She Ethnic Group

She ethnic group is one of the minorities in China with a small population. With a population of 709,592, She people are mainly live in Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong Provinces. They live in villages of several dozen households or live along with Han people.

She Ethnic Group 1


She language is a Hmong–Mien language. Most of the Shes today speak Chinese dialects, like Hakka. A few Guangdong Shes speak a language similar to the Miao. The Shes lives in hilly land, mainly in subtropical climate. With plenty of rain, warm and humid weather, it’s important secondary forest zone and famous tea-producing area as well.

She Ethnic Group 2


The Shes used to dye the self-made flax into dark blue and make clothes out of it. The unique clothing style is mainly embodied in women’s clothes, especially in phoenix sets consisting of Phoenix hair-bun and Phoenix dress. Men have the same clothing style clothing style as the neighboring Han men.

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She Ethnic Group 4


The wedding ceremony of She people is simple. The Shes like singing and dancing. They dance even during the wedding ceremony. The groom would go to the home of the bride’s family for a feast. The newlyweds would say prayers to their ancestors and bid farewell to the bride’s relatives. With the groom in front, they would walk to his family’s home, each holding an umbrella and singing in echo. The groom’s parents would welcome them at the front door, completing the wedding ceremony.

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 She people take rice and potato as their staple food. Hakka diet is deeply influenced by She diet culture. Dog meat is forbidden.

She Ethnic Group 7


The 3rd day of the third month in Chinese traditional calendar is the traditional festival of She ethnic group. People will make a kind of black rice to memorialize their heroes Lei Wanxing on that day.


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