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Clio -
Thank you for all your help with our vacation planning. We had a fabulous time - even with my Dad's little side tour to the hospital.
We would like to send a letter of praise about our tour guide, Simon, to his boss. Can you tell me who to send it to?
Please tell Simon that we said hello and that he should hurry and get his own email account so we can keep in touch :)
Thanks again for all your help!
David, Maria, Casey, Lisa, and Michael Schwegel
and Jil Crosier
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Chinese Restaurants of Guangzhou (where to eat in Guangzhou)

Guangzhou is a "food paradise". Everywhere you can find restaurants or street food. Sichuan cuisine, Dongbei suisine and Cantonese cuisine has leg and leg fame in Guangzhou.

Tao Tao Ju Restaurant
Tao Tao Ju built in year 1880 already exists for more than 120 years. It is the earliest luxury restaurant in Guangzhou. A summerhouse at the top of the building was the best place of Guangzhou to admire the beautiful moon for a long time. There are a lot of famous and great persons have been to this restaurant such as Lu Xun-the founder of modern baihua literature, Ba Jin-one of the most important and widely-read Chinese writers of the 20th century, Cheng Can Yun, Liu Hai Su and so on. The signboard was beautiful calligraphy of Kang Youwei-a famous Chinese scholar noted calligrapher and prominent thinker and reformer of the later Qing Dynasty. Tao Tao Ju restaurant can enable you have the most authentic Cantonese cuisine. The specialty here is "Tao Tao Ginger and Shallot Chicken". Tao Tao Ju is not only for dishes, but also for its cookies. It has made cookies for more than one hundred years.
Address: 20 Dishipu Lu (Rd) Guangzhou, Liwan District
Tao Tao Ju Restaurant Tao Tao Ju Restaurant

Guangzhou Restaurant
Guangzhou Restaurant since from 1935 is now having a lot of branches in Guangzhou. It is the only one of Guangzhou as the national second-class enterprise in restaurant industry. Guangzhou Restaurant is regarded as the "Guangzhou No.1 for eating". Age-old construct and fitments, there is full of reminiscence atmosphere. It is a garden-style restaurant. It makes guest can enjoy the classical Cantonese food. Guangzhou Restaurant serves classical banquet such as Man Han Quan Xi, Wu Chao Yan and Nan Yuwang Yan. The most representative dish is Wenchang Chicken. The moon cake there is famous too. Its Likoufu Food is a famous brand name is food industry.
Head office: 2 Wenchang Lu (Rd) Guangzhou; (at the crossing of Xia-Jiu Lu and Wenchang Lu)
Metro Line1: Changshou Lu station
Binjiangxi Branch: 20 Binjiang Xilu (Rd) Guangzhou; (by the river side)
Buses: 8, 131A, 131B (Binjiang Xilu Station)
Tiyu Dong Branch: 112 Tiyu Donglu (Rd) Guangzhou; (at the right side of Tianhe Sports Center)
Metro Line1: Tianhe Sports Center
Buses: 54, 62, 240, 512, 813, 18, 50, 234, 269, 296, 545, 33, 78, 89, 178, 210, 224, 235, 242, 248 (Tiyuzhongxi station)
Tongfuzhong Branch: 309-5 Tongfu Zhonglu (Rd), Yuexiu District Guangzhou; (next to Youth Palace in the east)
Wuyang Xincheng Branch: 9 Mingyue Yilu (Rd), Wuyang Xincheng, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Buses: 222, 183, 40
Huangpu Branch: 39 Haiyuan Lu (Rd), Huangpu District, Guangzhou
Buses: 43, 50, 240, 513, 562
Baifu Jiujia Branch: 3F, Baifu Square, 112 Tiyu Donglu (Rd), Guangzhou
Metro Line1: Tianhe Sports Center station
Buses: 62, 180, 551 (Tiyu Dong station)
Dongshan Branch: 1Dongshan Dajie, Guangzhou
Metro Line 1: Dongshan Kou station
Buses: 1, 3, 215, 811, 813
Guangzhou Restaurant Guangzhou Restaurant

