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Stages and Theaters (what to do at night of Guangzhou)
Art Center Friendship Theater
Guangzhou Art Center Friendship Theater located in Renmin Bei Lu is closed to CECF, China Hotel, Dong Fang Hotel, Telecommunication Building, Guangzhou Railway Station, and CAAC Ticket Office. As in the business, traffic and touring center, it is a multi-functional stage in Guangzhou. Art Center Friendship Theater opened in 1965 has served many art organizations and groups from all over nearly 100 countries and areas. It adopted varied modern equipments at top class to make perfect seeing and hearing effect.
Location: 698 Ren Min Bei Lu, Guangzhou
Art Center Friendship Theater Art Center Friendship Theater

Xinghai Concert Hall
Xinghai Concert Hall is the locating in Er Sha Dao of Guangzhou is the home of Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra. Its east is Guangdong Art Gallery, and its north is Overseas Chinese Museum. All these three buildings form the featuring culture sight. Xing Hai Concert Hall looks like a flying swan. Symphony Hall is the main part of Xinghai Concert Hall putting on an amazing array of concerts featuring national and international characteristics. It is also the biggest performance hall of pure natural sound in China. By the east side of the main hall is a cultural square. There is a bronze-statuary of the famous Chinese musician Xian Xinghai. And this concert hall is named his name. The pipe organ sits in the symphony hall is the biggest one of Southern Asia.
Location: 33 Qing Bo Lu, Er Sha Dao, Guangzhou
Xinghai Concert Hall Xinghai Concert Hall

Hai Zhu Theater (Daxiyuan)
Hai Zhu Theater is at present the oldest theater of Guangzhou built in 1902! With about 1900 seats and the shape of a conversed pan, it is at that time a quite unique building. The equipments there are also interesting-all are movable. Hai Zhu Theater is competition place among famous stars and audiences. In 1978, Hai Zhu Theater added the item of film, which enlarged its function. After the alteration of 1988 which keeps the original unique building and skills, this theater is now a multi-functional entertainment place.
Location: 292 Chang Di Da Ma Lu, Guangzhou
Hai Zhu Theater Hai Zhu Theater

Guangzhou Opera House (Guangzhou Gejuyuan)
Guangzhou Theater is now still under construction. Guangzhou Opera House will sit opposite the Haixinsha Touring Park (under construction too). The east side of this theater is a boulevard and new Guangzhou Museum. Guangzhou Opera House will satisfy the performances of opera, pantomime, integrating literature show, symphony and so on. It shapes like two stones by the riverside. There is a main arena, side stages and back stage. The stages can rise, lower, push, pull and turn. Guangzhou Opera House will be the third theater in China. The first two are National Center for the Performing Arts and Shanghai Grand Theater.
Location: The center of Perl River New City, Guangzhou
Guangzhou Opera House Guangzhou Opera House

Nan Fang Theater
Nan Fang Theater reposed in the most bustling commercial area of Guangzhou-Beijing Lu. 200 meters forward is the Metro Station. This theater was built in 1937. It puts on all kind of Chinese operas, the living theaters, fairy tale, acrobatics, ballet and films, etc. it can also put up big conference. The garden inside it is a good place for people to have a rest.
Location: 80 Jiao Yu Lu, Guangzhou
Nan Fang Theater Nan Fang Theater

Jiangnan Theater (Daxiyuan)
Jiangnan Theater is one of the very important Cantonese Opera Bases of Guangzhou. It monthly puts on the performances of traditional Cantonese opera at least. Jiangnan Theater with seats of 907 and three cinema halls in different sizes is also a karaoke party and a night club. There is a coffee room, buffet and table tennis for your choice. After the combination of Jiangnan Theater and Hongdou Cantonese Opera Group, it is noe becoming a touring theater for receiving fans of Cantonese Operas from home and abroad.
Location: 130 Jiang Nan Zhong Lu, Guangzhou
Jiangnan Theater Jiangnan Theater

Hung Hua Gang Theater
Huang Hua Gang Theater built in 1983 by Guangzhou Air Force. As it is near the Huang Hua Gang Park, so it named Huang Hua Guang Theater. Covering 7500 square meters with 1723 seats this is a modern and large size theater.
Location: 96 Xian Lie Zhong Lu, Guangzhou
Hung Hua Gang Theater Hung Hua Gang Theater

Ping An Theater
Ping An Theater has a auditorium of 1088 seats, two projection hall, canteens, electron playroom, coffee house on the second floor and ballroom on the third floor. So it is a very convenient theater for playing. Besides, there is karaoke room, cinema, and clothing mall. It is really nice place for gathering and you do not worry about to what should do next in the party.
Location: 125 Di Shi Pu Lu, Guangzhou
Ping An Theater Ping An Theater

Guang Ming Theater (Daxiyuan)
It is a comprehensive public recreation ground gathering films, opera, karaoke, coffee, musical instruments exhibition and projection. It is at present one of the biggest and best theater in Haizhu District. So many contents for entertainment will satisfy your curiosity. Location: 293 Nan Hua Zhong Lu, Haizhu Distict, Guangzhou
Guang Ming Theater Guang Ming Theater

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