Lisu Ethnic Group

Lisu ethnic group numbers 634,912 people, and mainly live in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, and in Weixi Lisu Autonomous County of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Some also live in the areas of Lijiang, Baoshan, Dehong, Chuxiong, Dali, Simao, and Lincang, etc.

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The Lisu language belongs to the Chinese-Tibetan language family. The Lisus mainly live in mountain areas, high and cold, and they live on farming, with hunting as an important complementary device. There are bamboo-structured, wooden-structured and wooden-adobe structured houses.

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Lisu women dress in bright colors. In daily life, they often wear long linen gowns decorated with dozens of pieces of colorful lace. The most popular item of clothing for Lisu men is the black turban, followed by a home-spun hemp gown or jacket and loose pants with leggings.

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 Youngsters have a free air of dating. In the past, they used to whistle with tree leaves, breaking tree branches, tying straw knots, laying stones, and laying chopsticks to express their love. Using sand to bury lovers is a traditional custom of Lisu People. Nowadays, youngsters communicate with each other much easier with the help of letters and telephones.

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The staple food of the Lisus consists of maize, and buckwheat. They like roasting meat, thanks to their hunting tradition. They like drinking wine brewed by themselves, and when they drink, they prefer two people to share the wine out of one bowl, which is called heart-alike wine.

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The festivals of the Lisus living closer to the hinterland are nearly the same as those of the Han, Bai, Naxi and other peoples around. During the Lunar New Year, the first thing they do is to feed their cattle with salt to show respect for their labor.


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