Pan Xi Jiu Jia (Restaurant)
Pan Xi Jiu jia is a large-scale restaurant of garden-style. This restaurant is by Lihu lakeside where was the place of a King in 1000-year ago. Pan Xi Restaurant was originally opened by a Cantonese-Li Wen Lu. At that time it was a small restaurant full of country side atmosphere. And at that time there were five streamlets nearby, and one of the streams is named "Pan Xi". That is source of the name.
The night before the consulate interview in Guangzhou, under a relentless South China rain, we had Dim Sum at the enormous Panxi restaurant. Our guide thought we would be impresssed to learn that Henry Kissinger once ate there. From the early time of 1960s till to the end of 1980s, Pan Xi Restaurant is always the biggest garden restaurant in China. The golden tablet above the gate was the calligraphy of Zhu Guang mayor at that time. People will be full of beautiful things in eyes in the hall. There are ancient rosewood fitments and calligraphies and paintings of celebrities. It is regarded as the focus of Chinese historical culture and nationality technic. Pan Xi Restaurant is now not only serving traditional Cantonese food and creative canton cuisine, but also has increased famous cuisines of Sichuan, Shandong, Huaiyang, Chaozhou and Asia and Pacific areas.
Address: 151 Longjin Lu (Rd), Liwan District, Guangzhou
Pan Xi Jiu Jia Pan Xi Jiu Jia

Xi Guan Ren Jia
Xiguang Ren Jia is the paradise of Guangdong snacks. It is a very nice Cantonese flavor restaurant with reasonable price. Where to find good Dim Sum? The golden rule is following the crowd. There are often so many people there which prove the popular degree of snacks. Just its service needs some improvement. It is on the fourth floor of Liwan Plaza shopping mall. Xi Guan Ren Jia is a restaurant who witnesses the old Xiguan area of Guangzhou. The famous chicken dish here is "Qing Ping Chicken". Well known Guangzhou dim sums are the specialties here such as Double Skin Milk, Ji Di Zhou (congee), Yuntun Mian (wonton) and Jiang Zhuang Nai. Some dim sum has a history of one hundred years.
Address: 4F, South Building, Liwan Square, Shang-xia-jiu Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Metro Line 1: Changshou Lu station
Xi Guan Ren Jia Xi Guan Ren Jia

Nan Yuan Jiu Jia
Nan Yuan Jiu Jia is one of the four garden-style restaurants in Guangzhou. Small bridges, glide, pavilion are the attraction in this restaurant. Only the environment can attracted many people. Nan Yuan Jiu Jia established in 1963 is sit next to Xiaogang Park. In Nan Yuan Jiu Jia you can have a taste of Cantonese cuisine and popular snacks. It is also a nice place to holding wedding banquet. If you are lucky, you can have a look of the festive wedding ceremony.
Address: 142 Qianjin Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Nan Yuan Jiu Jia Nan Yuan Jiu Jia

Huangpu Huayuan Restaurant
Huangpu Huanyuan Restaurant is one of the ten famous restaurants in Guangzhou. It develops into three restaurants now from a small dining-room. There are ever flouring specialties. Dishes of Hunayuan Restaurant have borne countless palms. It created Huangpu Dining-culture Banquet in 2003 which is full of Huangpu flavor. This banquet now becomes a new high light of the Huangpu touring in Guangzhou.
Address: 163 Tianhe Donglu (Rd), Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Address: 292 Zhongshan Dadao (Rd), Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Address: 5 Huangpu Donglu (Rd), Huangpu District, Guangzhou
Huangpu Huayuan Restaurant Huangpu Huayuan Restaurant

Lian Xiang Lou
Lian Xiang Lou opened in 1889 and sits in the west part of Guangzhou city. It is reputed as the "No.1 for Lotus Seed Paste". Lian Lian Xiang Lou is one of the most famous places for moon cakes. Its moon cakes sell far away to other countries to South Asia, America, Australia, UK, Sweden, Germany, Holland, South Africa and so on.
And it boasts a high reputation both home and abroad.
Address: 67 Dishipu Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Metro Line 1: Changshou Lu station 11111
Lian Xiang Lou Lian Xiang Lou

