Gelo Ethnic Group

The Gelo Ethnic Group has a population of 579,357 and most of them are located in Guizhou Province. There are also a number of settlements in Bijie and Anshun.

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Chinese is the common language of Gelos, though many Gelos have learned three or four languages from other people in their communities, including the Miaos, Yis and Bouyeis. Their houses are built against hills. Most of them are made of wooden balustrade the house is divided into two parts: the upper part is for people’s living and the lower part is for raising cattle.

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The Gelo women are very good at spinning and weaving. The cloth named “iron flute cloth” is endurable and elegant. Most men wear collarless robe with buttons down the front, as long as to knees. Their sleeves are big bur short.

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Gelao ethnic group still keeps many old traditions on marriage nowadays. For example, young people need to drink Jiagua Wine when they are engaged. “Jiagua” means “lucky divinatory”. Girls need to kick of two of her teeth before marriage.

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The Gelao people have rice as their staple food which is complemented with maize, barley, potato, taro, millet and sorghum. For meat they eat pork, mutton, beef and horse flesh. They love sour food. Almost every household pickles Chinese cabbage.

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The Gelos have the Spring Festival and Mid-autumn Day as the Han people do. They also have the small spring festival of their own and the festival for worshipping ancestors and the festival for seedling of cereal crops. The Beginning of the Spring Festival and Eating-new-food Festival are most unique.

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