furniture carvings are famous for rosewood fitments and timber trunks. Rosewood furniture inheritss traditional Chinese carving and woodiness framework art. Some small carving craftworks are lovely and impressive. They are wonderful remembrances.
Woodcarvings of Guangzhou Woodcarvings of Guangzhou

Jade Carvings of Guangzhou
Jade Carving skill came into being in mid and later period of Tang Dynasty with more than 1000 years history. Jade Carvings mainly compose of jade ornaments and jade furnishings. Guangzhou people like jade articles very much and they believe jade articles are auspicious matters and also treat them as treasure. They also believe that jade can prevent people from disaster and illness. The jade article industry and selling were numerous in Qing Dynasty. Jade ornaments are made by rare emerald jade from Burma. Jade carving furnishings are characters, flowers, birds, bottles, jade balls, pagodas, stoves and so on. Especially the jade balls are very unique. Small balls inside big balls and each of them can run freely. Besides, these balls are carved with mountains, water, flowers, human beings, fishes and birds, etc. They jade ball carving is now having 20 layers (20 balls inside balls).
Jade Carvings of Guangzhou Jade Carvings of Guangzhou

Ivory Carvings of Guangzhou
According to the history record, Chinese ivory craftwork has a history of 3000 years. Guangzhou ivory carving turned up in Jin Dynasty about 2000 years ago. Ivory carvings of Guangzhou are characters, ornaments, landscape bonsai, flowers, birds and the four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink, stick, ink slab and paper). There is a Ivory Craftwork Company in Da Xin Road of Guangzhou. This factory was already famous both home and abroad in 60es and 70es of last century. Ivory carvings are not only appreciation articles but also utility products such as folding fan, lamp, cigarette holder, pencil vase, comb, chopsticks, bookmark, toothpick and Chinese chess etc. A great number of people to Guangzhou like to bring some ivory carvings because they are convenient taking and impressive.
Ivory Carvings of Guangzhou Ivory Carvings of Guangzhou

Colored Glazed Pottery of Guangzhou
Colored Glazed Pottery of Guangzhou in Chinese is "Guangzhou Cai Ci" and called "Guang Cai" for short. It is colored drawing in all kinds of white potteries and then fired into craftworks full of oriental features. Cuang Cai usually adopted Chinese brocade design is famous for flowery colors and is a unique genus of Chinese colored glazed pottery.
Zhi Jin Cai Ci is a noblest pottery. It is colored drawing golden pictures in white potteries and bake over a slow fire (fired in low temperature). Enamel potteries are the products in initial stages of Guang Cai. They featuring dignity and colourful was listed as the tributes for Qing Dynasty. Besides, some royal and noble from other countries sent officers to purchase these products specially.
Afterward colored glazed potteries were important export articles.
Guang Cai started from Ming Dynasty with tri-colored features. It developed into five colors till Qing Dynasty and began to form into unique art style. Gaung Cai has a history of more than 300 years. Above 20 colors are used in Guangzhou colored glazed potteries. The making of Guang Cai has seven procedures. Guang Cai products can de divided into display art potteries, general use and enjoy potteries and craftwork potteries. Colored glazed potteries of Guangzhou inherited Chinese traditional art style as well as absorbed European and America art soul is the crystal of Chinese culture and western culture. The selling of Guang Cai has already extent all over five continents and more than 100 countries and areas.
Colored Glazed Pottery of Guangzhou Colored Glazed Pottery of Guangzhou

Guangdong Embroidery
Guangdong Embroidery also named "Yue Embroidery". Yue Embroidery is one the famous four Chinese embroideries- Su Embroidery, Xiang Embroidery, Yue Embroidery and Shu Embroidery. Yue Embroidery is a general designation of folk embroidery of Guangzhou and its near by areas such as Nan Hai, Fanyu, Shun De and so on. Yue embroidery has a manufacture history of about 2000 years. Yue Embroideries are dresses, commodities, ornaments,
Guangdong Embroidery Guangdong Embroidery

Guangzhou guava was source from America. It has brought into Guangzhou for above 200 years. Guavas of are planted in these administrative districts of Guangzhou: Haizhu District, Fanyu District, Zengcheng and so on. Species are varied with interested Chinese names like Zao Shu Ri, Gong Fen Hong, Chu Shi Hong, Qi Yue Shi, etc. Guava fruit is in calabash shape, cyan or buff color. It is tasty with unique flavor. The guava can be haven in fresh and its juice can also be made into can.
Guava Guava