Dong Jiang Fan Dian
Yue cuisine (Cantonese cuisine) is one of the four cuisines o f China, and moreover the Cantonese cuisine also divided into three branches-Kejia cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine and Guangzhou food. Dong Jiang Fan Dian is specialized in Kejia cuisine. The dishes there feature adopting chicken, duck and goose as the main materials. This restaurant reposes in the junction of Zhongshan Silu and Wende Lu the most bustling place of Guangzhou.
Address: 33 Zhongshan Silu (Rd), Guangzhou
Dong Jiang Fan Dian Dong Jiang Fan Dian

White Swan Hotel
There are both western-style restaurant and Chinese food restaurant in White Swan Hotel. The famous Chinese food restaurant is Bai Yun Xuan and Yu Tang Chun Nuan and its western food restaurant is Liu Fu Ge Cafe House.
Bai Yun Xuan restaurant sit by the left side of the great hall in White Swan Hotel. With natural and elegant fitment, Bai Yun Xuan serves Chinese food, western food and creative Cantonese food. Yu Tang Chu Nuan is different from Bai Yun Xuan. It is full of Chinese styles. Ancientry fitment is the highlight. When at night, there will be zither performance. People who like to are major foreign guests of the White Swan Hotel. It serves classical Cantonese food welcomed by people.
Address: No.1Shanmian Nanjie, Guangzhou
White Swan Hotel White Swan Hotel

E Gong Cun (Goose Village)
E Gong Cun adopted the gardening design of South Asia is famous for roasted goose. People lived in south part of China have a habit of having goose. They believe the goose is good to health. E Gong Cun boasting beautiful lakeside landscape and covering about 20000 square meters is at present the biggest countryside restaurant of Fancun. Main dishes there are goose dish. As well as this, another popular dish is steamed chicken. Kitchen of E Gong Cun is transparent and in the nude. It wants to let every guest there set their heart at rest to having food.
Address: 402-404 Huadi Dadao Road, Fangcun, outskirts of Guangzhou
Metro Line 1: Xilang station
E Gong Cun E Gong Cun

Tang Yuan Restaurant
Tang Yuan Restaurant has been praised as one of the ten "star" enterprises of Guangzhou in year 2003, 2004 and 2005. It reposes by the side of a lake and looks in distance like a white palace. For the first time you see it, you will like it. At the gate of the park, people can take their special bus to the restaurant.
Tianhe Head Office: 95 Zhongshan Dadao (Rd), Tianhe, Guangzhou
Liuhua Brach: North Gate of Liuhua Park, Renmin Beilu, Guangzhou
Tang Yuan Restaurant Tang Yuan Restaurant

Qi Fu Xuan Seafood Restaurant (Clifford Hotel)
Qi Fu Xuan is a Chinese food restaurant of Clifford Hotel. It reposes in Panyu District which is a ferry ride away from Hong Kong in the Guangdong province. Clifford Hotel covers 10000 square meters possessing the biggest and most perfect vocation club of Asia. Qi Fu Xuan Seafood Restaurant is one of the top 100 restaurants of Guangzhou. It is famous not only for Cantonese food, and their considering service. Both Chinese and English menu are available. There is a farm in urban area, a large water park, an indoor swimming pool, etc. Besides, there is a national park nearby and huge zoo, and a water world within 15 minutes" driving.
Address: 138 Zhongshan Dadao, Tianhe Disreuct, Guangzhjou
Qi Fu Xuan Seafood Restaurant Qi Fu Xuan Seafood Restaurant

Chuan Guo Yan Yi
Chuan Guo Yan Yi means legend of Sichuan, the native place of one of the eight major cuisines in China. It is opened in 1999 is the first top grade Sichuan cuisine restaurant of Guangzhou. If you want get some exciting food in China, you can think about of Chuan Guo Yan Yi. It is the authentic restaurant serving traditional and famous Sichuan cuisine including hot-pot. Chuan Guo Yan Yi is famous for hot-pot and spicy. Dishes there are hot and spicy enough to melt tongues.
Address: 4F, Nanfang Securities Building, 104-148 Tiyu Dong Lu (Rd), Tianhe District< Guangzhou
Metro Line 1: Tianhe Sports Center station
Chuan Guo Yan Yi Chuan Guo Yan Yi

