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Datong Nightlife
Not to mince matters, nightlife of Datong is not florid; but it is not spiritless. Citizens in Datong seems like to have a concept of just for enjoyment at night Nightlife in Datong is watery and ordinary, and people in Datong have found their pleasure.

Yongtai Hangkong Square
It was said Yongtai Hangkong Square is the biggest in Datong, It is the first completed in year 2005. It is the first commonweal and national defence project in China. This square is composed of a lie fallow square, the state" concernful civil air defence project and a greatness shopping mall under ground. Yongtai Hangkong square covering 100000 square meters having green land of 45000 square meters. The recreational square on ground is divided into five sections: center square, music square, sunken square, garden square, and fountain waterfall. People like to watch the colorful music fountain at night and have a strolling in the square after dinner.

Having Rabbit Heads as Snacks at Night
Gnawing at rabbit head is a common scene in Datong. Nibbling rabbit heads is a popular recreation at night especially in summer time. Having rabbit head people can go to a street which is full of rabbit head restaurants. No matter gentle and quiet ladies or great -hearted men, they are all enjoyed in this gnawing project. Having rabbit at night is far more interesting than in day time. Some restaurant set up eats in the open air for snacks. People can take rabbit head in the open air too. Series of breeze go through your face and your whole body and bring you the breath from nature world.
Having Rabbit Heads as Snacks at Night Having Rabbit Heads as Snacks at Night

Habita (Good Music Good Friend)
Habita bar established in year 1999 insist the conception of "unique bar culture". Designed ambience at the same time embodies the unique bar culture. Everyday there are wonderful performances or playing by excellent bands. Every corner of the bar will give you chances to enjoy the music and the pleasure brought by it. Whenever in festivals (both domestic and abroad), there will parties in different styles. All kinds of beverages like beers, cocktail, coffee and more are available. Flavor snacks and western-style food are also provided.

Yinghuang KTV (Party World)
Yinghuang Club ranks in the first class of KTV parties in Datong, even in the entire Shanxi Province. There choices of varied balconies such as mini room, big balcony, big hall and so on. Every night Yinghuang will provide performances. If people entered there at 17:00 from Sunday to Friday, they will offer two hours foe free. People can enjoy one hour free singing if entered at 17:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Yinghuang KTV is located in No.1 of Shuaifu Street.
Bailedi is a relative fashion place in Datong. KTV parties are very hot at night. Hao Le Di KTV locates in Xiao Nan Jie.
Yinghuang KTV Yinghuang KTV

Tian Ran Ju Cha Lou (Tian Ran Ju Teahouse)
Tian Ran Ju Cha Lou is a two-storied building in Datogn Fang Gu Jie (archaized street). This tea house is next to Huanyan Monastery scenic area. There are all kinds of green tea, flower tea, kung fu tea, black tea and even simple food if you are hungry.
Phone: 0352-2058777

Datong Jin Opera Theater
Jin is Shanxi Province for short. Jin Opera is a local opera in Shanxi also named Shanxi Bangzi, Zhonglu Bangzi and Zhonglu Xi. It prevailed in Qing Dynasty in cities of Fenyang, Taiyuan, Xiaoyi, Qixian and Taigu. This opera absorbed folk music and Yangge has unique style. Jin Opera is resounding and also circumbendibus. Datong Jin Opera Theater holding 161clerks is the biggest professional literature group in Datong and is the second biggest community for Jin Opera performing.
Address: 18 Xin Jian Nan Lu, Datong, Shanxi
Phone: 0352-2023039

Worker Cultural Activity Center
Want to watch a film in Datong during nighttime?
Worker Cultural Activity Center is a entertainment palace for all clerks of Datong. It embodies the cultural perusing of conception, science, enterprise and information. There fist stereo film office of Datong belongs to this center. It is also a multi-choice cinema. There are three cinemas inside and each one has different functions.
Address: 32 Xin Jian Nan Lu, Datong, Shanxi
Phone: 0352-2068308
Worker Cultural Activity Center Worker Cultural Activity Center

Datong Opera House
As the second opera group of Shanxi, Datong Opera House is made up by two opera communities and a drama group. There are 292 players and related clerks. It has been twice to Japan and is praised by consumers both home and abroad. Datong Opera House usually goes to the country side to bring there opera culture and performances.

Coffee Tea Beef
Coffee Tea Beef with good location and you can find KFC, Mcdonalds and Wal-Mart near by. It provide various coffee and western-style food. You can not only taste the high quality coffee but also taste the thick coffee culture ambience.
Address: Ge Lan Yun Tian, Yontai Square, Datong, Shanxi
Phone: 0352-2046999
Coffee Tea Beef Coffee Tea Beef

Coffee (Ming Yang Ka Fei)
Ming Yang Ka Fei is a branch of the Ming Yang Coffee Company in Guangzhou. It is establish in year 2004.
Address: No.1 Building, Qiu Jia Jiao, Jiao Chang Jie, Datong, Shanxi
Ming Yang Ka Fei Ming Yang Ka Fei

UBC Cofffee in Datong
Address: No. 14 Bei Xin Hua Yuan, Ying Bin Xi Lu, Datong, Shanxi

Cite Coffee in Datong
Address: Heng Rui Building, 68 Nan Guan Bei Jie, Datong, Shanxi
Cite Coffee in Datong Cite Coffee in Datong

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