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Guangzhou Nightlife
Nightlife of Guangzhou starts later and ends later too. Some places even last a whole night till next morning. Guangzhou is the paradise for eating, so its nightlife can not live without eating. Many young Cantonese like to hang out in bars, clubs and KTV parties, and which are the most bustling places at night. Besides, night strolls are also the popular nightlife.

Midnight Munchies (Refreshments) (what to do at night of Guangzhou)
Midnight munchies are very varied, almost all eating at day time can also having at night. Cantonese like to sit in the open air under the stars. That is grand scenery at night. The phenomenon of having midnight refreshment is popular that often an entire street is for midnight munchies.
Midnight Munchies

Stages and Theaters (what to do at night of Guangzhou)
To many Canton people, except having midnight snacks, they also can choose to go to the theaters or stages. But, these activates seems like more popular among young people in Guangzhou. Many famous theaters and concert hall may bring you many surprises.
Stages and Theaters

Night Strolls of Canton (what to do in Guangzhou)
Night Strolls is a popular night life of Guangzhou too. As it is a city by the river and sea side, during night, the wind blew from the sea surface is so cool and comfortable. Night of Guangzhou is more lovely and charming than day time. Perhaps, only at night people can have enough time to enjoy this leisure atmosphere. Night Strolls of Canton

Bars and Karaoke of Guangzhou (what to do in Canton)
The city is busy and the people who in city are busy too. At night this city is still busy, but not as busy as the day time. Under the quiet and bright moon, the bustling phenomenon still lasts till deep night. Bars of Guangzhou can not be given an exact definition. Bars embody the soul of this city- a blurry life style. Bars of Canton are with varied colors and styles to attract people. Bars and Karaoke of Guangzhou

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