Ba Shu Xuan
Ba Shu Xuan is a restaurant for Sichuan cuisine featuring hot-spicy. It locates in Zhongshan Wulu Road, and its east next to Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street, and its north next to. It is also at the intersection of Metro line 1 and 2. The business and commerce atmosphere there is dense. Old-timely furniture and woodcarving calligraphy on the wall, the fitment is not luxury but makes people feel comfortable. The specialties there are hot-pot and boiled-spicy fish. All dishes here are in very reasonable price. The only pity is the service is slow.
Address: 5F, Zhonglu Commercial City, Zhongshan Wu Lu (Rd), Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Metro Line1 and Metro Line 2: Exit A of Gong Yuan Qian station
Ba Shu Xuan Ba Shu Xuan

Chongqing Xiao Dong Tian Restaurant
Xiao Dong Tian of Guangzhou is one of the best places for hot-pot. It is one of the Sichuan food caterers in Guangzhou. People often call Sichuan street hot-pot as "Malatang". In Chongqing Xiao Dong Tian restaurant, people can get Malatang not in street. Here also offers finest (Suan Cai Yu) Fish in Broth with Pickled Leaf Mustard.
Address: 76 Nonglin Xia Lu (Rd)
Metro Line 1: Dongshangkou station
Chongqing Xiao Dong Tian Restaurant Chongqing Xiao Dong Tian Restaurant

Bing Sheng Seafood Restaurant
Bing Sheng is a nice place to enjoy both Cantonese food and seafood. If go to Bing Sheng for dinner, you would better eat here earlier or have to wait for a place. Have you eaten alive shrimps? The alive shrimp is a famous dish in Bing Sheng. See from the picture, shrimps are prepared in the ice. They are still alive and people have them directly. This dish is a vivid example of Cantonese dining hobby. Besides, specialties there are chicken and barbeque pork.
Bingsheng Head Office: 33 Dongxiao Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Bingsheng Wufeng Branch: 438 Jiangnan Dadao (Rd), Guangzhou
Bingsheng Tianhe Branch: 168 Tianhe Donglu (Rd), Guangzhou
Bingsheng Jinkuang RTV: 308 Dongxiao Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Website: www.bingsheng.com
Bing Sheng Seafood Restaurant Bing Sheng Seafood Restaurant

Tang (Chinese Cuisine)
Tang Chinese Cuisine is next to Tang Club. Tang cooks the Chinese dishes in a new kind of western way. By this creative way, the Chinese cuisine is also delicate and yum. Ambience there is great! What is recommendable is the special room with French glass window. This room is especially quiet and with bland music.
Address: 1 Jianshe Liu Ma Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Tang Tang

Nanfang Yiyuan Hotel
Nanfang Yiyuan Hotel is a standard 4-star hotel reposed at the crossing of Yajule Lu and Xingnan Dalu. With novelty design, unique structure, luxury decoration and complete function this restaurant is specialized in Cantonese food.
Address: 8 Nandalu of Yingbin Dadao, Panyu District, Guangzhou
Nanfang Yiyuan Hotel Nanfang Yiyuan Hotel

Sihai Restaurant
Sihai Restaurant is the top restaurant in Huangpu District of Guangzhou. It is now having two branches. It major deals in Cantonese cuisine and Xiang (Hunan) food. Sihai Restaurant combines ancient elements and Jiangnan Gardening style together; the ambience is refreshing and elegant. Every where of this restaurant throws out strong ancient lingering charm. It is said the Sihai Restaurant goes to trouble of traveling a long distance to get natural materials for cooking wild dishes from remote areas such as Shennongjia virgin forest area, Tibet, etc. They doing their best to get best cooking materials and using the most proper cooking method to cook dish is the characteristic of this restaurant.
Sihai Restaurant Head Office: 110-120 Fengle Beilu (Rd), Outskirts of Guangzhou
Tianyuan Branch: Guangshan Lu (Rd); at the opposite of Huanan Arboretum
Hongshan Branch: Hongshan Street, Outskirts of Guangzhou
Sihai Restaurant Sihai Restaurant

Huimin Fandian (Islamic Restaurant)
Huimin Fandian is now the biggest Islamic restaurant of Guangzhou boasting a history of 45 years. It is always the gathering place for Guangzhou Muslim. Besides the Islamic cuisine, it also deals in seafood and Cantonese food. Huimin Fandian specializes in beef, mutton, chicken, duck, goose and fish. Famous dishes there are Cui Pi Huo E, Su Zha Niu Jiu and Wo Shao Niu Liu, Hotpot, etc. If you are curious about it, you can have a try.
Address: 325 Zhongshan Liu Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Huimin Fandian Huimin Fandian