Carambola also called star fruit is a fruit with great reputation in Chinese Lin Nan Area (Lin Nan refers to the south area of five mountains including the whole Guangdong, Guangxi and parts of Hunan and Jiangxi. Five Mountains included Yuecheng Mountain, Dupang Mountain, Mengzhu Mountain, Qitian Mountain and Dayu Mountain is the watershed of Yangtse River and Zhu River). The star fruit is "Yang Tao" in Chinese. When ripe, it turns mostly bright yellow with light tinges of green. The peel is very thin, and the pulp is juicy and crisp. Star fruit is an ideal fruit for people to lose weight. There are three star fruit species in Guangzhou. The most famous for star fruit is from Fang Cun district of Guangzhou.
Carambola Carambola

Mango is a tropical fruit consisting of many genera. It has gotten the reputation of "The King of Tropical Fruits". It is indigenous in East Asia, Burma and Assam. Mango tree belongs to the family of evergreen arbor. It is a kind of ideal decoration tree. In Guangzhou there are a lot of mango trees planted by street sides. Guangzhou is a very important area in China of producing mango. Species of mango can be divided into Zi Hua Mang, Gui Xiang Mang, Chuan Mang, Lu Pi Mang, and Tu Mang, etc. Besides, the specie of "Xua Mao Xiang Mang" panted in Shi Jing Town of Bai Yun District is the most famous one. The really Xia Mao Xiang Mang is very rare. It is said that there is only several real Xia Mao Xiang Mang trees in Guangzhou with a few of output.
Mango Mango

There are two genera of olive in a city of Guangzhou named Zengcheng. White olive and black olive are two special local fruits in Guangzhou. The city Zengcheng is not only famous for olives but also well known for litchi. White olive can be processed into all kinds of fruit snacks. Black olive is one of the four treasures in Zengcheng City. There other three are Gualu Litchi, Simiao Mi and Liangfen Cao. The black olive is useful from head to foot. Its flesh can be prickled as a savoury dish and also can press oil. Olive kernel can made into dishes and is a wonderful ingredient for snacks. Olive core as a famous material for arts has a history of more than 300 years.
Olive Olive

Pawpaw called "Fan Mu Gua" and "Wan Shou Guo" in Chinese. It is also one of the four most famous fruits in Lin Nan Area. Pawpaw of Guangzhou has designation of "the King of fruits in Lin Nan Area". Pawpaw was originally from Mexico and introduced to China in 17 BC. It is now widely planted in everywhere of Guangzhou Province especially in Guangzhou City. Famous pawpaw species in Guangzhou are Lin Nan genus, Hui Zhong Hong, Tai Guo Hong Rou and so on.
Pawpaw Pawpaw

Zengcheng Gua Lu (Litchi)
Litchi is the "King of Fruits". Guangzhou is rich in litchi, especially in Conghua and Zengcheng these two cities. Zengcheng Gua Lu is a kind of rare litchi originally in Zengcheng (a beautiful city in Guangdong province). Zengcheng located in the center of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou is the "Golden Aisle" connected these three cities. This city is famous for litchi and it is regarded as "Home Town of Litchi". Besides, Zengcheng Gua Lu litchi is the most famous sort in this city. Zengcheng Gua Lu is now well known all over the world. The only ancestor of Zengcheng Gua Lu is about more than 400 years old. The ancestor has several generations at present all together about 100 plants. The hull of Zengcheng Gua Lu is red but with slightly green and each one has a green circle outside. Zengcheng Gua Lu Litchi can not be found in usual market as it is so rare. This kind of litchi is sold by grain not by weight. It may be the most pricy litchi in world. It was said the cheapest one grain of litchi was sold at ten-thousand RMB.
Zengcheng Gua Lu Zengcheng Gua Lu

Orange is one of the most well known fruits in Guangzhou. It is widely planted in Guangzhou. Early in period of 5 A.D., there are a lot of orange gardens in Guangzhou. It was said that the honey orange today in America was brought from Europe; however, the European sweet orange was source from China. China has the orange planting history of 4000 years. There are varied orange species in Guangzhou. Besides orange produced in Luogang Town of Baiyun District in Guangzhou is in greatest reputation. Their peel is thin and tight, their flesh is sweet and juicy, and has a special a faint of fragrance.
Orange Orange

Longan was original in China about more than 2000 years ago. Districts of Guangzhou such as Baiyun District and Haizhu District, and cities like Zengcheng, Fanyu and Huadu all are rich in longan. Longan blossoms out in spring, and grows fruits in summer. Its fruit is roundness with canary or brown hull. The pulp is white and transparent. Shixia Longan planted in Zhuhai District is the most famous specie. Shixia means the crack of stones. It was said that longan tree grew out from stone cracks and absorbed nimbus from underground. That is why it is so delicious.
Longan Longan

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