Dong Fang Hotel
Dong Fang Hotel was originally from Yang Cheng Hotel which was built in 1961. It is the most centuries-old five-star hotel of Guangzhou. It is a 5-star hotel serving government minister and foreign guests. Dong Fang Hotel became the member of French Cate ISOC and International Hotel ISOC. In Dong Fang Hotel, there are all together 45 restaurants arranging from different styles. Its restaurants contain nearly 3000 seats. Here, it gathers all Chinese famous schools of cuisine and UK, French, American, Russia and Asia cuisine.
Address: 120 Liuhua Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Website: www.hoteldongfang.com
Dong Fang Hotel Dong Fang Hotel

Yingbin Hotel
Guangdong Yingbin Hotel built in 1952 is a building full all folk flavor. It is the hotel for Guangdong government entertaining guests. Yingbin Hotel located in Jiefang Bei Lu Road (opposite the Six Banyan Temple- Liurong Si) has been entertained 120 government important officers and mugwumps of 60 countries. There are famous Chinese cuisines such as Cantonese food, Chuan cuisine (Sichuan cuisine), Huaiyang cuisine and western-style food.
Address: 603 Jiefang Bei Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Website: http://www.ggh.com.cn/cn/reservation.html
Yingbin Hotel Yingbin Hotel

Bai Yun Hotel
There are three restaurants for both Chinese and western-style food in unique style. They are Bai Yun Xuan, Ju Xian Ge and Gan Xi. Bai Yun Xuan sits by the left of the hall of Bai Yun Hotel with natural and elegant fitment. It serves both Chinese cuisine and western food. Ju Xian Ge is on the third floor of Bai Yun Hotel with luxury and splendid fitment. Gan Xi is by the right side of the hall. It is full of European flavor.
Address: 367 Huangshi Dong Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Bai Yun Hotel Bai Yun Hotel

Liu Hua Hotel
Liu Hua Hotel is at the junction of Huangshi Xi Lu Road and Renmin Bei Lu Road. It is a 3-star hotel. In front of the north gate is the Liuhua Railway Station of Guangzhou. The east railway station square is the biggest bus terminals. The coach station is next to Liu Hua Hotel in the west. There are there Chinese style restaurant in Liu Hua Hotel: Wen Yuan Hall, Ming Yuan Hall and Banquet Hall. Wen Yun Hall composes of a VIP hall and a main hall. The main hall is magnificent and suitable for big banquet and cocktail party. Ming Yuan Hall is fit for small parties of bosom friends and relatives. It is made up by a main hall and six rooms. Banquet Hall with elegant ambience is specialized in Cantonese dishes.
Address: 194 Huangshi Xi Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
Website: www.lh.com.cn
Liu Hua Hotel Liu Hua Hotel

South Sea Fishing Village
South Sea Fishing Village is not a village for fishing but for eating seafood. It established in 1986. It is a famous restaurant of Guangzhou all along. It is now having two outlets; one is Liuhua Lake branch, another is Tianhe branch. South Sea Food Village has been awarded as "Superfine Restaurant" of Guangzhou and "Top100 Restaurants of China". It ranks the second of Guangzhou and the top ten in China. South Sea Fishing Village has entertained many foreign mugwumps and important government dignitaries. Its Liuhua Lake branch is inside the beautiful Liuhua Lake Garden. The Tianhe branch is in the first floor of Tianhe Sports Center.
Liuhua Lake Branch: 903 Renmin Bei Lu (Rd)< Guangzhou
Tianhe Branch: 1F, Tianhe Sports Center, Tianhe Dong Lu (Rd), Guangzhou
South Sea Fishing Village South Sea Fishing Village

Ai Qun Hotel
Ai Qun Hotel was built in 1937. The new building with 18 floors covers 13300 square meters. There are 12 restaurants with unique styles in this hotel. If you have dinner in the revolving restaurant on the 16th floor, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Zhu River to the greatest extent.
Website: www.aiqunhotel.com
Address: 113 Yanjiang Road, Guangzhou
Ai Qun Hotel Ai Qun Hotel

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